How Saying “Food Production Battered By Climate Change” Illustrates The Corruption Of The American Regime

How Saying “Food Production Battered By Climate Change” Illustrates The Corruption Of The American Regime

In an interview with Ed Luttwak, who is always worth listening to, he being one of those rare souls that crop up in history who seem to know everybody important, his interviewer for The Tablet said this about the once United States:

When I look at the United States from the outside, as an America-loving outsider, I see a country in the throes of one of those periodic implosions that are not entirely legible to non-Americans. You have manias about race. Manias about gender identity. You have the willful disaggregation of universities and other institutions under the banner of wokeness, which is a doctrine of blind obedience to a party line established by people who are 95% illiterate and can’t remember what they decreed last week. Policy is a product of hardened dogma, and therefore inevitably fails. Gas prices are crazy. Nearly 50% of children in urban school systems have basically just stopped going to school.

And you have a so-called elite that spits hysterical contempt for the people in whose name they ostensibly rule, denouncing them as a pack of racist, sexist, white supremacist, transphobic, gun-toting disease-spreaders who will hopefully soon die out and be replaced by a more obedient class of servants. I guess it’s not surprising that the American aristocracy is pretty much the worst aristocracy on Earth—bad manners, bad taste, bad art, hostile to religion and the popular arts. Their concept of largesse is to establish a foundation to combat climate change by instructing the yokels not to eat meat. The last aristocracy that showed this kind of contempt for its own people and popular folkways was the French in the days of Marie Antoinette.

Parenthetically, he ended that fine accurate rousing summary with this answer to a question many of us have: “So far as I can tell, the person who is in charge of the main parameters of U.S. government policy commutes between his mansion in Kalorama and his mansion in Hawaii, on his way to becoming a billionaire. But it is forbidden to speak of him.”

Now let’s focus on the assessment itself. It is accurate. But incomplete. For he left out the regime’s astonishing habit of elevating midwits, the ignorant, and the unteachable into command positions. Behavior which itself is a symptom of their lying. They lie about everything, and constantly.

Take this example from Time magazine:

“‘The world’s food systems are being battered on three fronts: suffocated by climate change, shaken by the COVID-19 earthquake, and suffering from the cyclone of war,’ writes Lawrence Haddad.”

They now tell open obvious outright ostentatious lies, really quite stupid lies, lies not even half as clever as a kid explaining his didn’t take the cookie.

And they expect us to believe them. Rather, they expect us not to dispute them, to go along with them. They use these lies as diagnostic tests. “Look at Smith over there. He nodded when we said the world’s food system is battered by climate change. He is one of us.”

He is, too. One of them.

I grant that this Haddad himself may be one of the army of midwits employed to do the regime’s dirty work. He might in his soul believe, really believe, that food systems are “battered” by “climate change”, even though food production is up everywhere (plants eat CO2), and he might really believe coronadoom crippled the economy, even though it was foolish harmful government “hardened dogma” on coronadoom that did it. The only thing he’s close to being right on is the needless war, initiated by the regime when it stupidly installed a puppet government in Ukraine.

So Haddad might be a believer akin to, say, an academic. But the people above him know everything he said was ridiculous. This is why they chose to promote him, and promote the thousands of other Haddads who plague regime-approved “content.”

But maybe I am wrong, or at least too optimistic. Maybe our rulers are just as stupid as they appear to be. Like John Kerry rejecting the necessity of new drilling. Because “climate change”. How frightening to think he really does believe this!

Still, I think The Tablet interviewer is closer to the mark. When we consider it’s not only “climate change”, but money and the economy, race, health, education, sexuality, right and wrong, the law, and on and on for so long you’d grow weary reading the list.

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  1. Robin

    These perpetrators are not the foreign powers who are behind the multitude of destructive movements. The perpetrators are the traitorous American citizens who aid and abet these hostile foreign entities for a few shekels.

    These traitors can be found in the highest offices of the land, in the highest levels of corporations and in all three branches of the federal government. DC is full of them.

  2. Jerry

    After I read the news, a habit I’m trying to break, I sit and wonder if the government is stupid, inept, or evil. I think it’s all 3.
    At least the stupidity part gives me hope….hope that one day they will be so stupid that they will end up destroying themselves.
    You can already see an example of this with the “Pride” parades and Drag Queen focus. It’s like a runaway truck going down a steep grade with no emergency exit ramp – evolved into sheer sexual debauchery. Little boys saying “poop!” and giggling at their naughtiness.

  3. Aaron Glover

    I always chuckle when I hear of the Peter Principle in action

  4. Johnno

    Jerry, consider adding in that some of the group are either entirely possessed by or at least under the influence of fallen angelic intelligences and with preternatural protection allowed under the wrath of God that leaves us to our own devices.

    Of course they will get very far with their plans. But inevitability, ultimate self-destruction is always the final layer of icing on the cake recipe.

  5. Incitadus

    The biggest joke to date is that Putin is fighting the NWO amazing there
    are people that still cling to this fiction. Domestic populations worldwide are
    being gutted it’s like WW1 all over again with the spice of nuclear annihilation
    thrown in. Always a useful tool to extract wealth and compliance. What’s being
    done to Ukraine is exactly what was done to Syria but how quickly we forget. It’s
    the theory of endless tension for the consolidation of power playing out. The less
    sense it makes the better.

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Okay, so you planted a garden, even got some chickens, laid up provisions in the root cellar, and oiled your guns and axes. You’re ready, right? Maybe. But maybe you need to learn how to make a fire with a bow drill. Maybe you should study how to knap flint into arrowheads, and make arrows and an injun-style bow, then practice until you can take down a deer at 200 paces. Make yourself buckskin clothes, and red war paint out of bear grease and hematite. Could be useful skills. Who knows how low the crash will go?

  7. John Pate

    Georgia Guidestones.

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”Don’t forget the chainsaw Hagfish….”

    Chainsaw? When the parts run out you’ll be glad to know how to knap a hand axe from a chunk of flint.

    Think Stone Age Stupid.

  9. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Speaking of Stone Age Stupid — the Georgia Guidestones. If the dude behind that had only posted his manifesto as a paid ad in some newspaper it would have been rightfully dismissed and long forgotten. But the clever fellow had it chiseled in stone thereby assuring notoriety and publicity. Some enterprising dissidents should chisel a riposte in stone — the Michigan Guidestones:

    Be Fruitful & Multiply

    Vigorously Suppress Sin & Satan Worship

    Do Not Drink the Kool-Aid

    And so on…

  10. Kathleen

    They, even the highest of the overlords, are indeed pathetic minions and are midwits or worse.

    Their boss however possesses the entire package of angelic intelligence and advantages combined with thousands of years of data gathered through his personal experience.

    There really is no other explanation at this point for the extraordinary breadth and complexity of the war being waged against us by the overlords.

  11. JH

    The … the needless war, initiated by the regime when it stupidly installed a puppet government in Ukraine.

    What regime is it? The Trump regime (since Zelenskyy assumed office in 2019)?

    The food system is a complex web of activities involving the production, processing, transport, and consumption. Mr. Briggs, so, you think that no parts of the system have been affected economically by those three fronts?! Can’t tell you why, all I know is I have been eating less red meat.

    When you call other people stupid, it always reminds me of this episode. We are smart. You think we’re stupid, but we’re smart. He is smart. lol.

  12. Johnno

    What regime is it? The Trump regime (since Zelenskyy assumed office in 2019)?

    No stupid, the Obama one, which tried to “colour-revolution” their man in over Russia’s incumbent candidate, but ended up losing Ukraine to an actual violent neo-Nazi 3rd party coup d’etat, and then decided to make piss out of lemons by officially recognizing that non-democratically elected Nazi Svoboda band as the official government, telling the Ukranian people and their democracy to essentially go F themselves, and with Victoria Nuland literally saying that the E.U should go F itself for getting upset about it, cause we’re the great ‘Murica!

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