I am a child of the ’70s

I was in my files looking for a paper on proper scoring rules when this photo popped out of an envelope:

Matt Briggs in 1977

This is, I think, 1977, when I was 13.

I’m not sure, but I think in 1979 that that shirt became sentient.

There has to be a good reason for the picture to have jumped out at me. I’m guessing the shirt wants to find me.

So if any of you have seen it, let it know where I am.


  1. Was it one of those groooovy Quiana nylon shirts?

  2. SteveBrooklineMA

    I think you look sharp. Mom didn’t make you wear a clip-on tie?

  3. This explains what happened to me recenrtly!

    The shirt spoke to me a few weeks ago as I was stopped in traffic, waiting to pull into a shopping center. The artificially homeless guy it was accompanying was silently holding a sign, but I distinctly heard the shirt mumbling a few words about, “…tell Matt I still miss him”, or something very similar. No indication it was being held for ransom or anything, so though puzzled I took no further action at the time. Do you wish me to return to the area and initiate recovery operations? I’m fairly certain the small dog the guy had with him is relatively harmless.

    Small world, heh?

  4. jae

    Boy, are you a young guy, or what? Only 44? I have a piece of a shirt that I wore over 50 years ago in my gun-cleaning box. It is a very dull piece of yellow-brown flannel. You look like you were “groovin!”

  5. Joy

    Butter wouldn’t melt!

    Did you consider doing a fashion section? You obviously have untapped talents in this department.

  6. JH

    You didn’t get your hair permed?! I thought it was the style back then.

    First off, we all know that Santa took all the odd socks and fashioned them into Christmas stockings. Right?! Well, now you know.

    Hmm. So, where have old shirts gone? The following are some of my guesses. They are not choices for a multiple-choice question.
    A) The Shirt Fairy took them.
    B) The Shirt Monster ate them.
    C) They are down in the basement.
    D) Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We will all be there sooner or later.

    Here we go, The Emperor’s Old Clothes.

  7. kuhnkat

    This is cruel. I am 12 years older than you!!!!!


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