1. DAV

    That’s a nice shot. Did you take it?

  2. Briggs

    Yep. In San Francisco of a crow that I’m convinced has been following me.

  3. Rich

    At 10:53 on July 22nd in fact. The great thing about mobile phones is you’ve always got a camera.

    You should check out the rooftops around your home. I’ve had crows waiting for me when I got home. It’s most unnerving.

  4. Briggs


    Very cool! I never knew these images had meta-data stored inside them. How do you access it?

  5. I know how to access metadata in Windows, but you’re a Linux person, are you not? Perhaps there is something similar.

    In Windows, right click on the file and choose ‘Properties’. Select the ‘Summary’ table and then click the ‘Advanced’ button.

    On your pic, this also tells us that your phone is a HTC Desire, that it was set to an ISO of 119, and that its focal length was 5mm.

    This is EXIF data stored in digital photos by a camera. If Linux doesn’t support its display, try googling ‘EXIF viewer’ and see if one of the items listed there works in Linux.

  6. Briggs


    I had no idea so much was snuck in there! Thanks.

    sudo apt-get install exif

    exif halloween.jpg

    EXIF tags in ‘halloween.jpg’ (‘Motorola’ byte order):
    Tag |Value
    Manufacturer |HTC
    Model |Desire HD
    X-Resolution |72
    Y-Resolution |72
    Resolution Unit |Inch
    YCbCr Positioning |Centered
    ISO Speed Ratings |119
    Exif Version |Exif Version 2.2
    Date and Time (Origi|2011:07:22 10:53:05
    Date and Time (Digit|2011:07:22 10:53:05
    Components Configura|Y Cb Cr –
    Focal Length |4.9 mm
    FlashPixVersion |FlashPix Version 1.0
    Color Space |sRGB
    Pixel X Dimension |599
    Pixel Y Dimension |877
    Interoperability Ind|R98
    Interoperability Ver|0100

  7. Rich

    As a Windows user (move away from the keyboard please) I use Xnview which is also available on *nix.

    It’s always worth checking metadata in documents fetched from the Internet. Especially FOI documents redacted by someone who had change tracking turned on.

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