On Experts, The Dutch Nitrogen “Crisis”, Coronadoom & More! — Podcast

Trish Wood had me on her TNT Radio program on Saturday afternoon.

We spoke of the Dutch nitrogen “crisis”, global warming (now called “climate change”), the coronadoom, Experts and our Expertocracy, and in particular how these things come about.

Pardon the lack of a write up today. Busy few days here at the Great North Sanctuary. Many things coming due at once.

Here’s the Spotify preview for those who prefer it (I don’t have it).

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  1. Well, the science was wrong the first two times, but they’ve got that all straightened out now.

  2. I don’t believe China is involved.
    And when you suggest otherwise, I begin to think you are working for the Globalists.

  3. From dailywire.com:

    “Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top immunologist in the U.S., acknowledged on Tuesday that vaccines against COVID “don’t protect overly well” against infection but are still necessary.
    Fauci, who recently got the virus despite being vaccinated and boosted, told Fox News that the jabs are still important because they can keep people from getting severely ill.”

    God bless, C-Marie

  4. There are diary product surpluses throughout the developed world and have been going back decades. Most of the migrants from Africa and S.E. Asia are lactose intolerant, unlike ethnically Northern European peoples who are at below replacement fertility and are going away. Dairy is pretty much useless for migrants unless heavily processed and somehow forced on them. Plus a good proportion of the migrants don’t eat cow, goat is the most commonly eaten red meat in the world. Since, apparently, we’re going to be eating bugs in future then dairy really is useless. That’s why WEF doesn’t need the Dutch farmers any more.

  5. Is there a simple way to download the podcast?
    I don’t particularly like or trust Spotify, or Podbean.

  6. How do you feed 7 billion without fertilizer? Sri Lanka just recently run a study

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