Safety First! & School Shootings

Safety First! & School Shootings

Have we learned nothing? Don’t bother answering. It’s a rhetorical question, and a dreary one. After two years of panic and subjecting ourselves to “solutions” to solve a crisis invented by scientists, of course we have learned nothing, and likely will continue learning nothing at a rapider and rapider pace.

With another school shooting comes calls, not for solving the problems that cause the shootings, but calls for arming teachers, installing open armed guards, installing secret armed guards, of locking kids inside schools, of scanning all who enter and leave, of spying on kids once they’re locked inside, of screening all kids to see who might be a danger.

Hey, if it saves just one life—Safety First!

These two slogans are perfect encapsulations of our fear, and fear is the impetus to tyranny. Everybody knows this, but the pain caused by our fear is stronger than our need for liberty. Fear makes us stupid. No “He that findeth his life, shall lose it” for us. We demand protection!

Safety First! is based on a truth, but ends in a lie. The truth is that the “solutions” devised by Experts might save a life, and the absence of these “solutions” might lead to death or injury. And so they might. But these are trivial logical truths, they apply to any “solution” that can be imagined, and they say nothing about the likelihood of any of them.

The If It Saves One Life Fallacy is insane. It is insane because it gives no thought to the costs of maybe saving that one life. We may indeed save that one life, but at the expense of how many other lives, livelihoods, minds, souls? We never ask. It’s never considered. There are no costs not worth paying, no tyranny not worth enduring, for the promised chance of saving that one life.

In the end, the life may or may not be saved, but we are left with the tyranny of the “solutions”, even after the threat has passed. Ask your nearest TSA agent if this is true. That is, if you haven’t yet been entered on the “No Fly list” as a threat to “our” democracy.

It is a horrible, sickening truth that these kids were murdered. By, this time, a boy who was told by Experts he was a girl. Our reaction, which is proper, is that we must do anything we can to prevent more slaughterhouses like this, but while also sparing the feelings of those responsible for creating the situation, which is nuts.

We are like a doctor who is forbidden to treat the disease, or to even name it. We must only attend only to the symptoms, and prescribe a course of treatment that allows the disease to fester and increase.

Can you imagine—try!—a purple-haired gender-fluid let-me-tell-you-what-sex-acts-I-enjoy-most “educator” given a gun and told to “protect” the kiddies with it? Maybe her specialty is critical race theory, and her gun is in her desk. Which the students, who have been taught to hate each other, know.

Or maybe the worst happens and an attack happens at her school. Who’s she going to shoot? The kids? Herself? The floor? The answer is: none of the above. She forgot about the safety (that irony would be lost).

Or you, dad, can’t come in to the school right now. Not only did you forget your electronic school pass, which you must carry every time you come near school grounds. but today’s lesson is on what drugs to take to switch genders. And the teachers have determined you might be a threat.

Slippery slope, did you say? You mean how the woke promises something won’t happen, just before demanding it does?

Giving in to fear, and not attacking the root causes, would only strengthen the State’s case that it, with its army of Experts, knows what’s best for your children. The State’s children, really. It would lead to further federalization because of our demanding Equality. After all, why shouldn’t the State take full responsibility from birth to raise kids according to the very best scientific formulas? These kids won’t be “racists”! They won’t be sexual bigots!

Never mind that, because once guns are removed from citizens and can only legally be found in the hands of regime employees, we can be sure the kids will be kept perfectly safe in the armed, guarded, sealed enclaves!

Well, unless the attacker uses knives, like they do in merrie olde England. And don’t forget the police have their own Safety First! protocols to follow. They wouldn’t want any of themselves to get hurt. And the murderer has rights too, you know.

Now I don’t want the causes to get lost. Our regular contributor physician Robert Yoho has article on some of these root causes: “Antidepressants are the root cause of mass shootings“. These drugs are given to kids, among others, who are told they are the “wrong” sex.

Here are some snippet’s from Yoho’s article, which you should read:

David Carmichael took Paxil for two periods of several months each and felt suicidal each time. His doctor advised him that increasing his dose would decrease his stress. When he did, he went from suicidal to homicidal and killed his 11-year-old son… has about 5000 first-hand news stories about situations like these….

“Prozac is not addictive,” according to the package label written by the manufacturer. True, there are no opioid-type withdrawals. However, after discontinuation, severe anxiety and depression are common. Other issues include suicide, feeling “electric shocks,” and tardive dyskinesia (TD), which is often manifest by continuous mouth movements. The drug companies claim most of this is because of the depressed state itself, rather than medication effects…

SSRIs cause substantial harm. A 2017 literature review of randomized controlled trials in Frontiers in Psychiatry said these drugs are ineffective and damaging. It linked them to osteoporosis and movement disorders, including akathisia and tardive dyskinesia. They may double the risks of miscarriage and congenital disabilities. But physicians use them off-label for pregnant women and during breastfeeding. Expectant mothers get severe withdrawal symptoms just like anyone else….

In the first nine years of Prozac’s use, between 1988 and 1996, there were 39,000 FDA complaints, a record for any drug. This included reports of suicide, psychosis, abnormal thinking, and sexual dysfunction. Many patients taking the medication have sexual difficulties, are “emotionally numb,” and have “reduced positive feelings.” In October 2004, the FDA introduced a written warning about suicide in children and adolescents treated with SSRIs. The agency extended this in 2006 to include young adults up to age 25.

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  1. JDaveF

    OMG! OMG! OMG! Psychotropic drugs are prescribed to folks who are mentally, ill – so it MUST be the drugs making them mentally ill! OMG!!!

  2. David L Walker

    I thought the shooter being a boy\girl had been debunked? Mistaken identity from an internet posting.
    Has his sex confusion been verified?

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    First they make the problems and then they demand “solutions” that increase their power. The solutions make new problems which also require solutions that increase their power. The people are kept in a state of fear and confusion by ever multiplying problems hysterically trumpeted in their media. End result — they get more money and power while the people are impoverished and enslaved. That’s their shitty little scam.

  4. Rich

    This report, “The Mortality Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Particulate Air Pollution in the United Kingdom” produced by the “Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants” contains this remark:

    “As everyone dies eventually no lives are ever saved [by reducing environmental exposures]”

    A sobering thought.

    (Search for COMEAP to find the report if you’re interested)

  5. Mary

    Perhaps requiring background checks and mental health assessments before one is allowed to purchase a gun would be a step in the right direction?

  6. Leonard

    Remember when people were depressed or agitated they would have a cigarette? Soothed the brain with side effects being lung issues. Now cigarettes are bad mmmkay, so instead these people are encouraged to get chill pills through insurance which don’t necessarily soothe the brain but the side effects can be denied since they are only mental and not physical. I had one friend that was prescribed an SSRI to help him quit smoking. He quit smoking, but he’s been in and out of rehab since. When I suggested the SSRI could be a contributing factor to his relapses and that a second opinion should be considered, he and his wife stopped talking to me.

    I am not mad at them. I’m disgusted with the propaganda that gets shoveled onto and repeated by so-called health care professionals. I don’t wish for a return to the days of state-run mental hospitals, so much of the issue then and now is government interference in simplified one-size-fits-all solutions by public health quacks.

  7. David L Walker

    Background checks are already required.
    Would you really trust mental health checks done by a community that OKs transgenderism?
    If you would why?

  8. Cary Cotterman

    Guns and ammunition of all types can be obtained illegally with moderate effort. Psychos, terrorists, and criminals already ignore the laws prohibiting murder. All the gun laws of a Democrat’s wet dreams could be passed, and psychos, terrorists, and criminals would just keep on doing what they do. The problem lies elsewhere, very likely in the drugs children, especially boys, are routinely given, and the bizarre way they are raised and schooled today.

  9. Incitadus

    You can’t fix stupid with more gun laws why were the doors left open as is the
    case in almost every one of these tragedies? A single point of entry with an
    adequately armed ‘resource officer’ at all times would have prevented all of this.
    Apparently the one at Uvalde was off driving around in his cowboy hat. Classrooms
    should also be locked while in session.

    We then have the 19 officers standing around in the hall for 40 minutes until the
    shooting died down waiting for a key to the classroom where the shooting was
    taking place. It obviously could have been locked and perhaps prevented or mitigated
    the entire situation.. Too simple for stupid I guess. Crowd stupidity has been iterated
    and emphasized in every Hollywood film and television production since the 1940’s.
    It’s a learned behavior and it’s not accidental. Now we can clearly see it is universal
    and works with pandemics, wars of opportunity, and school shootings.

  10. I tried to get across accurate information about the effects of SSRIs (published ‘respectably’, hidden in plain sight) for about 20 years – having heard of such matters early due to my friendship with David Healy – – but it was futile.

    Psychiatry is almost-completely corrupt, and nearly-all psychiatrists will believe/ disbelieve anything that is professionally expedient – ie what the bureaucracy and Big Pharma tell them.

    And the public will always believe the psychiatrists.

    Self diagnosis, treatment, monitoring is the best hope – although the scope is somewhat limited:

    Meanwhile, the biggest breakthrough in the treatment of severe suicidal/ hospital/ endogenous/ psychotic depression for many decades happened in 2000 – ie. ketamine infusion – and has been all-but ignored. Old drug, not patented, no profits – you see.

  11. Incitadus

    Well God bless you too C-Marie! I used to live in Virginia a state now partially
    contaminated by the overflow of blue sludge effluent from DC. You gotta love
    Winsome she demonstrates there’s still a strong rational core left in the state
    along with your governor.

  12. C-Marie

    Thank you!! Everyone needs blessings!!! I sort of wish that I did live in Virginia now with Governor Youngkin and Lieutenant-Governor Sears! The goodness that they are supporting for their state is beautiful … and for the children!!! My thanks to Fox News and to Bo Snerdley for keeping us updated!!

    God has us living elsewhere, for now.

    God bless, C-Marie

  13. Johnno

    Everything shall be as the WEF wants it.

    Herr Justine Trudy up in Canada also suddenly woke up one morning and hath declared that Canadians shalt not possess any handguns whatsoever… and nothing at all even happened here!


    Maybe Klaus is ahead of the game, ensuring that we are all disarmed right before the food shortaged really hit!

    Did the elites ever say that the ‘solutions’ are to help us? Or to help them “help” us? Our leaders need a full stomach to work, after all, everything they do is oh so important!

  14. arthur Foyt

    Background checks, gun permits, gun age requirements, gun-free zones, etc have all done nothing to “stop crime”. We need to repeal laws that have proven to NOT WORK. Only when bad solutions are repealed should we propose new “solutions”.

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