The Dutch Nitrogen “Crisis” Explained — Jaap Hanekamp Interview

The Dutch Nitrogen “Crisis” Explained — Jaap Hanekamp Interview

Jaap Hanekamp and I discuss the Dutch nitrogen “crisis.”

Farmers in the Netherlands are unhappy with government wanting to shut them down or reduce their operations, because of a supposed plague of nitrogen.

The “crisis” is, however, completely model driven. First by the Curse of the Wee P, and second by Lack of Skill.

Jaap and I have been involved in this “crisis” for many years, publishing often on how over-certainty there is and about bad models.

Give a listen and find out why the government is wrong and we are right.


You may also watch at YouTube.

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  1. Ann Cherry

    That was an interesting interview, Matt.

    Cui bono? Who is funding these bogus nitrogen studies? Who benefits? Bill Gates, of course, with his vile “alternative protein industry”, in what they are calling “opportunity through substitution”:

    “Bill Gates and the Dutch Minister for Nitrogen just partnered in a major food retail company –”

    The Dutch Nitrogen Crisis – FAIRR

    “Alternative Protein– An Opportunity through Substitution”

    “This proposal by the Dutch government has opened the potential for alternative proteins to fill the production gap. The government is becoming increasingly optimistic about the role that alternative protein could play in the future of protein production. The nitrogen crisis should, therefore, be seen as an opportunity for investors to encourage Dutch meat producers to shift production. This can help the Netherlands transition to a sustainable food production system, mitigate some of the risks that stem from regulation, and protect the environmental ecosystem……”

    “The government has failed to release any details on the just transition or about supporting farmers financially. This policy shift is an opportunity for the government to capitalise on the benefits presented through alternative proteins, as well as support farmers forced out of the market to transition to alternative protein production. Investors should be prepared for greater environmental regulation of the animal protein industry, and an increase in the production of more protein alternatives.”

  2. John B()

    “Alternative Protein– An Opportunity through Substitution”

    Two words need to be spoken: SOYLENT GREEN

  3. Incitadus

    As usual they’re five steps ahead of you they’re sanctioning the
    largest nitrogen fertilizer producing country in the world and the
    natural gas from which it’s made. The Netherlands is a minor
    sideshow compared to the genocidal sequela the war will unleash.
    The calculus in its simplest terms is less food = less people. Good
    work on the statistical minutia of the WEF nitrogen scam. Nitrogen
    fertilizer has allowed the world population to double and triple
    in the last hundred years and must be stopped.

    Cometh the Horsemen: Pandemic, Famine, War | Michael Yon | #274

  4. Uncle Mike

    It’s a hoax/scam/fraud. The purpose is to steal land. All the shiny discourse about which cup has the pea misses the point — and of course loses. Really folks, will the condos they hope to build in former cow pastures be better for “biodiversity”?

    No offense to you and Jaap I hope.

    Eurotrash are instigating another world war. The Dutch are collaborator nutballs. They will harvest the wind, again, only this time the fascism will be homegrown. Model WWIII, dummkopfs, before you eat sh*t and die.

  5. Kip Hansen

    Unheated attic? Repurposed garage? Fancy digs, in any case?

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    In the David Lynch movie, Blue Velvet, the villain, Frank Booth, (Dennis Hopper, playing himself) is shown huffing some mysterious gas that jacks him up to committing heinous crimes. That gas is nitrogen. Nitrogen is the satanic element that is making everyone crazy — what’s the main element in batshit? — Q.E.D.! The Overlords are just trying to keep us safe by banning nitrogen. And that is merely the opening act to wiping out the most demonic element of all, oxygen.

  7. Russell Haley

    A rather undisciplined discussion. I am very interested to know what kind of slight-of-hand they are using to destroy food supplies. It isn’t entirely clear what “science” they are using to force a lowering of nitrogen, other than it’s produced by this horrid model you speak of.

  8. Ann Cherry

    Russell, if you google “why is nitrogen bad for the environment” you will get many articles explaining the “science”, and it’s appropriate to use quotation marks. For one thing, nitrogen fertilizer run-off can, in some cases, lead to algae blooms and so forth.

    This is the same nitrogen that’s more than quadrupled crop production and saved millions of people from dying of starvation, as they used to do in the good ol’ days during droughts and famines, and still do today (but always “somewhere else” as we’ve come to think we’re immune).

    These anti-nitrogen articles are along the same lines as the ones explaining why CO2 is “bad for the environment” even though it increases plant growth. These articles accentuate the negative and eliminate the positive, so that policy makers will move things in the direction desired by the people funding the studies and articles.

    Cows, sheep, and goats are in their cross-hairs because METHANE emissions, in addition to the nitrogen in their copious dung; hence, we now know that back when millions of buffalo roamed the plains, they were destroying the planet! So when whitey slaughtered most of them for their skins, he was doing the “indigenous peoples” a favor, just like our Dutch “Minister of Nitrogen” is doing all the little people a favor by taking out and eventually taking over, their farmland. It’s for their own good, and if some people in the third world starve because of reduced imports, so be it: they are environmental martyrs.

    They are trying to combine anti-nitrogen with anti-methane and anti-CO2, which means anti-plant, anti-human, and anti-animal. It is all the same sleight-of-hand, as you say, with the double-plus goal of reducing the human population, and making them rich from forcing processed “alternative proteins” on the unwashed masses, while they dine on Kobe beef.

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