Self Hating Whites The Cause Of Much Grief

Self Hating Whites The Cause Of Much Grief

Here’s a series of fascinating statistics.

The FBI data—an agency which is not known for its willingness to tell uncomfortable truths—shows that blacks are about 10 times more violent than whites. There’s some year-to-year and geographic fluctuation and so forth, but whatever the precise number is, it is not small, and never has been. Indeed, the “gap” is only widening in favor of greater black violence. The situation is nowhere near Equality.

It is therefore pure fantasy to suggest Equality. What, then, is it that explains how white woke (a.k.a. liberals) believe whites are more violent than blacks?

Is it the same reason why white conservatives don’t rate the difference anywhere near Reality? Their trend is toward Equality, which is false. The trend is inverted. Why?

The next stat, similar to the first, is laziness. Same signal in the woke saying whites are lazier than blacks, and with conservatives saying the opposite, but with the trend toward Equality. Realizing the difficulty in measuring “laziness”, we’ll pass it by and move to the next item.

Once again, the conservatives trend toward Equality, and the woke say black superiority holds. Now that it truly interesting.

The question remains: how in the presence of abundant, and easy-to-discover information that is discordant to these answers, do people come to believe these things?

The author of the stats also wondered:

Something to consider is that the socially desirable ‘I don’t want to seem racist’ response here should, in theory, be just rating the groups equally on all traits. To go beyond that suggests genuine animosity (which would accord with trends in anti-white feeling thermometer scores)

And, for the woke, he thinks some of the signal is explained by “an attempt to proclaim their anti-racist bona fides–which, interestingly, now seems to require expressions of anti-whiteness.”

Conservatives aren’t known as being anti-white, though. Surely some are becoming more that way, but enough to show that trend? Plus, the same author has some (albeit not strong) data on anti-white feeling:

A slight uptick in anti-whiteness by conservatives at the very end, but an uptick within the given uncertainty. Really not much change for both conservatives and moderates. Huge increases in white hatred among the woke, which is of course no surprise.

We’ll come to the woke in a moment. But this data, if accurate, means something besides animus must explain conservative and moderate opinion trends toward Equality.

It is, as the author suggests, in part surely a desire to prove oneself is not “racist”, even if it’s just signaling to an unknown poll taker. And what is a “racist”? All evidence says it’s someone not sufficiently despairing of whites. Blacks, for instance, can’t be “racist”, we are told, regardless of their behavior toward any person not of their race.

This definition of “racist” is confirmed by those signs which read “It’s Okay To Be White”, which were met with howls and outrage and shrieks of panic by the woke. In spite of them being unable to articulate precisely why the words were “racist”.

Another portion of the explanation would be Equality itself. Relentless propaganda, from birth to death, that Equality is the true state of the world, a utopia only held back by “racism” and other isms and phobias. Theory above Reality. Or, rather, people answer to what Theory demands, because Equality is “really” there, but masked.

Some of this explains woke answers, too. But, like the author says, it can’t be a complete explanation. Active hostility must be there, as we see.

The funny thing about it, given whites are still a majority, and as all experience already proves to us, this animosity must be itself largely from whites. Whites hating other whites. Self-hating whites. Whites believing themselves both irredeemably evil because they are white, but simultaneously granting themselves a kind of sainthood for recognizing their whiteness and condemning it.

This is not sane.

It is just this side of complete lunacy, though, because these self-hating whites have not yet done away with themselves, as their beliefs demand. Instead, they seem to believe that if they think hard enough about their evil whiteness, the evil of it passes into a deplorable, which is a white who does not condemn himself for being white.

The woke, though, to cleanse themselves from the original sin of whiteness are happy to consider eliminating deplorables.

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  1. imnobody00

    Most people are herd animals. They told them that the paramount of virtue is to hate whites. So they hate whites a) to feel virtuous b) to be seen as virtuous (virtue signaling) and c) to get some perks (this is only a minority).

    Who told them this? A complete unrelenting propaganda coming from mass media and social media (which only repeats the messages initiated by mass media). Who drives this campaign? Which ethnic group controls the media, has historical grievances against whites and prefers a multiethnic society?

    Having said that, this explain what they say, but not what they feel. The intense hatred you see in some of them requires additional explanation.

    Most of the woke are broken people. They were fed a overdose of “You can do it! You will have it all! The sky is the limit!” when they were were young. It is the consequence of the self-esteem movement created by Carl Rogers, which is pervasive in Western society. Then they are given bad progressive advice (“You go, girl! Get laid with everyone you want! It is fun! Don’t be square!”). As a result, their lives end up being a failure. Who are going to blame? Themselves? The progressive ideology? This is painful and requires introspection, which they don’t have.

    It is better to find a scapegoat and put the blame on it for their lives’ failures. You have failed because of the patriarchy, because of men, because of whites, because of these conservatives, etc. Then they channel the frustration of their failed lives into hatred for these scapegoats. This is psychological rewarding: a catharsis that helps them cope with this frustration.

  2. Robin

    Everything is topsy-turvy. War against normality and tradition on all levels. If you want to destroy a country, you must destroy their culture. If you want to destroy their culture, you must destroy their history and traditions. America is well down that path.

    The vex; now you’re either monovalent or bivalent. Mono is bad; Bi is good. Get it? Everywhere one turns the messages corrupt the psyche. Subliminal, overt, ubiquitous.

    When the amyloids and prions (there is no safe dose of prions) from the mass vexination start crossing blood brain barriers, the resulting wave of impulse control disorders will be shocking. Hell is coming.

  3. imnobody00

    “You have failed because of the patriarchy, because of men, because of whites, because of these conservatives, etc.”

    It is the left who chooses the scapegoats so all this process favors the left, who uses it to fight their enemies.

  4. “because these self-hating whites have not yet done away with themselves, as their beliefs demand.” In Jonestown they did (including mothers killing their own children – and if you don’t understand why you really should read Festinger (in the original, not the a*backwards version you get in the press and schools.)

  5. Vermont Crank

    There is a reason why Sam Francis called the Republicans The Stupid Party but he was not entirely correct.

    The Stupid Party is smart enough to be interested in preserving THEIR jobs and perks and to hell with their voters whom the Stupid Party thinks will vote for them anyways.

    Yeah, they will vote for the GOP because voters believe it when they are told the upcoming election is the most important election in history – just like the previous 15 national elections.

    Why They Hate Us
    by Joseph Sobran

    Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western
    exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western
    power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’tconscious of it. And superiority excites envy.

    Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call ‘minorities.’

    From Sobran’s Newsletter, April 1997

  6. Forbes

    While not denying the trends Goldberg identifies, I think polling/opinion surveys are less reflective of reality because most people are now influenced by a social conformity performance due to practices widespread on social media.

    I dropped Facebook a long time ago, so my “social media” presence is limited to commenting on websites such as Briggs. Nonetheless, I occasionally hear, in face-to-face conversations, things that I “cannot say” by people I know. We live in society that practices overt censorship, I think, because one’s bona fides are demonstrated by a conforming performance. This includes expressing the “right” opinions on many topics–climate, Covid, Ukraine, election integrity, pronouns, et cetera, etc.

    As I’ve long remarked, “the Left loves diversity, they demand conformity.” Much of that conformity is performative, rote, pro forma. And as people merely go though the motions, they give the question little thought–they’ve outsourced thinking–so conformity is easier than would be if struggling with their conscience.

    I believe what they actually think is harder to discern because polling and surveys acquire guarded responses–are they private, anonymous, or is it a public statement subject to scrutiny.

  7. Milton Hathaway

    Self-hating whites? I’m not convinced. These same people who supposedly hate themselves then immediately turn around and and demand that their student loans be forgiven. Wouldn’t a truly self-loathing white want these loan forgiveness dollars spent on racial equity? I suspect that none of the whites interviewed in the survey were thinking of themselves, though – it’s all the other whites who are bad.

    Re student loan forgiveness, this analogy seems to be making the rounds in the lib/dem circles, presented as a perfect example of “Republican logic”:

    “Jesus’s miracle of the loaves and fishes was a slap in the face to all the people who brought their own lunch.”

    I had a boss at my first job out of school who’s logical reasoning seemingly consisted entirely of analogies. He would argue that we should take some action X, supporting this with one of his analogies. Uncertain how to deal with someone who thought this way, my first approach was was to come up with my own analogy where X led to failure, which was always easy to do, as vaguely relevant analogies are a limitless resource. This aggravated my boss no end, and was clearly not a productive way for me to interact with him; he would counter my counter-analogy with his own counter-counter analogy, and we rapidly descended into a strange rabbit-hole. I ended up spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to deal with people who so thoroughly immerse themselves in analogies.

    I finally decided that when someone uses an analogy to prove a point, they are giving you valuable information into their thought process, and in particular, valuable insight into the limitations of their thinking. With the problem boss, I could then re-cast my doubts into humble questions aimed at pushing at these limitations. This was no magic bullet, though – ultimately when your boss is intent on doing something that seems dumb, your options are limited.

    Back to the loaves and fishes analogy, this insight here for me is that the dems view government as an omnipotent deity, capable of performing miracles, producing something of value from nothing. Explains a lot.

  8. Exactly. “Progessives” have their god in government. If not all, most left folk accept that at some level. Me, I believe in God, He That Is; and thus governments are a necessary evil because humans are evil. Accepting that, all governments should be strictly limited. Plus, if I am remembering that story correctly, the crowd didn’t bring their own lunch. The disciples collected what they had and He multiplied it. A miracle, indeed.

  9. GRA

    @ imnobody00: I think most of those who are Woke tend to be more insecure, more sensitive (as in their feelings more easily hurt) and just plain naive than the average person. It’s one think to be Woke in university, or be Woke in a relatively insular community (i.e tv & film industry, theater), but to carry that Wokeness well into your twenties and thirties working in the real world speaks to a deeper psychological issue. That’s not normal by any means.

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