Don Imus sidekick makes a point with a failed joke

Just heard Don Imus, who was attempting to explain why he wasn’t being sarcastic when he said “At least [George Bush] did something right” because we have not been attacked since 2001. One of his sidekicks quipped, with genuine sarcasm, that, “The Japanese haven’t attacked us since 1941, so he’s really doing something right.”

Of course, the last time the Japanese attacked us was in 1945, not 1941, but let’s not quibble about a few years. The real question is why the Japanese haven’t attacked us, or anybody else, since that time.

The answer is, it should be unnecessary to say, though I suppose it must be said, that it is because they attacked us in 1941.

This is a historical instance, one of a great multitude, of war working, of a successful democracy being installed by a Western power in another country. Don’t forget, too, that that war was not ended by “dialog” but by direct action.

It is therefore astonishing that so many now say that a “military solution in Iraq is impossible.”


  1. truth

    Interesting point, except one crucial detail. Iraq never attacked us.

  2. Administrator

    Hi Truth. Maybe so. But of course, I never said that they did. I do say, however, that since we are at war there, victory is not impossible, or even unlikely.

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