Troy Redux, On The Shores Of Kiev — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Troy Redux, On The Shores Of Kiev — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Where there is no vision, the people perish.

That scriptural saying is about to be tested — again. We never tire of this exercise. It’s a spiritual DNA thing, evidently.

There no vision because our leaders have forgotten what to look for. They have forgotten the difference between tactics and strategy; rather, they confuse the two, mistaking one for the other.

So I find myself, alone again, back on the shores of Ilium. Troy, that is. Wondering if anyone else can see what I see. The latest (and maybe last) re-play of the Great Lesson, which we never seem to learn.

As I argued in my book, The Iliad and The Odyssey are the Old and New Testaments of the ancient pagan world. Like our own OT and NT, each of these tomes has a theme. Their OT’s theme was open aggression. Their NT’s theme is deception.

When it became clear in the The Iliad, after ten years on the beach and Troy still stood strong, the leaders of the (Western) Greeks decided it was time to change the plan. We can’t fight our way in, they said. So, let’s see if we can fool our way in.

The deception worked! Of course it did. It’s always worked. Ask anyone in the Garden.

Here is what nobody at the top now seems to see. We have convinced ourselves that the empty beach-borders of Uke-Troy are the result of our Trojan prowess. We have driven away those pesky Greco-Russian Orthodox barbarians! Just look at the maps: all those invading troops that were across the top of Ukraine and arrayed against Troy (Kiev) have vanished. Almost overnight!

See? We were right! All we had to do was sanction those stupid Russkies and feed hectoring Z all the missiles he could eat, and we’d win! Well, aren’t any of the doubters going to apologize to us, and our amazing NATO-naughts, for doubting our psyop power and skill? Of course, the MSM never doubted us, nor the rest of the Imperial echelons. They will certainly be rewarded.

Yes, indeed, it was only idiots like me who refused to buy the lie, nor take the vax. Why did I resist? Because I could see it coming. It’s not like it wasn’t foretold, you know. We didn’t need Laocoon and his sons to tell us this would happen. We had our own prophets. They too have been strangled.

Who told us that Troy, the Movie has gone into syndicated re-runs? There were two. One told us the strategy, the other told us the tactics that would be used.

The first was Anatoly Golitsyn, (the highest-ranking KGB defector of all time) who told us in 1961 the strategic truth, in his prophetic works New Lies For Old (updated as The Perestroika Deception). He warned us, in plenty of time, that we would be deceived. On a gargantuan scale no less. After all, the bigger the tale, the easier the sale, as any salesman knows. Ask Bernie Madoff.

(Note: Check out the sale price of the Perestroika book: $478 for a mass market paperback? Obviously, somebody at Amazon doesn’t want you to read this. Get the free PDF on New Lies For Old.)

What was the goal of this planned Russian deception? Like at Troy, to get past our gates, of course. Why? To sack our city, and kill us all. And how would they do this? Well, after they realized open aggression wouldn’t work (in 1959, that is), they decided to shift gears to deception. In other words, they changed strategies. And so, as Golitsyn told us, they would go from shouting ‘We will bury you!’ to muttering ‘We will bury ourselves’. And then, they would appear to do just that. But as we all (should) know, appearances can be deceiving.

Perestroika (reconstruction) and Glasnost (transparency) became the buzzwords of that coming day, when the new lie was sold. By that greatest of all travelling salesmen, Gorbachev. On New Year’s Eve 1991, no less. Here you go, chumps, drink up and watch as we appear to disappear.

Too bad nobody bothered to decipher Gorbachev’s meanings. At least, nobody in our ‘intelligence’ services. It’s not for nothing that date was set. For indeed, a New Age was about to begin. One we wouldn’t see till it was too late. As in, today.

The new strategy gambit (Glasnost, transparency) was to appear to be gone just long enough to get everyone to believe they were actually gone. As in, for good. First, they disappeared from the DEW-line radar in 1991. Then from the economic radars as well.

The second part (Perestroika, reconstruction) would then take place, unseen to all who didn’t understand what was happening. That reconstruction was to be the wholesale leapfrogging of the West, militarily and financially. That is to say, to abandon the two millstones of Soviet weakness, vis-a-vis the West. The prophet here was Yuri Bezmenov. Listen to him as he speaks of what has been done, tactically, to shape the upcoming battle.

These tactics, elucidated by Bezmenov, are what has shaped the coming battle, as Scott Ritter tells us must be done to ensure victory. But to do this, they needed time. Time to plan two generations ahead, both militarily and economically. And to do it all unseen. Unseen? Sure. That part’s easy when your opponent is black-out drunk. Which is what we were from 1991 till today. We thought we were the financial wizards, with our magic printing press, printing petro-dollars with abandon. And we thought we didn’t need a new military, ready to fight a new kind of war. Instead, we let the Generals run roughshod over every two-bit power on the planet, with our 3G technology that somehow couldn’t stop guys in sandals with AK’s. Thirty years of these wars then bled us dry of so much that was truly valuable. Meanwhile, Moscow was busy planning the real 5G military. And they’re rolling it out now.

Yes, yes, I know. It’s now time for the eternal nay-sayers to appear and say it ain’t so. That Golitsyn was wrong. And Yuri Nosenko was right. But let me ask you this silly question: if a guy known to be a clan member of your bitterest enemy (Golitsyn) shows up on your door in 1961 and says ‘You’d better watch out, my guys are gonna fool you, big time’, and then proceeds to tell you how they would do it, should you at least listen?

And then he Golitsyn tells you that what you must do, regardless of anything else you appear to see, is to never let down your guard. Because, that is when they will strike. Pretty soon, another guy (Nosenko) shows up and says, ‘Hey, that guy Golitsyn is a liar. He’s trying to deceive you. You got nothing to worry about from Russia. Golitsyn is the real threat’.

All right then. Take each man at his word. If you listen to Golitsyn and he turns out to be wrong, what have you suffered by staying vigilant? But if Nosenko is a liar, and you follow his advice, could you suffer grave, even mortal harm???? Well????

Take a moment and think of Pascal’s Wager in the inverse. Think of Golitsyn as the new inverse Pascal. So, what if someone (Golitsyn) offered you a wager that would cost you your life if you bet wrong. But if you bet right, you won nothing extra. Except that you got to continue living. No big payday, but hey, life itself is a pretty good payday, right?

But Nosenko offers the opposite. He says you can party down because no matter how you bet, there will be no real cost to you. Sounds too good to be true, eh? That’s because it is.

It’s the Boy Scout question: Be prepared vs Miller time. What kind of guy are you? Do you think virtue (being prepared, in this case) is its own reward? Or are you a Beach Party Boy, spending your new-found inheritance (the ‘peace dividend’) on today’s pleasure (‘entitlements’)?

Boy Scouts (back then) didn’t have to panic when the air-raid siren goes off. But Beach boys did. In short, our Generals listened to Nosenko, and started lowering the standards of training (a.k.a. vigilance). We see the results of that today, with our ‘diverse and inclusive’ Armed Forces that we think will scare the enemy.

Nosenko is today’s version of Sinon, the Greek ‘defector’ left behind on the Trojan shore, clinging to the Horse, telling all who would listen that the Greeks left in a huff and wouldn’t be back. Interestingly, Sinon was mutilated by his captors, just as Nosenko was abused by the CIA handlers (at first).Nosenko’s lying poise was enough to convince CIA chief Admiral Stansfield Turner that he was telling the truth about Golitsyn. Nosenko said that Golitsyn was the actual Horse. But with no troops inside. So don’t worry. Be happy!

Again I ask: how can an empty Horse harm you? But if this guy Golitsyn isn’t the Horse, you’d best keep a vigilant eye out for the real one, eh?

So please, please, spare me the Nosenko redux, all you CIA dwarfs. You blew it. Even if Golitsyn was wrong from a pre-planned plot perspective, he turned out to be right from a random-happening Darwinian viewpoint.

Facts are facts. Our Western economy is over an oil barrel. Our Petro-dollar dominance is gone. Our military will be ready to respond forcefully to the Russia-China alliance in about ten years, at Manhattan-project best. Which will be about eight years too late. That’s just from a techno-hardware standpoint. That still assumes trannies and nannies can actually fight, regardless of the weaponry. If you don’t believe me, let’s see you join the International Brigades in Ukraine. Then I’ll believe you’re serious. Deluded, but serious.

All right then, that’s the strategic shift. The shift to deception. A shift as momentous as the one described in the book Faustian Bargain that described the secret alliance of the German High command and their blood-Red-enemies, the Bolsheviks, just after WWI. Totally secret re-armament, accomplished in tandem by two sworn enemies (before Hitler even arrived). A pact that bought both sides the time needed to force a re-play of the previous debacle. It’s amazing what a decade or so can buy you when your first-round opponents (the decadent inter-war West) decide you’re no longer a threat. The effeminates of that day became their own worst enemy. Until the new Horse re-appeared, of course. Just outside Paris.

So much for strategy. Now let’s look at the tactical shift that occurred on the shores of Troy. Tactics are the small building blocks that make it possible to believably accomplish the strategy they were designed to support. Sinon’s appearance on the shores of Troy was a tactical move. The story he told was a strategic move. Tactics often appear to be simple trends, coincidences, happenstances, etc. Until you realize they all fell in favor of one thing—the enervation of you. Only then does the deception at the tactical level become clear, when it is too late.

What would be the tactical face of this broad-scale civilizational application of the new theme of deception? This new tactical theme, like the R&D needed to accomplish the military Perestroika of the German Army, needed enough time to be successfully invested. Tactical deception on this scale takes time. Generational time. They have had it. And it has worked. Ever since we bought the lie that The Berlin Wall fell down, all on its own.

The new tactic was to implement Gramsci’s ‘The war of position’. Rudi ‘Red’ Dutschke called it the ‘Long march through the institutions’. Like Mao’s Long March, it took time. But it worked. Ask Saul Alinsky. Ask Bill Ayers. And Bernadine Dohrn. And their acolytes like Barack. And all their revolutionary friends from the late ‘60’s. Friends that now firmly occupy all the seats of bureaucratic power in the West: Education, Art, Music, Finance, Religion, Technology, you name it, they own it. And you can’t vote them out. Because they aren’t in elective positions.

These tacticians, over the last sixty years, have labored mightily, all in concert with the great new strategy. They have convinced us, and our progeny, that vigilance is no longer a virtue. Vigilance is a white-supremacist, hate-crime-homo-tranny-phobic reaction that is the litmus test of all new virtue, and the signaling it entails. People don’t realize that most of this signaling is actually equivalent to gang-sign communication. A means of identifying their allies. They aren’t really trying to convince you. They have blunt objects for that. People understand the real message: stand down or die. Their words are simply the icing on their cake. And only they get a slice of it. Let them eat cake takes on a whole new meaning.

Now we see Vlad doing his version of tactical misdirection combined with the coming bludgeon. He and his gang appear (again) to disappear, from the shores of Kiev, (a.k.a. New Troy). And all the idiots manning our watch towers (think MSM and MIC) are shouting that ‘We did it, we drove them out’! But Vlad will be back, soon. With a vengeance. This time it will be gloves off for the Ukro-Nazis and their Western paymasters. Once the Donbass fire is extinguished, the real carnage will begin. Achilles and Odysseus didn’t come to catch Helen. They came to burn Troy to the ground. Vlad and Kyrill intend to crush the economic and military might of the West. But given the new reality, on the hardware and commodity side of things, it won’t take much.

One last word. There are some that still labor under the illusion that I harbor pro-Vlad sentiments. Nothing could be further from the truth, and anyone who has followed my writings for over a decade understands this. I have been saying everything I wrote above for over ten years. Long before the cracks in The Empire were visible to most. I have exposed Vlad (and Kyrill) for who they are, a long time ago. And my thoughts have stayed the same. But remember this. My outlook on the past sixty-some years is the only one that adds up. And if things don’t add up, then what’s the point?

Bottom line, Komrades, get ready to go on a harsh diet. In so many ways. Now we’ll find out who was prepared. We’ll also find out who all the idiots were who insisted on pulling that Horse up the driveway.

So, my brothers, take a quick look into your magic mirror. Who do you see? Is it Pollyanna? Or can you finally see Cassandra?

Buy my new book and learn to argue against the regime: Everything You Believe Is Wrong.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    Perhaps now the minds of men may turn to God. God permits what is most helpful for His plan.

  2. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    This gentleman explains why we in the west know nothing and what we do “know” is crap

    Looking back over the past fiddy years or so, maybe it was not such a good idea to choose to let India and China make all of our medicines and Taiwan all of our computer chips.

    I remember not that long ago that The Orangeman promising America would reestablish our pharmaceutical industry and it would begin to make drugs in America..ha!!!

  3. Briggs
    Response to another Watt on the “grand conspiracy”

    A grand building, constructed on a foundation of rotten timbers and quicksand.

    Basing historical/political analysis on the totally debunked, fake, manipulator Golitsyn is a big mistake. Piling upon that basic mistake analysis the assumtion that the Italian nobody, Gramsci, was a strategic plotter, further destroys the argument.

    Anatoly Golisyn was a KGB defector. He quickly ran out of real material to provide, so began to describe castles in the clouds, telling his handlers what they wanted to hear. Luckily for Golitsyn, the stark raving mad and drunk, (and likely asset of foreign services himself) CIA head of counterintelligence, James Angleton, swallowed Golitsyn’s fantasies.

    For a full exploration of the Golitsyn debacle, please study the internal CIA report (recently declassified and released as part of the JFK papers), on what became known as “The Monster Plot.” This link opens a PDF of the report:

    That report is probably the best counterintelligence analysis that I’ve ever seen. Point by point, the report deconstructs and destroys Angleton’s insane alliance with Golitsyn.

    Gramsci: Antonio Gramsci was NOT a strategic (nor even a tactical!) plotter. Gramsci was a minor Comintern apparatchik from the Italian communist party. He attended a Comintern conference (1922?), where he was part of the secretariat (note-takers) for the Propaganda section headed by Willi Muenzenberg. At this Comintern conference Muenzenberg laid out his strategy and tactics for covert influence operations against the USA and its allies. Gramsci returned to Italy and was promptly arrested. He spent the rest of his life (5 years?) in prison. It appears that during his time in prison he wrote down what he’d learned from Muenzenberg. After he died, his notes were published. Ascribing Muenzenberg’s strategic and tactical planning and operations to Gramsci is like giving credit to Thomas Jefferson’s secretary for writing the Declaration of Independence.

    Building an analytical edifice on “Fake but Accurate” sources does not help to make the case.

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Deception, yes. But who’s running the op from behind the curtain? — Russians, or the Khazarian mafia? You seem to think it’s the former, da? It seems to me to be the latter. Of course, I may be deceived. Maybe it’s Blofeld. But somebody’s behind that damned curtain. Maybe a CIA dwarf.

  5. Incitadus

    “The immediate strategic objective is ‘convergence’ with the West – on their terms, not ours.
    The ultimate objective is Lenin’s: replacement of nation states with collective regional
    governments as building blocks of the ‘New World Social Order’ – World [Communist]
    Government.” Golitsyn

    Why would it come as a surprise that the Western power structures would find Communism
    the most appealing form of government? They have deconstructed America and shipped
    everything to China. Just as Wall Street built the Soviet Union as the best enemy money could
    buy. Who are you going to believe the Golitsyn detractors or what’s unfolding before you eyes?
    The NWO is team Biden, Putin, and Xi, and Ukraine is a stake through the heart of the West all
    planned just like when Putin waltzed into Syria and left a pile of rubble. He’ll come out of this
    smelling like a rose a dues paying member of the World Economic Forum. While everyone’s
    attention is focused on Ukraine Xi is merrily finishing off the supply chains with a new round
    of imbecilic lockdowns.

    There are only nine meals between mankind and anarchy.
    Alfred Henry Lewis 1906

  6. Joy

    Kyiv, tells the truth, Kiev tells lies
    Go Boris, Go the West, Go truth, Go honour and freedom.
    Down with communism and other oppressive regimes. Even when thy resend to be holy.

    Up with love and up with hope
    Down with conspiracy and fear of the same
    cue Coldplay….

  7. Cary Cotterman

    We are doomed and screwed. Just what I needed to read on a dreary gray morning.

  8. Joy

    I have exposed Vlad (and Kyrill) for who they are, a long time ago. And my thoughts have stayed the same.
    Ha! I knew there was something not entirely normal about him, too, what a coincidence!
    Perhaps it was the accent?
    The Queen’s dogs even knew! Didn’t stop growling and barking.
    The Queen spoke about him in a way that she’s never been recorded to have done about anybody else, ever. *to my knowledge.
    You can trust dogs, they know these things

  9. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    America is being run into the ground by the same experts that got us involved in Afghanistan and The M.E. but we are expected to follow their “expertise” and choose sides between The Ukraine and Russia.

    When the Banksters were ripping us off, where’n’hell was Pootie Poot and Zelenskyy?

    The citizens of those two hellholes are not our problem and do not let you own self be led into thinking they are.

    F the lot of them.

    America First, America Second, America Last.

  10. John Watkins


    ”….For a full exploration of the Golitsyn debacle, please study the internal CIA report ”.

    Do you know how insane it is to quote the single greatest source of (admitted) lies, disinformation and outright failures in your never-ending quest to uphold the honor of your (admitted) employer????

    You just don’t get it, do you? WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU AND YOUR SOURCES/BOSSES ANYMORE. The ”Intelligence Community’ is either not very intelligent, OR it’s complicit in the outcomes it supposedly sought to prevent. And it has been this way for as long as I can remember (pre-Bay of Pigs).

    And finally, you never address the logic-chain Watt cites, you only go full- ad hominem. So tell us, Kent, how Golitsyn was wrong- And do it while telling us with a straight face that the West is in a superior military and economic position today. C’mon, tell us!

    So give it a break, Kent. Go find some new suckers to sell these leftovers to.

  11. Joy

    ‘Mick’ The picture you link from Box that’s not London
    Noticed in the picture:
    When Zelensky gives his speeches to the nation in Ukraine, he’s sitting in one of the chairs you see in the corner of that very room , or so it looks.
    Like with the sun Newspaper ‘fake’.
    Why bother to fake a still when you have video images?

  12. C-Marie

    Read the Book of Isaiah in the Bible and see what God will allow and do when His people turn from Him.

    How long does anyone believe that the Living God will allow the United States:
    to go on rejecting His Son, Jesus Christ,
    to go on treating with equality the manmade religions with the one true Religion founded by the Living God,
    to go on legally killing the unborn and just born children,
    to go on mocking His creation of human sexuality,
    to go on mocking His creation of marriage with legalities of unions other than those of one biological man and one biological woman,
    to go on traumatizing children concerning the biological sex that He created them in,
    to go on legalizing suicide …..and ever so much more.

    God bless, C-Marie

  13. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    Dear Joy. Thanks for the link.

    I’m sure the citizens of England are delighted he risked limb and life to have a chin wag with the neo-Churchill although one wonders why he has not exhibited the same courage in dealing with the Mahometan groomers who are raping the white girls of England.

    Priorities I guess…

  14. John,

    Thanks for your observations.

    “You just don’t get it, do you?”

    Sorry, but it appears that you don’t get it! You’re making assumptions without reading and/or understanding the references and historical facts, and you’re badly misinterpreting my intent.

    My point is exactly what you say: The CIA was/is incompetent and a hot mess of cover-up and excuse-making hidden behind “security and classification.” I am persona non grata there. Please see my writing about the destruction and politicization of the Agency, a couple of examples are linked below.

    “WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU AND YOUR SOURCES/BOSSES ANYMORE.” Uh, John, neither do I. That is the major theme of my public writing on the Agency. The Agency today demonizes Russia and Putin, following the lines of the Watt/Golitsyn/Angleton fantasy of some “Monster Plot” driving Russia to take over the world, with the communists lurking in the background.

    “The ”Intelligence Community’ is either not very intelligent, OR it’s complicit in the outcomes it supposedly sought to prevent…..your never-ending quest to uphold the honor of your (admitted) employer…”

    You’re badly misunderstanding my intent. Please see articles below articulating the need to clean out the politicized apparatchiks at both CIA and FBI. Not sure how much clearer my intent could be. And believe me, publicly airing such analysis and recommendations does NOT endear one to the bureaucracy. And such views very definitely are NOT “upholding the honor” of the Agency.

    As I described in 2016, the politicized Agency purged dissidents through the Obama/Brennan years: “The result has been an eight-year purge of the intelligence community — with any political dissenters either banished or silenced. A reign of quiet terror now blankets the IC. Dissent means losing jobs, retirements, and perks. Go-along-to-get-along is now standard operating practice.”>

    The “Monster Plot” internal report that is linked in my comment above says exactly the same thing! The CIA was incompetent and the Golitysn/Angleton lash-up was highly destructive of American interests–both political and intelligence. That’s why the report was buried and hidden, classified, for decades. All the while, Golitsyn wrote his silly books and propagated his fabrications, roping in gullibles like Watt and co.

    Golitsyn was a CREATION of the CIA. The Golitsyn case exemplifies the worst of the worst of the CIA’s incompetence: the revered figure of James Angleton, a drunken lunatic, and likely an agent of the Soviets (or another foreign power). Watt’s belief in Golitsyn/Angleton’s CIA-approved silliness is doing the bidding of the CIA! Ironic, no?

    Read the report on Golitsyn. And note that this report, written decades ago, reveals the truth of the Golitsyn/Angleton case, and was concealed from the public until a recent JFK-document declassification.

    It reveals the depth of Golitsyn and Angleton’s sick attempt to cling to power and relevance, and the CIA’s incompetent destruction of good intelligence on the USSR’s intentions. And Watt’s continued blindness to the facts of Golitsyn (not to mention Gramsci, which is a whole ‘nother story!) cries out for correction each time he surfaces.

    Sorry that my writing so confused you. Hope this helped to straighten out the confusion. Thanks.

  15. David Beckham

    This article is hilariously ridiculous. Let us all be honest, Catholics (including yours truly) who can put aside their AD 1054 biases can see that it is Russia who is on the side of the Angels here. What country is fighting tooth and nail against the GAE agenda? Not the US. What country is seeing a Christian revival? Not the US. Which country’s conduct of war is very much in line with the Just War Theory? Not the US whose modus operandi is to bomb everything in a country to smithereens. Ask the Serbians and the Iraqis. Communism is dead in Russia. Until Catholics realize this, we’ll always be the GAE’s useful idiots. You think I’m kidding, just look at Poland.

  16. “This article is hilariously ridiculous.”

    Amen, David Beckham!

    It hit me earlier today that this convoluted, Golitsyn/Angleton vision of a Monster Plot with commies lurking in the background is a doppelganger of the “Q-Anon” silliness.

    Reality is staring us in the face–Russia is taking on the abjectly corrupt globohomo “Empire of Lies.”

    The Biden administration and its NATO accomplices, with the support of the vile lash-up of neocons and PC-Progs, is the decadent, corrupt, and perverted opponent. No dastardly double-nought secret conspiracy is required to understand this fundamental clash of good (ok, relatively good) vs. evil (yes, real evil).

  17. Incitadus

    I really hope you’re right and Lavrov chimed in nicely just the other day to reinforce this
    sentiment openly stating they were really fighting the NWO; which was a first for them.
    It could be that this is precisely what they want you to think and it is meme that’s making
    all the popular rounds.

    But seriously I really hope you’re right because even Alex Jones couldn’t have imagined a
    situation where parents are coerced into a sex change operation on a minor child for the
    ‘child’s health’.

  18. Incitadus,

    Lavarov seamlessly and consistently builds on Putin’s speech laying out the rationale for Russia’s attack on Ukraine: The “Empire of Lies” speech.

    Putin laid out clearly and concisely our (America’s) actions from the fall of the USSR till today that led to the war with Ukraine.

    While the Empire of Lies line is pithy, the line about the “Degradation and Degeneration of America” is the most trenchant: “…attitudes…directly leading to degradation and degeneration…contrary to human nature.”

    Normals vs. Perverts. Doesn’t get much more clear than that.



  19. Joy

    You have changed the subject. You linked a fake piece of propaganda about a picture. You were shown to be wrong and then jumped on the latter response as a distraction, where it was actually proving you wrong.

    How about the point about the picture you posted and your claim it was false?
    Instead of going on about Churchill. (We can discuss him if you like and I do love Boris Johnson) but you were the one with the claim he never went to Ukraine.
    I don’t find it that surprising knowing what I know of Boris and of the situation in Ukraine. KYIv’s centre has been spared. Putin wants it.
    Regarding your creepy and misplaced “concern” about the women in England, like myself, incidentally, Boris was not prime minister when the cases in the North of England were brought to light. They’re probably doing it in America too, by the way, where are you?
    As for Putin being anti globalisation.
    1 Those who are catholics as well as those of us who are Christians know that youdon’t do wrong in order to say you’re doing right.
    2 Putin knows how to press the buttons of those who are vulnerable to lies and flattery. If he thinks it’s what you want to hear he will say it. Any excuse to keep the easily led on side: those who think they know so much about the intricacies of politics and intrigue, and strain at a gnat while swallowing a camel. Putin is a modern day Hitler. He is a monster. The video footage proves it is so.
    3 The Vatican did side with Hitler as well and had to apologise later. Some here still don’t apologise. so Catholic church has previous and yet…
    The Pope has condemned Vladimir Putin’s actions.
    Up with the Pope!

  20. Joy

    Joy is happy with Boris Johnson acting in concert with The Neo-Churchill in Th eUkraine.

    We aren’t in the EU and we’re all pretty happy about it.
    Furthermore, we are still fighting that war as well. People like you who pretend to be on one side while supporting murer and rape of innocent women because of some crazy Old Testament interpretation.
    You do Realise that Kent is an Islamic man? He doesn’t support your church? Yet you are prepared to go on the same side and fight with evil in order to achievve your shared, it seems now, homosexual concerns? It’s all about gays now? Wow! what. a sick bunch.

    off to Russia with you all and help PUtin. The tanks could use a bit of maintenance if any of you are actually able to turn a screw?
    All mouth and trousers!

  21. Joy

    See what this Russian soldier is saying about Putin’s army and his honesty.
    If you’re going to lay down your life, do so for truth not lies:

  22. Joy

    This oligarch seems to understand the mind of the criminal Putin as he knows him, personally, knows the system.
    Yet CNN are interviewing him so does that make what he says false?
    Does the fact that CNN have paid him for the interview have any bearing on what he actually says?
    Does what he says ring true?

  23. Jan Van Betsuni

    A former Soviet era military officer (engineer) now U.S. Resident (& laconic pundit on the Ukraine matter)
    smoothieX12//Answering Propaganda Off the Cuff//Apr 11, 2022

  24. Incitadus

    Yea Kent that’s the problem it’s just a little too clear too sophomoric and the timing
    of the war is just too perfect like a final nail in the coffin of the world economy.
    Kind of in lockstep with the great reset; I mean why wait eight years watching his
    people being bombed why this moment. And don’t try to tell me he wasn’t ready he was
    ready enough for Syria, another well timed event. Don’t listen to what they say look at
    the pattern. I can’t believe my ears Putin is anti-globo-homo so he’s really an OK guy is
    the meme. It’s too pat, too simpleminded, too crafted, too evil in it’s ideological conception,
    but people are buying it lapping it up as it were. What a defense!

  25. Joy

    I thanked you for the link.
    The point isn’t to say thank you, it’s to explain why you still think it’s a fake given all the evidence.
    So you dodged and changed the.
    Your comment about the muslims raping English white girls is not creepy, it’s your keeness to bring it up and your pretence at giving a damn when further up you’ve said “f’em all”.
    God luck proving your claim of th existence edify an invisible church

    Meaning? What are you wishing me luck in proving?
    Are you Spanish? There’s nothing to prove. The discussion is about Valdamir The “Vertigo Power.”

    Who is the satanic saviour, apparently, of the world!
    Talk about bad judge of character.
    Open your eyes.
    Just because Biden is on the side of Ukraine doesn’t mean you have to follow him as a saviour either!
    He’s no friend of Britain, any more than Obama was, but then that puts the latter into the same camp as Watts, the author and Kent, to name just two of you.
    When it’s not all Trump’s fault it’s all Britain’s fault.
    If Trump were in power, not only did he threaten to flatten Moscow, if he invaded, he would have kept Mr vertigo power in his rightful “mind”.

  26. Joy

    Jan Van Betsuni
    I listened to minute five, and couldn’t take any more, he’s definately “off the cuff”!
    He mentions at the beginning <= four min' mark a complaint about Western media making claims about Putin's replacement of a military commander:
    Several sources which aired recently, two American, fox and CNN, clips on youtube, along with BBC and Sky news, (read American news as well) have said that they don't know for sure what's happening. So if they said that someone was replaced by Putin for a given reason, no doubt they were surmising.
    They have been interviewing numerous people with different expertise to give opinions on why, how, when, what and where regarding Putin's actions TO COME.
    As for those actions in the past:
    WHAT, WHERE, WHO, WHEN and HOW are all known because they can look at what happened.
    WHY is the question

  27. John Watkins

    How interesting. As of today, there have been 32 comments on Watt’s article. Exactly half of them were from Kent and Joy. And after having read them, it seems clear to me that neither one read (or understood) the logic employed by Watt. Or at least, they won’t address it.

    Perhaps these two could just exchange email addresses and conduct their business privately??

  28. MattG

    I need to read Kent’s book. Judging from the abstract, it seems to agree with the part of Watt’s story about the tactic of surreptitiously undermining the seats of bureaucratic power in the West via PC.

  29. Joy

    To John Watkins,
    Perhaps these two could just exchange email addresses and conduct their business privately??
    You obviously haven’t been reading either. You think Kent and I are in an exchange.
    Kent has very clear views which aren’t a secret. You are the one who doesn’t agree with him there are plenty who like what he writes.
    As for my comments above? they were to the author, Briggs, Kent, *because you were so rude and unpleasant to him; the one calling himself “mick’, and to whom it may concern.
    Nobody reads anybody’s comments properly, that has been apparent for while now. I wonder why?
    But you’re right, I broke my rule on not commenting on his posts. I was amused to read the claim he made about being “onto Putin”. which was too tempting, very funny.
    Perhaps you could just email watts, “yourself” and have a conversation with yourself…I mean Watts
    On topic:
    Troy doesn’t have a shore *from title.

  30. Joy

    Meanwhile he’s using chemical weapons
    Don’t talk about it, he’s doing it to clear up the gays! the effeminates! the NWO and international tyranny?
    Starsky describes how Ukrainians were arrested in the old Soviet Union for saying “I love Ukraine”, poets and artists were arrested and jailed. That sound familiar?
    This is God wins war.
    Let’s strain at gnats though and talk Trojan horse analogy

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