Why, Yes, The Regime Did Manipulate Coronadoom News & Had Critics Canceled

Why, Yes, The Regime Did Manipulate Coronadoom News & Had Critics Canceled

Have you been following the Twitter Files? About how the FBI, DHS, CIA and others worked with, and even ordered, Big Tech companies to kill, stomp on, crush ban shadowban and silence people who were telling unwanted truths about the election and the coronadoom?

And how those same Regime agencies supplied Official Truths for Big Tech to push?

Which Big Tech did, willingly?

Just as, and in the manner, we have been telling you all along?

Matt Taibbi has been reporting on the Big Tech—it wasn’t just Twitter, but all of them, as predicted—and its ties to (don’t laugh) intelligence agencies. Here’s a post on what’s been revealed to this date.

For, did you know, in order for their to be Official Disinformation, there must necessarily be Official Truths, and an agency or agencies in charge of creating, promulgating, and policing these?

And do you recall where you heard this before?

Well, yesterday was the Regime-Big Tech coronadoom connection. I’m delighted to tell you our worst fears were confirmed. Which you can read for yourself in this thread (or at this site):

Yes, I was one of those suppressed “ordinary users, including some sharing the CDC’s *own data*”. The CDC’s own data was often unwelcome. Especially when it contradicted the CDC’s public pronouncements.

Here’s a few of the juicier highlights.

“…both the Trump and Biden administrations directly pressed Twitter executives to moderate the platform’s pandemic content according to their wishes.”

“It wasn’t just Twitter. The meetings with the Trump White House were also attended by Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others.”

“When the Biden admin took over, one of their first meeting requests with Twitter executives was on Covid. The focus was on ‘anti-vaxxer accounts.'”

This was around the time, thanks to blog supporter Ann Cherry, I switched to spelling vaccine as “vex”, a useful word. And it helped, to some extent, in avoiding censors.

Not at YouTube, though. I had two videos there quashed.

…the Biden team was “very angry” that Twitter had not been more aggressive in deplatforming multiple accounts. They wanted Twitter to do more…

There were three serious problems with Twitter’s process:

First, much of the content moderation was conducted by bots, trained on machine learning and AI – impressive in their engineering, yet still too crude for such nuanced work.

Regular readers will recall I had guessed the use of bots—models!—to purge content and do “appeals.”

Even funnier: “Second, contractors, in places like the Philippines, also moderated content.”

Inevitably, dissident yet legitimate content was labeled as misinformation, and the accounts of doctors and others were suspended both for tweeting opinions and demonstrably true information….

But Kulldorff’s statement was an expert’s opinion—one which also happened to be in line with vaccine policies in numerous other countries. Yet it was deemed “false information” by Twitter moderators merely because it differed from CDC guidelines…

In my review of internal files, I found countless instances of tweets labeled as “misleading” or taken down entirely, sometimes triggering account suspensions, simply because they veered from CDC guidance or differed from establishment views.

Later we learn that rats ratting out truth posters were called “tattlers”. Which you have to laugh.

Ah, yes, this happened to me when I’d post about kids not needing the vex—using the CDC’s own data.

So. To all the nervous fretters, doubters, detractors, enemies, liars and other haters of truth: WE TOLD YOU SO.


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  1. El Koraco

    Crhistian Drosten says the pandemic is over.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Yes, the Regime lied, but only because they love us and want to keep us safe. Safe from our enemies. Enemies who conspire to get total power so they can loot and poison us. Enemies such as antivexxers. And Trumpers. And racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, white supremicist nazi fascists, republicans, democrats, independents, commies, libertardians, men, women, jigs, wigs, kikes, wops, spics, chinks, finks, dopes, dips, wigglers, wankers, whales, chimps, chucks, bucks, banks, cranks, crooks, creeps, dogs, cats, fat, skinny, high, low, and everything in between — you name it, all enemies ——> EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS OUR ENEMY!

    We’ll only be safe after everyone and everything is destroyed.

  3. awildgoose

    Drosten being the POS who devised the arbitrary diagnostic criteria scam they applied to the output of the PCR process to produce a, “positive,” diagnosis.

  4. Me too.

    But anger is one thing, action something else. This ( https://www.teaparty911.com/save-the-republic/ ) ran for over a year with exactly no takers. I’m Canadian but why aren’t Americans rioting about this stuff? Maybe you’re waiting for Brazil (!) just as we’re waiting for you?

    My telearb stuff is unpublishable (and not because it’s that badly written – worse is dirt common) and “deprecated” in search engines but remains the only cogent explanation of what’s going on I can find anywhere. and- fyi, that’s another scandal: logs show the google search engine reading stuff that then doesn’t show up in google searches.

  5. Vermont Crank


    …both the Trump and Biden administrations directly pressed Twitter executives to moderate the platform’s pandemic content according to their wishes.”

    “It wasn’t just Twitter. The meetings with the Trump White House were also attended by Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others.

    Abe Lincoln, who got his nickname, Honest Abe, for the same reason a 400 lb mobsters gets the nickname “Tiny” kilt America dead a long time ago and these “revelations” are just the rhetorical smell.

    But keep voting, it really makes a difference.

    I wonder if others are aware of us howe dead- DED- dead we are?

    The info have been out there a LONG time


    Men of a certain age (not me) really did think that lying bastid Walter Cronkite was trustworthy.

    I’m sure the seminaries of the God of Liberty (American public schools) told its sectaries about the warnings of Belloc, right?


  6. Johnno

    Ah yes, I’ve noticed the complete and total absence of regular herterics that used to come to Briggs combox to trumbone and womansplain to us that THE SCIENCE ™ was THE SCIENCE ™ conducted by reputable people of THE SCIENCE ™, why just look! They were on TELEVISION! Were you or I or Briggs on TELEVISION? Nobody who isn’t credible will ever get onto TELEVISION! The criticism will not be TELEVISED! No one who questions EXPERTS will ever be A STAR! Just look at my STAR, it is printed on my vexxine certificate!

    So where are those gloating idiots? Dead from a vexxine injury? They’d better be, because they must now cash the cheques that their mouth wrote where we get to parade them around like the stupid poxxed monkies that they are. Come out her you lab test monkies! Us conspiracy God-believing government-resisting WINNERS would like to make fun of you to your face! Yes, you may still keep your masks on as we gaffaw droplets upon they internally shrieking continence!

  7. Cary Cotterman

    Johnno–you seem to be confused about atheism. The only thing it entails is lack of belief in magical sky characters. It has nothing to do with covid mandate compliance or anything else ideological.

  8. Johnno

    Cary, you probably do not know who I’m referring to.

    For him it had practically everything to do with it, all part of that typical “only atheists know real science and believe in the Experts and the integrity of government and its fak-chekas, ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!” schtick, so take it up with him and his eagerly doubly vexxed condition.

    Not like it matters, that guy likely ain’t coming back…

    But you give me a call when the no-sky-guy club manages to set right the vocal majority of its membership that believes transexuality is real.

  9. l ron hubbard alias john b()


    Thanks for that link – I shared it with my group

    I tried very hard in my younger days to become an atheist

    I couldn’t make it make sense

    Did you notice the “Book of the Month”?

    FOOLED BY RANDOMNESS by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (The Black Swan).


    … the author tackles major intellectual issues related to the underestimation of the influence of happenstance on our lives.

    Only $150 (MAD would say CHEAP)

  10. stateless3

    My account on Tw*tter was permanently suspended when I pointed out the virus does not exist. There are many resources out there explaining what the virologists claim is viral isolation is nothing of the sort so I won’t even bother naming them. Just read ‘Virus Mania’. It’s still available on Amazon. The fact they only give you two options that it either came from a bat or a lab, should make any rational person suspicious.

  11. @Stateless3: Stay off our side.
    Just because they lie about most things, doesn’t mean they lie about everything.
    Virii exist. They are real. You could see pictures of them in textbooks back in the 1970’s. What do you think causes the cold and the flu? Bad air? Evil spirits? Witches? Curses? The evil eye?

  12. re: “But keep voting, it really makes a difference*.”

    Yes. LOOK who is sitting on the USSC compared to who could have been there if Rodham Clinton was elected …

    (YOU PEOPLE who say that * apparently DON’T THINK.)

  13. re: ” stateless3 ”

    Jello. I picture veritable quivering, formless ‘Jello’ when ‘stateless’ (as a condition) is mentioned … (stateless being neither liquid nor solid nor gaseous)

    PS. I had the Covid – it wasn’t ‘nothing’ for me either, and with multiple symptoms (low blood Oxygen, eventual mild case of Covid pneumonia, total recovery -as measured by physical performance as I am an avid bicyclist- on the order of months ) that matched with others description of their encounter with same, so, I wasn’t simply ‘diagnosed’ on the basis of a misleading ‘PCR” type test.

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