“If Uncle Sam ever gets whipped, here, too, it will be an inside job.”

“If Uncle Sam ever gets whipped, here, too, it will be an inside job.”

I am on vacation for a few days. So I have a treat for you. This follows yesterday’s post. Paul Harvey reminding us of inescapable facts.

In which Harvey tells us hard men create good times, good times create soft men, soft men create bad times, bad times create hard men, and it all happens over and over.

“If Uncle Sam ever gets whipped, here, too, it will be an inside job.”

Just by turning left, the world has gone in circles. A nation would evolve from a monarchy into an oligarchy, from oligarchy to dictatorship, from dictatorship to bureaucracy, from bureaucracy to pure democracy, where finally the people would cry out from the chaos and confusion of the street Oh please, God, give us a king! And God would give them a king. And they’d have a monarchy again, and start the whole silly cycle anew.

Now either we will profit from the errors of their way. Or it follows as the night the day, our children are going to have to re-live the dark ages, all over again.

In this reckoning, we are now at he bureaucracy stage (Expertocracy), with the pure democracy—called a great evil by all great thinkers—shortly coming.

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  1. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Friday evening, time to put down your slide rules, briggers, and DANCE!

  2. C-Marie

    The recognition and acceptance of the Living God, by all, as the One true authority, would put a stop to all of this. For again, He says in Jeremiah: “AM I NOT GOD, THE LORD OF ALL THAT LIVES? HOW SHOULD ANY TASK BE TOO DIFFICULT FOR ME.”

    God bless, C-Marie

  3. John Moore

    Thank you for Harvey’s commentary. Fair winds and following seas, William.
    Blessings continue.

  4. Vermont Crank

    Proverbs 17 (On American Exceptionalism Expertism)

    [12] It is better to meet a bear robbed of her whelps, than a fool trusting in his own folly.

  5. spaceranger

    Hannah Arendt said something about bureaucracy being the end of government. I can’t find the exact quote.

  6. Ann Cherry

    Johnno, LOL on that first article you linked.

    “A performance of Beethoven has been axed after a British orchestra refused to back down to a US orchestra’s Covid mask demands. The Edinburgh Festival Chorus were due to perform Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony alongside the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Edinburgh International Festival.”

    “But the choir rejected the US orchestra’s calls to wear face masks while singing, meaning the event has been cancelled. As a result, the Philadelphia Orchestra will now perform Beethoven’s Fifth on August 25 because it doesn’t require a choir, organisers have said.”

    You just can’t make this stuff up! There’s no farce like Woke farce. The U.S. Woke-erati, the New Taliban, demand that a visiting choir, traveling all the way across the globe, SING A CONCERT while MASKED, because their breath would create dangerous “aerosols.” I’ll bet these crooners emit more C-O-two, too.

    Some acquaintances at church, a very nice young-middle aged couple, have decided to wear masks indoors, seemingly forever now, over their attractive faces. Black things lined with a white inner sub-mask. I guess we’ll never see their smiles again, indoors, but they’re protecting themselves, they think, from a deadly virus with a 99.98% survival rate, that is so mild for most people, they don’t even know they have it rather than a cold.

    In an effort to “stay safe and show they care”, they apparently forgot to do a risk-benefit analysis; but what information did they have to work with, anyway? I do know they get their news from the likes of the Washington Post; when I sent her a 3-minute video entitled “masks and vaping” wherein Dr. Ted Noel dons various masks and shows you where his breath goes (thru and around the masks), she responded “that video’s just propaganda, here’s a WaPo article that says masks protect from Covid. “

    So when ackshual science (Dr. Noel’s video-ed and highly repeatable experiment) is called a lie, and the Manson Media is called the truth, it’s probably an exercise in futility to continue the conversation. I probably won’t bother with further evidence, but it IS interesting to watch germ-phobes handle e-coli covered door handles, adjust their micro-plastic and graphene-embedded face burkas, and then breath their whole mask “germ-history” out on us all. Thanks for sharing.

    Masks are making a comeback with our modern Mengeles, because vexxines have been so disappointing; stay tuned for mRNA-type nasal sprays to accompany the face diapers and other exercises in obedience. Moooo-ooo-ooo. Now go put a cork in it, and a mask on top of that, you…..you….Emitters!

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