“More to review from the Biden team” — Open Thread

“More to review from the Biden team” — Open Thread

Special Saturday post.

I am delighted to say that I had guessed wrong about Musk. I had thought he’d never fight the Regime in any serious way. Very happy about my cynical mistake.

Remember: Official Disinformation requires necessarily there to be Official Truths, and an agency or agencies tasked with creating, promulgating, and policing those Official Truths. That agency is the frighteningly named Department of Homeland Security.

And, as predicted and observed, the Regime had to work with Big Tech in this regard. It becomes so usual that, as we see in Taibbi’s thread, Big Tech begins to anticipate what it might be asked to do. They do so willingly and eagerly.

The Twitter story is fascinating, with much to discuss. But the real question is how NPR listeners (mostly academics and Experts) are going to take it (note the date).

Big question is how propagandists will spin this. They have many tools: Attacking the messenger, ignoring it, downplaying it, claiming it was “bipartisan” censorship. What do you think we be the biggest?

Of course, nothing much will change because of this. The Regime won’t admit error, Biden will toddle along reading his teleprompters, propagandists won’t lose their jobs. But maybe a normie or two will admit he was wrong.

More is coming later today, Taibbi said.

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  1. “Big question is how propagandists will spin this. They have many tools: Attacking the messenger, ignoring it, downplaying it, claiming it was “bipartisan” censorship. What do you think we be the biggest?”

    PC-Prog influence operators have a formula. It was developed by professionals a century ago. They have stuck to the formula since then–with spectacular results. When their crimes and conspiracies are revealed, they…

    ANDEMCA = Admit Nothing. Deny Everything. Make Counter-Accusations

    So–for the latest exposure of their anti-constitutional crimes and conspiracies, they’ll respond according to the formula. There is a long menu of variations of non-admissions and denials–from pretending the issue does not exist, to addressing the issue tangentially but ignoring the main truths, and lots of variations in between. Gaslighting is a good umbrella term for their coming reactions.

    But their main weapon to obfuscate their crimes is counter-accusation. These actions include “Wag the Dog,” smoke-screen, distraction, diversion. The common factor is to provide stories for the PC-Prog Media/Hollywood/Academia (and now captive “justice” system) factories to fan flames of outrage against the enemies of PC-Prog.

    Get ready for:
    Trump to be investigated deeper/indicted/arrested. Allegations/charges/investigations of racism/sexism/homophobia/etc. against a wide range of non-PC-Prog targets: celebrities, politicians, normal Americans, and others.

    Get ready, too, for neocons to join in with the PC-Progs in this ANDEMCA operation. Pence, DeSantis, Romney, and the rest of the fake “conservatives” will support the PC-Prog destruction of the 1st Amendment because of “national security,” “anti-semitism,” “anti-racism,” and other DIE tropes.

    Don’t be surprised if there is a sudden consensus that immediate American military action in Ukraine (or some other shithole country) is imperative, maybe even a declaration of war.

    Or, maybe just a plain vanilla Emergency will do the trick: Flu? Monkeypox? White supremacism? A mass shooting? Terrorism? Anything that they can spin as an immediate existential threat to lock-down and restrict citizens.

  2. “Security,” especially in the formulation “national security,” is the killer concept of our time. It can be used to justify any incursion on our rights…and it has been. Yet no one who avers that “it’s a matter of national security” is ever compelled to face the question “What do you mean by that?” High time, I’d say.

  3. McChuck

    “National security” now means “Democrat regime security”.
    With everything that implies.
    The USA has finally, after decades of concerted effort, achieved third world status.

  4. Jerry

    This is great, and yes I admit I was surprised he released the information.

    But… I am used to the videos of Republicans “exposing” and “destroying” libs and deep staters in various hearings and such, that are never followed by any consequences at all.

    Will there be real consequences? Seems to me that Democrats have learned that there never are, and so we see them being more brazen every day. Show me a meaningful consequence please.

  5. awildgoose

    Based on the last two-plus years, “public health,” has been an extremely effective and specific version of the, “security,” argument.

    If you believe the rumors, the next plandemic will rollout after Xiden signs the WHO treaty in 2023.

  6. yaddamaster

    so far it looks like they are choosing to ignore it. I’ve been scanning abcnews, cbsnews, nbcnews, cnn, fox, etc over the last 24 hours and only Fox and cbsnews has had any reference. And CBS is basically a whitewash on how it just shows the anguish they felt.

  7. Alfred Naujocks

    “whom to thank.”
    You’re welcome.

  8. Alfred Naujocks

    and anyone who still has CC funding is a glowie.
    We see you, Billyboy.

  9. Milton Hathaway

    I’m still pondering this Musk-Twitter stuff, and what it all means, and if it’s going anywhere (and why I should even care). I still firmly believe that the media are the puppet-masters and the politicians are merely the puppets, but I don’t know where Twitter falls on that spectrum, and what makes Twitter important somehow to the puppet community. And I don’t understand how that law (Section 230 of the CDA) somehow gave Twitter the keys to the censorship kingdom, as the wording of the law seems to have a very different purpose. People say “a private company can censor all it wants!”, so how does section 230 enter the picture?

    But underlying it all, for me, is that I still don’t “get” Twitter. I just spent way more time on Twitter than I’ve ever spent in one sitting, reading through the Taibbi Twittergate reveal, and I’m more confused than ever. I suppose my two biggest questions about how Twitter works are:

    1) What is different about Twitter, besides the apparent requirement to break up one’s writing into small chunks, than, say, a blog posting? How is this advantageous to the “tweeter”? Is it merely a bigger audience, or is there something more to it? Is it the gibberishy hyperlinks that supply some sort of magic?

    2) What is special about the people replying to the “tweeter”? I mean, there must be tens of thousands of people replying, how are the replies “chosen” to appear high enough in the list to be visible?

    You know what? Never mind. I can live a happy fulfilled life never understanding Twitter.

  10. PaulH

    I think the regime and its media will aggressively ignore these revelations. They will find and/or create new headline stories to serve as distractions, and the laptop story will fade into the background noise of history. (Or, so they hope!)

  11. DAA

    Bottlenecking: it gives the impression that you need Twitter or something like it to communicate with others. Never mind old fashioned letters or blog posts. This is addicting people to those networks and making believe that the issue of free-speech is all about social networks. Being lazy is the best that the diabolic get. In the Bible there is no talk of ideologies per se or about sophisticated science: there it is all about the heart of man. There you go: you are looking for a very complex solution and all you need is the old morals, dumped on the side because they are old and useless, “has been”. Realism is calling things according to their natures and not mistrusting our senses so much as has been the case since modern philosophy showed up. Let us not be sheep.

  12. Cary Cotterman

    Kent–you’re probably right on almost all counts, but DeSantis is a real conservative, probably THE real conservative of our time, and he would never support destruction of the First Amendment. Or maybe you’re referring to Bif DeSantis, or some other DeSantis I haven’t heard of yet.

  13. Cary Cotterman

    Milton Hathaway: I second your questions about Twitter. So, what’s such a big deal, that heads are exploding as if altering it in any way will usher in the end of civilization? I used to waste far too much time on Twitter. I quit cold a couple of months ago, and yet my life goes on. If I want to put my ideas out in the world (as if anyone’s interested), there’s email, Facebook, and numerous other electronic fora. I don’t see any meaningful difference other than, as you pointed out, the odd and seemingly pointless restriction Twitter imposes on the number of letters you can type. People act as though Twitter is life’s blood. They’re hysterical. I just don’t get it.

  14. DAA

    Cary: misdirection, that is what it is. Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes.

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