Let’s Catch Up On Racial Pandering

Let’s Catch Up On Racial Pandering

The feds initiated a set of new initiatives to pander to blacks. Why, though? Have the older methods been deemed insufficient? Whatever the reason, the White House announced every department will begin Diversity hiring and promoting harder.

Still odd that they’d do this, though. Blacks already overwhelmingly vote in favor of the regime, and there is nothing on the horizon to indicate that this is changing. It’s more likely these new efforts are the expected doling out of race-based patronage based on ideological grounds. Because they can, they do.

We now have a black woman on SCOTUS, a lady who got her position because she was a black lady. As we predicted at the time of the nomination, it is now “racist” to remind anybody that she got the job because she was a black woman. So learned a professor when he reminded his college-student audience of this fact, causing yet another hersteria harmattan.

We have had several recent instances of black supremacists either killing or trying to kill whites. I’ll mention only two. I’d mention more, but, believe it or not, regime propaganda outlets usually hide the race of murderers when they are not white.

Unfortunately, the FBI is not yet at that level and still reports murders by race. Which cause all sorts of angst for Equity researchers.

Frank James a week or two back attempted to slaughter a score of whites in New York’s subway. He has already been forgotten.

Then there was there was that black SUV which plowed into the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The SUV was aiming at whites, and, unlike James, managed to kill five. By sheer coincidence, a black man, Darrell Brooks Jr., happened to be in the SUV when the SUV decided to commit murder and mayhem.

Vehicular homicide is a nice segue into the noticeable increase in black traffic deaths caused by diminished police presences in certain areas, which itself was caused by the summer Of Mostly Peaceful Riots, which were caused by George Floyd meeting his final reward, an end even more predictable than in Godfather III.

Speaking of crashes, the propaganda organ of record had a Sunday piece lamenting the ubiquity of white male pilots. They won’t be happy until they see black woman strapping on wings.

Airlines have started to do more to diversify. United recently launched a flight school with the aim of hiring thousands of pilots in the years ahead, at least half of them women or people of color. Other carriers have launched similar initiatives, too. The goal is to staff up to meet the industry’s aspirations.

But for the people carrying out those ambitions, becoming a pilot is less about meeting an existential need and more about fulfilling a personal dream.

Since Diversity & Perversity quota hires necessarily always—absolutely always—lead to a reduction in standards and quality, insurance companies ought to restore crash insurance kiosks in airports.

Luckily, insurance companies aren’t, for now, under the watchful eye of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch—who, incidentally, met the entry qualifications for a Supreme Court seat. Inside of sitting on the bench, she will march on Amazon, as she already did on Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and Tyson Foods, and submit them to a Racial Diversity Audit.

I got a crisp new five dollar bill that says Amazon will be found Not Diverse Enough. Any woke reader want to bet against me?

Schools are already plenty Diverse, but grades haven’t reached the blessed state of Equity yet. This is why the National Council of Teachers of English insist “The time has come to decenter book reading and essay writing as the pinnacles of English language arts education.”

Same kind of thing is happening in math. Annoying and difficult concepts are being left behind, and anti-racism is taking their place. Like in Seattle. Instead of memorizing the quadratic equation, students will bend their minds to “analyze the ways in which ancient mathematical knowledge has been appropriated by Western culture.”

They will learn, not math, but to “value their mathematical identity.” In this they will be aided by earnest educators ready to “redefine mathematical learning through cooperative learning, engagement, advocacy, and action.”

How many Seattle mathematical graduates will go on to become airline pilots? Hard to answer: it involves techniques of estimating uncertainty, techniques which are irredeemably racist.

There will be a lot more DIEing in schools, thanks to the conservative Supreme Court. They have declined “to block elite high school’s admissions policy” complained about by a parents group. Not enough blacks, too many Asians, you see. “Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas said they would have granted the request from the parents’ group”. Alas, conservatives Amy Rabbit Barrett, John Roberts, and The Lady Killer thought pandering should continue. The woke wing, whose vote was never in doubt, did the expected. Blacks at the school went from 1% to 7% because admission standards were….raised, do you think?

I saved the best pandering for last. Turns out Harvard founders had slaves. So they’re going to blow “$100 million to study and atone for its extensive ties with slavery”.

You only atone for sins, ladies and gents. The “study” bit is obvious BS, a way to reclassify the money they would have already spent on DIEing.

Why is this the best news? For the same reason we had to tear down any last vestige of the Confederacy, it is now clear we must destroy all traces of Harvard.

We must purge, fire, and hunt down anybody with a slavery-tainted Harvard degree. This is the end for them!

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  1. Kenan Meyer

    For me as a european things are still going too painfully slow in the collapsing empire. Why? Because it wants “to teach Putin a lesson” and the only realistic military option for an otherwise huge heap of outdated scrap metal is nuking useless Old Europe, which they are happily going to do. That’s exactly what the MSM are preparing us for now

  2. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    It is only a matter of Justice that America bows and scrapes before the Holy blacks and keeps giving them things.

    Sure, they are less than 14% of the American population and so this is a case where size doesn’t matter because Blacks are Holy and Whitey must spend 100% of his time trying to please them them and surrender to their demands because racism.

    I can’t wait for Barack “You can keep your doctor” Obama to write a third biography about his fascination with the black race.

    Look, just because it is an obvious psychological projection on the part of blacks to claim whitey is obsessed with race is no reason not to think that blacks are Holy.

    Just go through the many reasonable things blacks think whitey must think about them


  3. awildgoose


    I think the GAE wants to goad Putin into using a tac nuke so they can claim the moral cover to fling warheads all over the place.

  4. Incitadus

    Kenan Meyer I’m inclined to agree…all meticulously planned.

    Slavery never disappeared it was replaced with central banking and it’s
    epistle Arbite Macht Frei. The power to print money and inflate the currency
    to wipe out government debt and spin the wage slaves into penury. It’s a god
    like power.

  5. Jim

    Math is the most egalitarian of the sciences. You don’t need a big expensive lab or government funding to have a Math department, just mathematicians, some chalk boards and a coffee pot.

  6. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    The cost of Black America

    If you are a white American, over the course of your lifetime the federal government will, on average and on your behalf, transfer $384,109 of your wealth and income to a single black individual.

    According to the data derived from the 2014 federal budget, the average annual net tax/benefit broke down as follows:

    White: -$2,795
    Black: +$10,016

    Over the course of an average 79-year lifespan, a white individual contributes a net $220,805 to the system, whereas over the course of an average 75-year lifespan, a black individual receives a net $751,200. However, since there are 4.6 times more whites than blacks in the USA, the black share has to be divided among the various contributors to sort out a one-to-one comparison.

    So, the net cost to the average White American of the average Black American is $384,109. Married? That’s $768,218. Got 2 kids? That’s $1,536,436. 4 kids? Now we’re talking $2,304,654 lifetime.

    Diversity is expensive. Now you understand why you won’t have much of an inheritance to leave to your children. Do you really think it’s worth it? And then, those natural conservatives to the south, the Hispanics, will surely improve the situation, right? After all, immigration helps the economy! Well, not so much.

    Hispanic: +7,298

    In fact, because there are more Hispanics in the USA than Blacks, Hispanics are already a bigger cumulative net drain on the economy, $411,950,000,000 to $389,710,000,000. Needless to say, the ongoing demographic change from a predominantly white society to a less productive, less white one can be expected to have even more serious negative effects on the long-term economic prospects of the United States that it already has.

    To quote the original author: “The negative fiscal impact of blacks and hispanics is significant. All of this discussion of a “national debt” and “deficit” is primarily of function of blacks and hispanics. Without them, we would be running budget surpluses today, even when keeping the military the same size.”

    Posted on June 30, 2017 by VD


    Even if the govt could take all of your money and possessions and give them to blacks they would be broke with fiddy years and their penury would be attributed to your racism.

  7. Johnno

    Since we can’t beat them, why not join them and steer things in a positive direction?

    Let’s begin by demanding that Artificial Intelligence Research and increased automation should end because it is being designed largely by whites to steal and replace the low level jobs minorities depend on. So all them Big Tech honkies and their big tech Reset goals need to cease and desist.

    “You can’t build a nation by hiding the truth. You destroy a nation by hiding the truth. And that is exactly what’s happening to the United States.”

  8. Johnno

    What happens when a mass shooter goes to a convention of experts and kills them all?

    As nobody can be reached for comment, we are awaiting more info before responsibly reporting on the matter… now back to the weekly weather forecast.

  9. Jan Van Betsuni

    There once stood a small Social Club building made of knotty pinewood planks.
    Above the entrance doors was a sign: WHITES ONLY
    Its over-sized letters were stencil printed in broad roadway-white stripes.

    Sometime after that WHITES ONLY sign was first emblazoned over the doorway,
    it got covered-up with tarmac-black lacquering.

    However, from a certain distance, or by certain daylight angles, the old white lettering was still completely recognizable. The camouflaging overcoats only adding darker overtones to the expression beneath.

    The Social Club (a common roadhouse) stood for many years in an overgrown field by a small wooded grove.
    It was clearly visible to all travelers and drivers plying the local thoroughfare.
    Over time it acquired a sort of independent cult status as a curiosity landmark.
    A bit quaint, a bit mysterious, a bit ominous; even a bit haunting.

    No one could really say when anyone had last been inside its knotty rough-hewn walls.
    From all appearances, the old Social Club was abandoned, even forgotten.
    Still, the WHITES ONLY sign clung on (in local storylore) signaling vague enterprise.

    The nameless character who once painted WHITES ONLY is long dead.
    The Social Club building itself was eventually blown down – by seasonal storm winds –
    back in 1959.

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