Edgehogs Take Hollywood

A mini Mr T, a fortune teller, Darth Vader, a shirtless, scarf-wearing fan of tight ends and more highlight Emily’s Week 2 NFL picks. Head over to Edgehogs and make your own and see if you can beat her.

Yes, Emily really does create her own analysis and actually makes her own picks. And those folks in the video are raw, authentic Hollywood denizens.

It’s about one to two more weeks until some main features come on line, so keep checking back. We would have held back the site until these were in, but we wanted to be ready for the NFL and (pro) NCAA football seasons.

My NFL X-Rating is 45.9, which isn’t that hot; below average, even. This could be because I haven’t seen a full game in over a decade. My picking strategy is to choose the team that is placed in a city in which I would rather live. Thus, in the Green Bay versus Carolina, I opted for warmer weather.

There is a new tutorial video also up: check it out.


  1. Speed

    Proprietary Algorithm. Oh my!

    You may be interested in this …
    Our latest Freakonomics Radio podcast, “The Folly of Prediction,” is built around the premise that humans love to predict the future, but are generally terrible at it.

  2. Whew! So that explains your rating. Thought for awhile there you might have been picking ’em based on the cuteness factor of their uniforms.:-)

  3. DAV

    Eeenie-meenie … So, I take it then you would rather live in Pittsburgh than in Baltimore? Or is that another Matt Briggs on the tutorial board @ 0:43?

  4. The “confidence setting” feature may need clarification. In week 2 I picked eleven out of sixteen NFL games but ended up with a lower rating than what I started with, which seems a little counter-intuitive. Apparently the answer is to be bold and go for it, so what good does the slider do?

  5. Briggs


    Email me your user name and I’ll look into it. One possible answer is the 5 games you missed were for long shots, and the 11 you got right were closer to sure things.

  6. MFerrin

    The edgehogs chicks are foxes. As I. Berlin might have said.

  7. MFerrin

    I’ve been making picks, and my X-rating’s at 46. Predicting is hard, etc.
    Wondering/intrigued about what the site is going to become.

  8. Peregrine John

    Huh. Must be lower case. Mr. t.

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