The WHO and The Loss Of Sovereignty: How It Happens, How It’s Not Unusual

The WHO and The Loss Of Sovereignty: How It Happens, How It’s Not Unusual

According to International Law—hold up. International Law?

If there is such a thing as International Law, there is no such thing as national sovereignty; or, at least, not completely. For International Law is by definition authority higher than the State. An entity which decides on the law above the State.

Loss of sovereignty is not without precedent.

Enter the WHO, which as you have heard has a new pandemic treaty to which the elite, desiring to signal their eliteness to other elites, want to sign on to. Many complain that this treaty cedes sovereignty to a mysterious global—let’s not say cabal—a mysterious global council. They will make “public health” decisions that others are bound to follow.

The critics who complain about ceding sovereignty are right: it does. But, as International Law shows, and as The Science shows, this is not the first time sovereignty has been ceded. And it won’t be the last. Because of the longing for globalization.

Globalization was in the works for quite some time, and involves more than corporations’ shortsighted attempts at squeezing profits without regard to their homelands or their own peoples.

Globalization starts with very simple and seductive premises. One is Equality, and not even in the extreme form found here, but in the rough idea that people are much the same everywhere. Which is true to a certain extent: but only to a certain extent.

It’s when this premise is married to Fairness that the trouble begins.

This is idea is that all peoples should be treated the same. With exceptions, this is largely false. Fairness ignores differences past that certain extent; it ignores history, culture, the land, everything that distinguishes peoples. The rich and highly educated suffer this premise more than others. They are never quite happy that laws and mores, at least as they apply to themselves, are not globally uniform. “What do you mean there is no gay marriage/strong wifi/consideration for my odd desires here? That’s not fair.”

Specifically to the WHO’s power grab, the other premise is The Science. This begins with its own premise, that science is the same everywhere, which is likely true (but impossible to check everywhere). That doesn’t mean what a scientist in one place thinks is right, becomes what all scientists everywhere should think is right. But that happens, too, by education, as explained in a moment.

The uncontroversial uniform science premise becomes, in time, scientism, the idea that The Science dictates what is the good (and evil) and what is best, that the “solutions” decided by rulers is The Science.

Hardly anybody notices scientism. Certainly few in power do, or desire to. We saw the other day how the success of science led to scientism and thus to The Science.

We also discussed before how the premises above led to the globalization of education. Especially elite education. Well, a diode works here the same as in England, so if want to learn how diodes function, and diodes function the same everywhere, we should have the same education everywhere. Yes?

Because of Equality, Fairness, and The Science, this idea of the necessity of the uniformity of education spread to areas other than science, and elites the world over come closer and closer to seeing things their way, and only their way.

But it is especially in science (and math) that uniformity is found. That’s good to the extent science grasps Truth. But it’s bad, and real bad, when it doesn’t, because it leads to enforcing Falsity as Truth. Science becomes The Science, and Consensus decides Official Truths.

Even that wouldn’t be awful, except to practicing scientists, but that scientism intrudes via those other educational pathways. Again, elites come to believe their “solutions” are unquestionably true because they are The Science. Object, and you are a Denier.

Scientism is pernicious and dangerous. For it is a large matter of luck whether Experts’ (those who are charged with promulgating The Science) “solutions” are best. Which they likely won’t be. Not everywhere, not all times, not for all peoples in all circumstances. And because non-Exerts (Deniers) aren’t given authority to object to these “solutions”. After all, Deniers aren’t Experts.

Which brings us back to WHO and the next pandemic, for which this treaty will allow globally picked Experts to decide uniform “solutions”. Reading through the document, it’s clear the writers can scarcely contain their enthusiasm for trying out their new “solutions” models and theories. This is why they are gettin’ giddy over monkey pox. This could be it!

As time goes on, and the premises above are believed even more strongly. It will take unique men to resist the conclusions that follow from them.

We’ll do more later on the treaty itself, and on providing proof for my contentions.

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  1. John Pate

    Politicians love it. They can do all sorts of shyte they want to do that their genpop would baulk at except for the fact they can wash their hands of it and say it’s because of international treaties. It’s BS. They should all be hanged.

  2. Jan Van Betsuni

    King of the Hill is a thing – Rough and Tumble Fighting is a thing – Global Science Medical Health Authority By Treaty is not a thing

  3. John B(S)

    The Who

    We won’t get fooled again

    I know you deceive me now here’s a surprise

    Meet the new boss – same as the old boss

  4. It’s not unusual
    to be ignored by the elite
    *brass line*
    It’s not unusual
    to be hated by the elite
    *brass line*

  5. John B(S)

    Thanks for that one … Tom “McChuck” Jones

  6. C. P. Benischek

    Whoa Briggs! Hagfish, Pass me a tequila!

    Is this the true neoliberal inner Briggs? There is no such thing as human nature? There’s no law higher than the State? Is there any law higher than man’s law?

    Yes of course there is. God’s law. And, Natural Law. Of which Human Nature is one example of the latter, as The Ten Commandments are of the former. Please see St. Thomas’s Treatise on Law in Qq.’s 90-96 of the 1st Part of the Second Part of the Summa Theologiae.

    In layman’s terms I would describe international law as commonly accepted principles of justice. These principles of justice are things to which all men may reason, by reason of their God-given reason which after all—with the will, which is the ability to love—is precisely what makes them (us) men, and therefore should reasonably accepted by all men.

    Of course where the rubber hits the road is in the particular codification of international law. Here I suppose it is possible just as it is in the positive national law, to reflect God’s law and natural law, or to break God’s law in such a flamboyant manner as Roe versus Wade, for example, or Bowers v. Hardwick (which legalized the formerly aptly named ‘unnatural vice.’ Isn’t that quaint?).

    As to human nature, equality of nature, by which I mean that which makes us human, does not equal equality of ability, or equality of dessert as far as justice is concerned under particular circumstances. Unless of course you adhere to Anti-Pope Francis, who claims no one goes to Hell (because as he said no obe is in Hell), and that God loves the sinner just as he is, and, better yet, not only do you not need to repent or reject your own sin, you do not need sanctifying grace to be saved either. Nor of course do you need such quaint, antiquated, prediluvian (or is that Pelagian) notions of Christ, or faith in Jesus Christ, to attain to salvation. How terribly yesterday.

    Antipope Francis has said all those things, however, in Amoralis Laetitia and in press interviews. But as all preeminent Trad Catholic Professionals say: he’s definitely pope….

    No worries, I suppose.

    I do agree however that you’ve put your finger on the lynchpin of the whole debate as far as science (and politics) goes, and that is the extent to which it adheres to truth. The very same is true of the law.

    And that leaves us with the question of Pontius Pilot.

    “What is truth?”

  7. C. P. Benischek

    Errata: Pontius Pilate.

  8. Robin

    Stand aside WHO. Heard of the WMO?

    It’s the UN’s World Meteorological Association.

    What do they oversee? Climate change of course!

    I suppose this is the other horn of the bull that will trample humanity.

    Time for pitchforks is past. A couple of strategically targeted Sarmat ICBMs would do the job nicely.

  9. And, as if on cue, the vile neocon/PC-Prog lash-up for psyops vomits out the inevitable: “Monkey Pox Russian Biowar!”

    “The appearance of monkeypox virus cases indicates that Russia was high likely involved in developing the virus as a biological weapon and confirms the October 2020 RLI conclusions on relevant smallpox work in Russia-based military laboratories.”

  10. Incitadus

    Wow Kent RLI about as sophomoric as it gets, reminds me of the
    Creel commission. Are you a Russian asset? Am I Russian asset?
    How can you ever really be sure?

  11. Incidatus: “Are you a Russian asset? Am I Russian asset?
    How can you ever really be sure?”

    Well, never fear–the neocon/PC-Progs can help with those questions: Dissenters from the demands to expend American blood and treasure ($40 Billion for a war against Russia??!!) for foreign interventions are automatically Russian bots/agents/assets–Q.E.D.

    The Robert Lansing Institute (quoted above calling monkeypox a Russian operation) has also astutely (/sarc) identified Rand Paul as a “Russian foreign intelligence asset”–see link below.

    Clearly! According to RLI, Paul is obviously a “Russian foreign intelligence asset” because he blocked the Senate from backing the gang of corrupt intel community political operators’ assessment backing the corrupt FBI and special prosecutor persecution of Trump and company for the fraudulent “Russian election interference” charges.

    “Moscow gets foreign intelligence assets involved to block military aid to Ukraine”

    “That same month Paul blocked a Senate resolution that backed the intelligence community’s assessment of Russian election interference and that called on President Trump to speak with special counsel Robert Mueller.”

    And more “smoking guns!”

    Read it and weep:

  12. John R T

    Attn: C P B
    Cumberland Plateau sect, Primitive Baptists – ‘No Hellers’ – may welcome Francis.

  13. John R T

    Briggs: in re
    ‘… ignores history, cultures, the land, everything that distinguishes peoples.’
    T S Eliot, eighty years, ago, address before Norwegian Society [WW II UK]: celebrates international diversity. “Poets and Poetry”, TSE, 1954

  14. arthur Foyt

    The WHO did a terrible job with Covid 19.
    Let me guess, after failing on global scale they want more power?

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