Briggs On The Steel On Steel Podcast Discussing Official Disinformation (which requires Official Truths), The WHO, OEJ, ETC

Briggs On The Steel On Steel Podcast Discussing Official Disinformation (which requires Official Truths), The WHO, OEJ, ETC

One day before they “paused” the Disinformation Governance Board, I was interviewed by John Loeffler at Steel on Steel.

The “pause” only means they’ll keep doing what they’ve been doing sans a figurehead sitting in an office. You almost feel sorry for that figurehead, too. For she was sincere: a midwit, sure, but a True Believer, and quite earnest. In many ways, this would have worked in our favor, because she was open and honest about her delusions. Alas, now we will get a politician.

Update Did we call that or what? We got one of the slimiest Experts in DC.

Even though the official office is “paused”, do not forget the Office of Environmental Justice won’t be pausing, and will need those sources of Official Truth we discuss.

“Does the WHO’s latest power grab, and whoever is running our government ceding sovereignty to the WHO in the next health ‘crisis’ have anything to do with this?”

Glad you asked. Yes. The WHO says (with my emphasis) in their binding treaty, which our rulers in Washington signed, that there will be “national and global coordinated actions to address misinformation, disinformation, and stigmatization, that undermine public health.”

I believe I do a poor job explaining this, and welcome reader help. I’ll repeat my warning: in order for there to be official disinformation, there must necessarily exist Official Truths—and there must be agencies and groups responsible for creating these Official Truths.

Because of global education, the past successes of science (see especially yesterday’s post), the increase in surveillance and information technology, the global elite more quickly and easily coalesce around propositions which they define as Official Truths.

Well, we shall have more to say about this later.

When the Official Truths are true, this is a fine thing. When they are false, or uncertain, the by far most likely cases, this is bad. Thus all efforts to increased disinformation policing will lead to falsities and uncertainties being asserted as Official Truths.

It’s not just government and the WHO. Companies like Twitter aren’t quitting, either. Headline: Twitter rolls out ‘crisis misinformation’ policy.

Twitter on Thursday announced a new approach to how it handles misinformation during crisis situations aimed more aggressively at targeting false allegations.

The platform will stop amplifying or promoting content about crises as soon as it has evidence that a claim may be misleading.

Tweets that violate the new policy will have an interstitial warning placed on them but not immediately be removed.

“In times of crisis, misleading information can undermine public trust and cause further harm to already vulnerable communities,” Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of safety and integrity, wrote in a blog post…

The policy is first being applied to the ongoing war in Ukraine but will be applied to other crises as well moving forward.

Once again I remind you, in order for there to be official disinformation there must necessarily exist Official Truths. Either Twitter will hire geostrategic and diplomatic Experts, or they will have to hire out for them. Perhaps rely, like with global cooling/warming, on universities.

Who knows what the Musk character will do, but Twitter certainly hasn’t stopped, or even slowed, any of their censoring since the deal was announced.

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  1. Incitadus

    Naw Briggs this was just an exercise in sympathy you know that poor little
    autistic kid of your aunts that can’t find a job. Uncle Joe powerful government
    official steps in waives his magic wand and at the taxpayer’s expense heals
    your heart. We certainly don’t need anything official living in the euro sphere
    the most brainwashed region on earth. Just as an example take the hollow hoax
    of global warming. This is a government funded private sector coupe; the lemmings
    are jumping off buildings, setting themselves on fire, and gluing themselves to
    the pavement. A government program of eyewatering statistical inference and
    bogus data can never compete with results like this.

  2. Incitadus

    I don’t know why but I always feel compelled to put an e on coup…

  3. Deb

    past official truth you will get covid if unvaccinated. you will pass it on to anyone you get near even if wearing the deuce in masks
    past disinformation the vex will harm you more than prevent you from getting it

    future official truth. all persons wearing red shirts will die today
    future disinformation they are sending squads of executioners to insure their official truth

    that is how I see the difference between their official truth and the true situation

  4. Cary Cotterman

    Deb, you must be an original Star Trek fan. Red-shirt guys are always doomed (except Scotty).

  5. Johnno

    Can’t wait to hear the official truths about Monkeypox! Maybe there will be a crisis just in time for the US midterms, which means more fortifying with the dispensation of truth vitamins manufactured by Pfizer!

  6. Milton Hathaway

    Perhaps there is applicable wisdom to be found in old sayings. For example, if you combine “the aggressor sets the rules” with “fight fire with fire” and “a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth even gets it pants on”, and applied it to, say, the new LGBTQ+ flag, and then claim one of the newly added stripes, and even the plus-sign, is actually for pedophilia.

    Being on the defensive all the time (“I’m not a racist!”, “I’ve never even heard of Replacement Theory!”) cedes the battlefield before the engagement even starts. I’ve noticed over the last several years that some Pro-Life groups have stopped using the language of the Pro-Choicers (“It’s not health care” and “It’s a baby not a choice”), and just everywhere substitute infanticide or baby-killing, as in “State legislature legalizes killing babies up to birth”. Refuse to use their language. Let them walk away in frustration for a change.

  7. Rudolph Harrier

    Once they finally strangle out the last bastions of free speech on the web, I’ll see you all in the gopherverse.

    (They’ll never remember the gopherverse.)

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