How Much Longer Until The Woke Take Over?

How Much Longer Until The Woke Take Over?

The plot is from Ryan Burge. It is a succinct, though rough, summary of the similarity of metaphysical beliefs held by different birth cohorts in the once United States.

The edges of these cohorts are fuzzy. I prefer the definitions of Howe and Strauss in their The Fourth Turning. Their Gen Xers, for example, start in 1961. They make their cuts based on similarity of guiding thoughts of each generation and not strict demography.

That’s necessary, I think, because the guiding thoughts, the ideas believed or operated on by the majority in each cohort, is the point of having the divisions in the first place.

If Howe and Strauss are right about dates, that means the boundaries used by Burge are a tad off. But not so much it makes much difference to our purpose. Which is guessing when the Woke take over. We can accept being off by a few years.

Some 70% of Silents “know God really exists and…have no doubts about it.” This scarcely changes in time. The line looks downward sloping, but that’s somewhat exaggerated because it doesn’t take into account the uncertainty in each sample point (the entire populace wasn’t surveyed). But it’s close enough.

Even though only 70% of Silents held with something close to older orthodox Christianity, and with much associated with that, it doesn’t mean the remaining 30% didn’t share most of the same metaphysical beliefs, and ideas of Reality and morality. They did. There is always a distribution in beliefs, of course, and never unanimity, but bulk thought about fundamentals have a strong generational locus.

These beliefs are formed and joined necessarily by shared experiences, which naturally draw a people together.

Add all this together, and we have a generation. Again, it is a mistake to say all in a generation think the same, or nothing would ever change, but it is not a bad approximation for some applications.

Such as, again, predicting when the Woke are the majority.

If this chart is any guide, and belief, however loose, in the tenets of (older) Christianity and in non-subjective Reality is indeed a workable summary of shared beliefs, then Boomers and Gen Xers are close to the Silents, though with noticeable shifts at the edges. This accords with common experience.

Obviously, as the borders were opened and Diversity became “our” strength, and Perversion Is Ackshually Good sentiments exploded in the 60s, things changed. The Long March Through the Institutes began slow and at last turned into a rout, Christianity and its connections faded with the influx, and the culture changed key. And don’t forget, much was done in the name of the old ideas.

We can see on the chart just where the shift began. Millennials were taught badly, according to the lights of the old beliefs, by their parents, who were largely Gen Xers and some Boomers.

The trends accelerated for those in Gen Z. They are Woke. Millennials are semi-Woke, semi-Reality. Gen Z’s were birthed by late Gen Xers, but also by a lot of semi-Woke Millennials. The oddly named Generation Alpha—which Howe and Strauss call “Homeland”, as if they are the new generation—born starting around 2005-2010, are in schools now. And those schools are staffed almost wholly by the Woke, or those who fear resisting the Woke.

Who rules now? A handful of Silents (Hi, Nancy!), but mostly Boomers and some Gen Xers. Many complaints about Boomers are heard, but their aging grip on power is what is staving off the spiral into the hell of Full Wokeness.

Gen Xers hold many of the same beliefs as Boomers, particularly foundational metaphysical beliefs about Reality. This cohort is in their early 40s to about 60. They, too, hold a lot of power. Their power will increase as the Boomers fade away.

The oldest Millennials are just turning 40 or so, and so are just starting to gain real power.

The oldest Gen Zers will begin to turn 40 around the year 2030. By 2030, the very youngest Boomers will be in their 70s, which is no bar to hold power; however, most of the Boomers will be in their 80s or dead by then.

It will thus be up to the smaller cohort of Gen Xers to hold back the Woke Wall of Undead. Just like those sad folks trapped in the farmhouse in Night of the Living Dead. Spoiler alert: they didn’t make it.

All this together says that if nothing else happens—a huge enormous monstrous assumption!—then the Woke gain the prize around 2040, just after the bulk of Generation Alpha attains their majority.

Any number of things can push this up, or back. “Events” would push it back. The attitudes of those now in power push it up.

Many Boomers in power, as greedy as ever and anxious to deny their fate, have turned into ravening liars. Take “Dr” Tom Frieden, born almost in 1961. Ex-chief of the CDC. He’s out saying “pregnant people“. But maybe he’s a Gen Xer. The year 1961 is on the edge in Howe and Strauss’s reckoning.

Anyway, you can easily bring to mind many Silents and Boomers in power who lip Woke (what is taken to be) dogma. We know they don’t mean it, but they do speak it, which encourages younger cohorts. Gen Xers do this more than Boomers, and Millennials even more.

This pushes the 2040 earlier. How much? 2030?

This changes by country, of course. Canada will be earlier. Finland is almost there now. Et cetera.

But for the good old USA, my guess is that in 2040, plus or minus a decade, the Woke Undead Army will look for some signal, some moment of importance they can peg as the time their Formal Ascendance happened. (When I was young the old always asked me where I was when Kennedy was shot: I replied I wasn’t even a thought in my dad’s head. This always discouraged them. Again, shared experiences.)

Maybe this moment is the death of some aged politician like Hillary, or even Biden. Perhaps a violent death of an individual the Woke consider a major enemy. Maybe they have their own January 6th, only this time for real. It could be a moment conjured out of pure hype. I don’t know. I’m spitballing.

Whatever it is would be taken by those on both sides of the divide as the time. The few still holding with the older Reality-based beliefs would not only become a remnant, but they would admit it—something which now they are reluctant to do. They’d have to begin their own March (which, incidentally, they should begin now).

Wokeness does not yet have a wholly fixed dogma. It has many self-contradictions and internal feuds. There is still no firm indication how many of the old Reality beliefs they will allow in? Science? Doubtful. See, inter alia, “Math is racist!”

It’s difficult to guess what form Woke will finally take. I know of nobody in the Reality camp, though, who has anything hopeful to say about this. In any case, we’ll save that for later.

One important word of caution. Never, not ever, count out “events” to force changes in course.

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  1. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Hey, William, long time no see. Very interesting. I live in Chile, I’m a Venezuelan, though, I’ve seen these processes unfold. Here, it’s very similar to the US, I mean, a very big march on the institutions, using education as a Trojan horse, youth increasingly woke, Marxism on the rise, China behind many events and trends, all of it. In 2011, there was a big students’ movement, commie, that is, that took 4 youngsters to Congress, the commie leaders of the whole thing. I was expecting they were only filling the country, bit by bit, until it was taken. But, then, we had an “event”, some REAL January 6th, in October 2019. And, last year, one of those young men of 2011 won the elections…. His cabinet is full of his college comrades: they (born in and around 1988) took over…. Big mistake!!!!! I think, I believe this will be the beginning of their undoing, THE GREAT EXORCISM, I call it: when the people, media lies aside, will taste the SWEETNESS IF COMMUNISM, as we did in Venezuela, where there’s no more communism, save for government freeloaders….

  2. If we don’t fight foe everything by 2030, we will be left with nothing. This has been obvious for decades.
    Demography is destiny. The future belongs to those who show up.

  3. GP

    Nothing is inevitable. The Church went from persecuted to the favored religion of Rome in a few decades. St. Joan of Arc, by the Grace of God, reversed the momentum of the English in France in a year. What we need to do is simple, pray, trust in God, and keep preaching the truth. Spoiler alert: God wins.

  4. Yawrate

    I’m mildly optimistic the woke will never succeed. The advent of Trump showed everyone that the woke (marxists, that is) can be overcome with reality. Yes, this ride will be difficult. But if we keep speaking the truth, even when it hurts us, we will not fail.

    The examples of what works and what doesn’t are all around us. The reality of our large cities and many other countries cannot be denied. The reality of men and women cannot be denied. What can not last will not last.

  5. Incitadus

    Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra: Interesting post you must be having Deja vu nightmares
    at this point in that Marxist cage being constructed around you. All I can say is they’ve
    prepared the ground well for what’s happening the modern template emerged in 1848 with Karl
    Marx’s Das Kapital which spawned countless revolutions and right wing reactionary
    coups supplying the grist of war, plague, and famine at the base of the pyramid but never the
    top. The magic is bicameral left vs. right, good vs. evil, divide and conquer simple really.
    Woke vs. based a pedo-global marionette in control of the strings as nation states one by one
    disappear. Men are women, women are men, and children, both the born and unborn are but
    gifts to be sacrificed. The planetary imperative demands depopulation and the rise the
    machines to replace it. Sounds crazy don’t it? but then there’s immortality and the unrestricted
    access to human organs which has been happening for some time now. A list of the recipients
    would bring entire banks, royal houses, and governments down, but not to worry they’re all
    pulling on the same string. What’s next the Ukraine or Taiwan maybe both…

  6. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Incitadus: exactly, it’s disheartening, knowing that all the pain of erecting the tyranny is at the inception level, terrible, I’m tired only of anticipating all the tensions, homicides, expropriations, etc. About the trans thing: Bertrand Russell said that, in order to impose the “scientific government” [tyranny] you have to make people say snow is black…. dark gray, preferably….. That’s the thing… and the covid response showed them that they can do almost anything…

  7. Robin

    Demographics are destiny if the future follows an uneventful linear path. But when the economic depression hits, as it will in the next few years (maybe by the end of this year per my tenuous 2022 prediction), those woke folks will be shuckin’ corn and slappin’ hogs to survive just like the rest of us. Hard to be woke when life won’t allow it.

  8. Incitadus

    Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra your English is quite good; if you don’t mind my
    asking where did you study and what part of Chile are you in? I’ve always wanted
    to visit Peru and Chile especially the Incan ruins.

    The WEF and the Pandemic

  9. GamecockJerry

    By 2030 the collapse will have occurred which will show the Woke as worthless and survivors running towards Christ.

  10. TB

    Maybe the future of Wokeness is up for grabs. If 19 out of 20 Dems took the deathvaxx (a number floating about the Internet recently), and that is any reflection of the Woke crowd not identifiably Dem, and if a significant number of those develop health issues, maybe the meek will inherit the earth on the early, and Wokeness will cease to be an issue.

  11. awildgoose


    I made it to Chile during June 2017 in the before times.

    I only saw bits of Santiago and went skiing in the Andes at the resort called Valle Nevado. The scenery was breathtaking and the snow was excellent on a lovely winter day in the southern hemisphere.

    The beef and red wine are as advertised.

    It’s very sad to see what has happened to Chile since the WuFlu panic.

    The 2 hour flight over the Andes for a stint in Mendoza, Argentina was also worth it, though the turbulence caused by the sheer height of the Andes mountains makes it feel much longer.

  12. BB

    I always turn to Unwin’s study when facing questions like this. There is a summary here.

    Essentially, he stated that it takes about a century for the decline to take its root from the abandonment of sexual morality, split into 3 “generations,” each a bit over thirty years. First generation things carry on as normal. Second generation is marked by a rise in irrationality and sophistry, as well as increasing social problems; but society still staggers along. Third generation is when it becomes obvious that things are falling apart. (Of course, this is somewhat simplistic, and numbers only approximate, but go with it as a basic model.) If we put the start of the decay as about 1970, then we entered the second generation phase in the early 2000s (seems about right), and will be entering the third generation phase in about 2035 or so. Aligns reasonably well with our host’s prediction.

  13. spaceis fake

    Science os false. And the moon landing is the strength of evil satanic science. Because younsters just assume it happened because society said so, rather than watching the laughable footage of the “event” and seeing it was fake, therefore they still believe satan’s science rather than God.

  14. C-Marie

    This battle is a spiritual battle being fought in the spirit and in the world. Intercessory prayer, asking for the Graces of Repentance, to be given by God to us Americans, especially concerning the rejection of Jesus and the murders of the unborn and just born babies of His, can go a long ways towards a return to Him by us Americans.

    Spend daily time with our God our Father and so get to know Him and Jesus, so that your confidence in them, in a time, becomes nearly perfect, and little falls from trust can be overcome by His Love for us and our Love for Him.

    All will become more and more difficult as time goes on, but we can go through by abiding in Christ. Let us trust Him to meet our needs, as we do His will.

    Maybe two weeks ago, an old something came to mind and I was wallowing in regret, totally forgot to lay the burden of it down, and to ask Jesus to help me walk with Him. Well, it was a few days later that I heard within me, “YOU FORGOT ME.” And I had done so. And I was so sorry because His Love is ever faithful.

    Here s a good Bible verse: 28 Come to me, all you that labour, and are burdened, and I will refresh you.
    29 Take up my yoke upon you, and learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: and you shall find rest to your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden light. Matthew 11: 28-30.

    I think that Jesus’ burden for us is to Love God and to obey God, and this burden is easy and light because we are yoked with Jesus Who fully loves God and Obeyed Him utterly when here on earth. So we, with Jesus, can do so, also. That would take care of Liberty, for all would be rightly guided by the Holy Spirit.

    Also, each day, get quiet with God and ask Him to show you any burdens that you are carrying that are not from Him …. and then put them down and ask the Holy Spirit to fill where they were. Such peace of Jesus will come to you.

    God bless, C-Marie

  15. Incitadus

    awildgoose…Glad you made it out of Venezuela and wish you all the best. Hope
    things improve in Chile though right or left they don’t have a very good track record.
    I’m sure there are regions where one can escape the eye of Sauron and the Andes do
    have many spectacular ski slopes.

    China ranks ‘good’ and ‘bad’ citizens with ‘social credit’ system

  16. re: “Because younsters just assume it happened because society said so, rather than watching the laughable footage of the “event” and seeing it was fake, ”

    Moronic; There were individuals AND certain countries who monitored the comms (the COMMUNICATIONS) from the astronauts and witnessed the ‘orbital dynamics’ the spacecraft evidenced by the position the comms came from ‘in the sky’ … also included in this was one private individual who was able to monitor a brief bit of the astronaut’s comms directly from the lunar surface. Recordings still exist from this later event. IF you know nothing, you WILL fall for anything and everything; I feel (sorry, that is) for those who know literally ‘nothing’ and fall for that ‘anything and everything’.

  17. Incitadus

    Jim what are you some kind of one trick pony the moon landings were real there
    are satellite photos of equipment that was left on the moon. Hours of film with
    position and aspect ratios that are easily confirmed with various known landmarks
    on the moon. Get a life or are you just gaslighting one of the greatest achievements
    of mankind for fun? Now alien bases on the dark side that’s an open question inviting
    endless mirth and conjecture.

    Satellite images show items left behind at Apollo 11 moon landing site 50 years later

  18. Jan Van Betsuni

    How Much Longer Until “Wokeness” Is Recognized As A Lifeless Rag Doll? I give it about 5 to 10 years. As a sociologic Cult glorifying entitlement and victimhood (equality) over reproductive positivism and faith ~ it will, like all bare branches, wither early.

  19. Incitadus, you _totally_ misunderstood what I wrote. Go back and re-read, for comprehension this time, and after which I would appreciate an apology.

  20. Incitadus

    Ah you just have to turn the question upside down sorry Jim. I find it stunning
    that sort of thing still gets traction.

  21. Incitadus

    Ah you just have to turn the question upside down sorry Jim. I just find it stunning
    that sort of thing still gets traction.

  22. Kathleen

    Couple observations.

    1. At the two mills where the little group I’m with tries to HELP folks in crisis things have gotten ugly. It used to be we would see this kind of demonic stuff going on in places like NY and pray for them and thank God we weren’t dealing with it. It’s here now. I expect it to get worse. Our goal has become to keep the wheels on our little cart as long as we can with the expectation that our time is running out.

    2. On the encouraging front, the French Monarchists March in remembrance of the day the demonic proto-communist revolution murdered the rightful King of France was pretty impressive this year. And ALL YOUNG people. Pray for them!

    When this all hits bottom hopefully enough of the sane young ones will have survived.

  23. Russell Haley

    I see it quite opposite to that. Relativism and ‘wokeness’ have been hiding in the wings for a very long time. The reason it was hard to fight is because “they” dressed their ideas up in classic liberalism and hid their extremism.

    Now that the relativists are in the open, wokeness is very easy to fight. Younger kids are rejecting wokeism because they see the nihilism. I think the classic liberals have fallen victim to their own insanity and believed the lies so they are doomed.

    The future is for those that believe in Truth. Our battle has already been won, we just have to keep fighting. Let them have the institutions, they don’t know what to do with them anyway. We will rebuild. Deus Vult.

  24. C-Marie

    Yes!! The battle was won on Calgary, and we have to keep fighting with genuine repentance.
    God bless, C-Marie

  25. Kathleen

    My observations on the ground coincide with the statistical evidence.

    The vast majority of the young are corrupted to a breathtaking degree. Those capering demonically at the mills are young.

    While we plead and pray and struggle to get enough warm bodies to barely keep up on our side.

    At the same time though, there is a counter group of younger people gaining strength. And the insane hardships they are going to face while the West finishes its collapse will make them stronger as well.

    But woke is currently winning. By a LONG shot.

    This won’t turn around without hitting bottom.

    Sure would help if everyone on our side got actively involved in trying to preserve, protect, and grow the bits of sanity out there, but even then I’m betting hitting bottom is going to be necessary.

  26. C-Marie

    Yet the sanity is the active cooperation by us all, with the graces of receiving Jesus Christ, and then living our lives in and through Him.
    God bless, C-Marie

  27. philemon

    Wait… aren’t the “Woke” getting vexxinated and boostered, and doing all sorts of ill-advised things, like getting pierced and tattooed and going about wearing masks, not to mention going through sex-changing operations?

    And they think they are going to be healthy?

  28. JH

    Woke people believe in purity, are highly judgmental about their perceived opponents, and therefore are loud. They encourage each other to stay woke. Depending on your definition, wokeism or activism would never go away.

    Some religious people behave the same way too. One of the differences is that religious people hopelessly believe their God is on their side. The decline of Christianity continues. Christianity may not die in my lifetime, but it will probably become a pejorative term just like woke is in the future.

  29. C-Marie

    Christianity has always been, by the world, termed: Implying or imputing evil; depreciatory; disparaging; unfavorable, belittling, and derogatory. Nothing new here. Read the Gospels and more.

    It is a mistaken understanding to believe that God is on one’s “side”, when the actual is that we are to be on His “side”. We are to obey His commandments, we are to receive His Son as our Lord, God, and Saviour, and ever so much more, and we are to continually grow in Knowing God, in Loving Him, and in Serving Him, so that He and His ways are known through our lives. And when we falter, or sin, we are to ask for and to receive His gifts of graces so that we truly repent of having gone against Him Whom we love.

    Christianity will not die. Christianity is the Resurrecred Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who has already died, gone through death, and has Risen from the dead. It is Him, the Resurrected Lord of all to Whom Christians belong. No, Death has already been conquered by Him. The number of people who become Christian may lessen, but Christianity is here to stay until Jesus Christ comes again. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  30. Joy

    Dear BBC or Auntie,
    BREAKING NEWS pun intended:
    Good news from the UK. The government have been getting on with business.
    No more BBC licence fee after next year, as many will default in protest.
    This news should please even those who don’t live in the Uk as it’s a taste of things to come.
    Posted it here because the news has been simmering for a while but BBC doesn’t cover it, so just in case people were unaware of good news.
    This is. a huge blow to the woke/pc/illiberal-liberal agenda.
    Swearing alert: (His sentiment speaks for literally millions of British people of various persuasions. In fact I don’t know anyone who disagrees.)
    See his posters! Just discovered this video while searching something else…
    Would have transcribed, but found the following:
    1 x f’xxx-ing with the ups inserted;
    1 x shy^t which is excused as the vowel is switched;
    1 x word that rhymes with rollocks;
    2 x shxxx aren’t given near the end
    And 1 x go F yourself to Finnish and he doesn’t mean “fund yourself”!
    Apart from that…
    All news outlets and “influencers” take note

  31. John B()


    Very familiar with HeelvsBabyFace (Heel vs. Baby Face)
    He’s a big Doctor Who Fan
    Gamer / Comic Book Guy

    Part of a whole crew of critics of woke and the destruction by woke of things they love and hold dear

    I was just wondering whether you had a dog in the Doctor Who fight

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