Nazis, Communists Now Support Occupy Wall Street

Mr Obama said this weekend that Martin Luther King “would want us to challenge the excesses of Wall Street” but perhaps MLK would not want us to “demonise” bankers, even though those “with power and privilege will often decry any call for change as divisive. They’ll say any challenge to the existing arrangements are unwise and destabilizing.”

The left-wing Washington Post noticed Mr Obama’s wink: “President Obama and his team have decided to turn public anger at Wall Street into a central tenet of their reelection strategy.”Communist Party Supports OWS

Nancy “Our Legislation Must Remain Secret” Pelosi said of the movement, “God bless them … it’s young, it’s spontaneous, it’s focused and it’s going to be effective.” That quote is actually a beautification of her real statement, which was as meandering and unfocused as OWS is. But did you notice her emphasis on “young”? Are the mature disbarred from making their views known? Or is it that only youthful ideas of directionless rebellion to be automatically celebrated?

Anyway, the good news is that the American National Socialists—i.e., the official Nazi party—have thrown their support in with the establishment and media. From their official statement:

After all – JUST WHO – are the WALL STREET BANKERS? The vast majority are JEWS – and the others are SPIRITUAL JEW materialists, who would sell their own mother’s gold teeth for a PROFIT. And MORE and MORE people are AWARE of this truth, are not only NOT afraid to TALK ABOUT IT – they’re shouting it on WALL STREET!

I urgently URGE all of you to TAKE PART and JOIN IN when these protests hit your neck of the woods. Produce some flyers EXPLAINING the “JEW BANKER” influence – DON’T wear anything marking you as an “evil racist” – and GET OUT THERE and SPREAD the WORD! Put as a “contact point” on your literature, our address – it won’t immediately “scare off” some of these scaredy-cats for even looking at our FACTS – for FACTS they ARE!

Note the sly use of capitalization.

Even though the author’s contact with sanity is dubious, he did get one fact perfectly correct: lots of people are “shouting” about the Jews and bankers.

It’s become so blatant that even Al-Jazeera took notice and said that anti-protesters were exploiting fictional anti-Semitism. The paper says that there really isn’t any anti-Semitism, and instead, “Panicked conservatives are labeling the Occupy protests as ‘anti-Semitic’ in an attempt to break up the movement.”

The JTA has a one-minute compilation video containing a sample of lunatics convinced that the Jews are responsible for all our financial ills.

But there is some good news amongst all this bad. The communists have arrived!

The Daily Caller (with video) quotes John Bachtell, an Illinois-based community organizer and Communist Party USA board member:

“I bring greetings and solidarity from the Communist Party,” Bachtell said to hoots and applause. “We are here, marching side-by-side. We’ll sleep here. We’ll be with this movement ’til the very — ’til we make all the changes that we know we have to make.”

One their website, these international socialists say:

A big challenge for the CPUSA and left, progressive movements is to link these demonstrations with the labor led all-people’s coalition and help deepen understanding that the path to progress must be through electoral and political action including defeating Republican Tea Party reaction in 2012.

A search of the CPUSA website did not reveal who these fine folks would kill first once they took over. Don’t scoff. The invariable modus operandi of every communist takeover thus far has been to offer human sacrifices to bless the transition to class-free society. Doubtless the list is a party secret.

Update To assume that because Mr Obama and Nazis have embraced OWS is not to intimate that Obama is a Nazi or communist. It is to show how silly it is to align oneself precipitously, especially with people who are only protesting because they enjoy protesting and who have no clear goals in mind.

Update Via HotAir, Howard Stern’s crew interview some of the thoughtful people on OWS. Language warning.

In another video, a protester claims that that USA has more disparity and inequality than anywhere. Anywhere. This is the level of mind that camps in the street.


  1. Speed

    … Martin Luther King “would want us to challenge the excesses of Wall Street”

    Perhaps he would want us also to challenge the excesses of Washington economic and regulatory power — the President, Congress, Fannie, Freddie and the Federal Reserve — that enabled the housing bubble and continue to hamper a recovery.

  2. Ray

    Don’t the Communists have to wear red shirts and the Nazis brown shirts? You can’t tell the international socialists from the national socialists without the correct shirt.

  3. President Obama admonished us to bring civility back to the national discourse.

    Now, he’s thrown in his lot with hateful people who are supported by Communists and Nazis. Both groups, as well as the #Occupy groups, are simmering with anger and vitriol.

    I hope we’re not at the pass where hatred of Jews is just another viewpoint, rather than a scurrilous exercise in collectivism, denounced from all sides. I won’t sit by when they come for the Jews, the Black folk, the Christians or the atheists. When will we learn? It’s up to each of us to protect the other — even if the other is not one of our “group.” Gentiles owe it to themselves, their own sense of honor demands it, to rise up and condemn these Astroturf punks.

  4. As for human sacrifice, I read that most leftist takeovers result in 20% of the population being killed, as an object lesson to the surviving 80%. I can’t cite a source.

  5. Ray

    Pol Pot killed an estimated 25% of the population of Cambodia. In 1975 Cris Dodd was making speeches in congress saying theCambodians would be better off under Pol Pot.

  6. Kurt

    It’s unfortunate to see this otherwise intelligent blog reduced to posting garbage.

  7. Briggs

    Ok, Kurt. I’ll bite. Why is it garbage?

  8. Will

    Dear USA,

    Please fix yourself. You were my exit plan in case Canada ever went fully communist.


  9. JH

    I got it! American Nazi party supports OWS, so does Obama. I heard that American Nazi party was part of KKK. So KKK are friends of Obama. I need a cup of coffee. ^_^

  10. Endeavoring to rise to a level acceptable to Kurt, I’d simply like to point out that statistically three out of four commenters on this site are above average. Or do we need a larger sample?

  11. Rich

    Is there a way three out of four commenters can be above average other than statistically?

    Pelosi’s remark reminds me of the purported conversation between George Bush and Tony Blair. Observing the 2 million people who marched on London to protest about the Iraq war one said to the other, “Isn’t it great? Democracy in action!” They then proceeded to entirely ignore the protest. ‘Democracy in action’ indeed.

  12. Hasdrubal

    While the Communists were bound to get involved, I’ve been holding out hope for a stronger anarchist presence. My great dream is to see all the Che shirts replaced with Makhno shirts, maybe with a picture of a tachanka on the back. I would wear the hell out of a Makhno shirt.

  13. @ Rich quotes Pelosi: “They then proceeded to entirely ignore the protest.” as a negative example of Democracy because it didn’t immediately change what was occurring, or about to occur. That thinking ignores the reality the rally was simply a demonstration of the Democratic principle of “free speech”.

    How could any administration function if course’s determined and decisions made were constantly required to be altered based on the whim of protests-de-jour? Thinking like that is either juvenile or illogical. Citizens exercise Democracy in the voting booth. “Protests” serve the purpose of encouraging or forecasting future voting activities, not requiring immediate course changes – regardless of the “demands” or sincerity of protesters. Tea Party participants were aware of this apparently seldom understood principle. I’m not so sure Kindles of the OWS kidlets have downloaded it yet.

    The paragraph may more about Pelosi than she intends.

  14. max

    Don’t the Communists have to wear red shirts and the Nazis brown shirts? You can’t tell the international socialists from the national socialists without the correct shirt.

    Ray, are you trying to imply something about Star Fleet and their policy of having redshirts die to show how the monster works?

    It doesn’t work anyway since the red shirts weren’t communists but Italian Nationalists under Garibaldi. Nazis & Communists wear all colors, in the US we had the American Silver Legion who had the silver shirts and the Irish Corporate Party had green shirts (interestingly enough founded by a former blue shirt of the Army Comrades Association) which should not be confused with green shirts of the Irish branch of the Social Credit party. Thailand is a mess these days were one makes a political statement by shirt color and hosts a rainbow of coalitions, red shirts opposing yellow shirts while violent blue shirts and pacifist pink shirts look on.

    As for the Briggs post: Nancy Pelosi is no spring chicken and people who are starting to collect social security checks might seem “young” to her. Her use of the word ‘young” in context probably refers to the fact that the protestors have not been bused in from nursing homes ( the geriatric kind, some might have been in from psychiatric nursing homes).

  15. Rich

    49erDweet: well there are other ways of acknowledging a protest than immediately changing your mind and policy. If I remember correctly (p < 0.05) the protest was simply ignored. My experience of contacting my Parliamentary "representative" is to get a bland, empty, boiler-plate reply which, in my opinion, is an insult to democracy.

    By the way, I was quoting – unreliably – Bush/Blair not Pelosi.

  16. JH

    I got it. I got it. The man in the photo above was exercising by holding the banner, and he enjoyed the exercise. The banner served no other purposes. The purpose of the statement by American National Socialists party is clear because of the effect of letter capitalization.

    YOU don’t think Obama knows the purpose of the OWS. So Obama is silly.

    Yep, I am being silly. Coffee makes it worse.

  17. Ken

    I just don’t understand the mindset of the protestors–e.g. the one in the photo holding the sign reading: “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!”

    Using that as a representative benchmark the protestors are mad because:
    1. the banks provided unhealthy loans to people ill-equipped to repay,
    2. which was a policy consistent with years of government policies that progressively relaxed lending restrictions;
    3. When the lending failed & loan defaults were going to hurt the lenders
    4. …the government bailed out the banks, so
    5. the protestors are mad at the banks that got away with financial recklessness,
    6. because the government enabled them to get away with it, so,
    7. they want the government to, again, intervene to fix the current mess
    8. which is outcome of a series of enabling government policies at every key step along the way

    So, why arent’ they protesting against the goverment’s idiotic policies? What’d they expect, that the Wall St. lenders would simply turn down the money the Feds provided??

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