Leighton Smith Podcast: Everything You Believe Is Wrong

Leighton Smith Podcast: Everything You Believe Is Wrong

Leighton Smith of New Zealand kindly had me on his podcast Wednesday. We discussed, among other matters, my book Everything You Believe Is Wrong. You know, the one my enemies inserted all those typos into.

Incidentally, I’m working on a second edition. I have a whole new chapter on Animal “Rights”, the attack on meat, and suchlike. The rest of the book will be New & Improved! And guaranteed typo free1.

His description:

On this week’s podcast:

An independent writer, statistician, scientist, consultant and author of EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE IS WRONG.

A PhD in Mathematical Statistics: now an Uncertainty Philosopher, Epistemologist, Probability Puzzler, and Unmasker of Over-Certainty. An MS in Atmospheric Physics, and Bachelors in Meteorology & Maths.

Meet William M Briggs, who spent time with me discussing things that matter; climate, coronavirus, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and much more.

We make comment on 15 minute cities and the Net Zero nonsense.

And we sift through your correspondence in The Mailroom.

You can listen here, or in various other ways at his site (or this link).

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1Guarantee not guaranteed.


  1. Incitadus

    Congratulations Briggs looks like you’ve picked up a large body of clapping
    seals down under there in New Zealand. This thing was about as accidental as the
    deliberate anthrax release in 2001 with Ft. Detrick’s address on the return envelope.
    But I do understand ‘you got the nudge’, overall you did a very good job when one
    considers you were communicating with pinnipeds. What are they on their fifth jab
    now? But could you expect anything more from a self described group of kiwi fruit inflicted with a bacterized version of that catatonic British accent bred from a class of convicts? I suppose that slave-like mentality is built in. I don’t have any more contempt for them than the British did or their new owners the Chinese do. Eventually they’ll go the way of Hong Kong without a whimper.

  2. Your guarantee probably comes with a very small p value.

  3. Milton Hathaway

    “. . . asteroid the size of 112 Dromedary camels”

    My first thought was that the DC (Dromedary Camel) was a unit of mass. But then a 112 DC asteroid wouldn’t really be newsworthy at that distance, would it? My second thought was that the DC was a unit of length, with one DC being the distance from tip of nose to end of tail. I didn’t have a third thought (unit of volume?) or a fourth thought, which would have been required in this case. In any event, I won’t be making use of the DC unit of imprecise measure, even in jest, as I’m running a little low on on PCCs (Political Correctness Credits). I tend to spend my PCCs faster than I accrue them.

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