Why Universities Are Still Shrieking In Hersterical Fear & Mandating Student Vaccination

Why Universities Are Still Shrieking In Hersterical Fear & Mandating Student Vaccination

The title answers itself, does it not? The seed is there, I mean. A thoroughly masculine word, seed, and therefore inappropriate for today’s discussion. Egg, then. The egg is there.

Interestingly, eggs unseeded are only useful to make omelets. So let’s break some eggs. (Wow, to think you can read these twisted metaphors for free!)

Here’s a list of colleges and universities that still mandate healthy students assuage the fears of effeminate administrators and professors (from this site):

The complete list is on line. My graduate school, Cornell, never tiring of embarrassing itself, dropped theirs only at the end of this May.

I’m somewhat pleased that my alma mater, Central Michigan University, never had a mandate. The local chapter of the Cult of Safety First! there did, however, insist the kiddies strap useless plastic cloths on their faces for a long period. And they made the unvexed kids do useless weekly testing to harass them into getting vaxed. Many frightened professors and administrators there, too.

The No Mandates group maintains a separate list of schools that never required the vax. Not a small proportion of these have the note “Accepts NO federal money”. It’s also no surprise that a great many of colleges on this list are Christian. This is a group of people, in this country, in which you can still find both men and women of courage. Rare, rare.

Harvard, Ground Zero of toxic academia, still has a mandate. Why?

The anticlimactic answer—sorry, friends, no deep analysis today—is that they are the center of toxic academia. They have the most Experts. This means two things.

The first is that you must never forget that Expert calls to Expert. Experts never question Experts in other fields, except over trivia. To question an Expert is to be a denier. Academic Experts, when they consider questioning another Expert, have a terrible fear of being ostracized. But mostly they don’t think of questioning other Experts.

Incidentally, I wonder how many academic Experts would rather choose suicide than have her colleagues call her (of course it’s her) a denier?

Harvard therefore, at the pinnacle, must hold onto Expert pronouncements about the miracle of masks and vaxes. It doesn’t matter whether the Experts are theirs, i.e. Harvard’s, or they are from elsewhere in high toxic academia, or even from the government itself. We saw last week that the White House still requires vaxes and masks for the unvaxed. Harvard can let go when the White House does. But the White House looks to Harvard, since the people who staff the WH want to be thought of as intelligent.

It’s okay to laugh.

The second reason is toxic academia. From toxic femininity, and the predominance of females on campus. Which gave rise to the Cult of Safety First! The old joke, which I’ve told many times, was that a sweater is an article of clothing a child puts on when the mother gets cold. Which makes a mask an article of clothing a student straps on when the professor quivers at propagandistic phantasms.

Toxic academia is the longhouse which award degrees.

Credentialed women at these places, and the effeminate men they surround themselves with (the oldest real men are retiring or have retired), are frightened of everything. They grieve over everything. They rail against any hint of inequality, which they define as when they or their friends do not have more of some desirable thing.

I recall in the midst of the panic one soy boy prof who shrieked like a girl seeing a dead battery on her phone that two of his students, sitting away in the nosebleed section of some large auditorium, were not wearing masks. He was sure he was a goner because of those two boys’ act of terrorism.

Then there was the woman professor who accused one her students of—wait for it…wait for it—“racism” because he would not wear a masks.

Then the prof who made the student remove a mask because the mask had a pro police message on it. Rays of fascism shooting out from the mask killed the coronadoom, I guess.

A few of a legion of such stories.

College is now the best place to learn to be afraid. Of everything.

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  1. JohnM

    “Harvard, Ground Zero of toxic academia, still has a mandate. Why?”

    Because they can. ” We have the power, you must obey” is their mantra.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”This is a group of people [Christians], in this country, in which you can still find both men and women of courage. Rare, rare.”

    When the Synagogue of Satan opened its doors and offered the new rituals of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll Christian congregations rose from their pews en mass, crossed the street, and joined the new cult. Free money! Free sex! Drugs! Woo-hoo! — what’s not to like!? Your old granny burned her bra and donned blue jeans and teased her hair. Your old grandpa bought a toupée and a convertible and wiggled to the twist. The old farm, mortgaged to the hilt, gradually falling to ruin, the fields fallow, cows turning gay and the chickens trans.

    But the party won’t last. Every Ponzi scheme eventually goes bust. Every decadent age has a reckoning. One day we woke up broke, with a massive hangover, the car smashed and smoking in a ditch, house burned down, health ruined, fat, ugly, and stupid. Then it’s time to sober up and slim down, leave the SoS and go back to church, get a job, fix everything, apologize, and vow never to do that again.

    Until the next damn time. Seems to be a natural cycle. Like locusts, cicadas, and gypsy moths. Hard times strong men good times homos bad times. Buck up, bucko, and be of good cheer. There’s no time like the present. Except the past, of course. And the future. So hang in there, hang tough, or we’ll all hang together. And don’t forget to mangle your clichés thirty-two times.

  3. Incitadus

    Americans have been programed to extoll stupidity as emphasized in
    every form of mass media, it’s presented as fun and witty and you’re
    encouraged to feel clever when you spot it. Academia’s endless circular
    reasoning trains one to obscure and cloud the obvious with layers of
    unintelligible verbiage that can spontaneously generate neologisms on

  4. 1 – the comments list on the side just now included one on a blog entry from 2008. That entry was an interesting explanation of a common issue – and a marked contrast to much of what you write now. If I knew you personally I’d buy you a beer and tell you to skip the despair and disillusion in favor of some kind of positive action plan. Since I don’t, I can tell you that I have been pushing an action plan for more than two years that absolutely no one wants to hear about (see winface.com/node/24 ) because, of course, the tallest trees get cut down first – but that’s no reason for despair. Something will change and whether it’s Trump or Kennedy in 2024 (assuming we get there) the US has a good chance of recovering.

    2 – the puzzle about academia and masks/vacines isn’t why so many resist reality – between the emperor’s new clothes and Festinger et al, that’s obvious. What isn’t is a more difficult question: how did these beliefs get started? To quote the world’s foremost authority on everything – in this case on masks:

    “Masks in the hands of untrained non medical personal can be very useful for robbing banks, but are worse than useless for protecting anyone from a virus.”

    – that article, from July 2020, quotes the academic research saying masks don’t work. So why did the academics who read and write this stuff believe they do? Similarly, the risks and benefits of vaccines have been known for 50+ years, so why were the barrington signers roundly reviled as people and ignored as academics who understood the issues?

    3 – umm, Maybe I’ll get started on building a bunker after all.

  5. gary juniper

    Its simply a way to weed out non-leftoids from campus.

  6. Johnno

    It’s more accurate to say that the profession of Experts depends on who tithes them and knights them with the rank of ‘Expert’ and therefore are obliged to perform good service to their lord.

    When their conniving lord or hersterical lady doth demand that Expert ought follow new wholly novel strategies foreign and at odds with their predecessor’s (also Experts) experiences and traditions and learnings, usually for their own selfish motives and beneficial to no one else, the Expert has only one duty – To Just Follow Orders, or risk their standing, titles and stipends; for there are many others who would be willing to replace them, hoping to kiss the hand of fair Guinevere, and have a seat at the Round Table, so that they might store up their riches and retire in comfort across the sea upon the golden utopian isle of Avalon, where there is neither pain, nor sorrow, for the former world has passed away, and Socialism now wipes every tear from their eyes with a dandy pharmaceutical.

  7. Uncle Mike

    Almost everyone I meet these days openly avows their Christian faith. That never used to happen. There’s a revival going on, at least around here. And witness The Chosen phenomenon worldwide. The tide is rising.

  8. Johnno

    “The tides rising”, is deemed aggressive speech that threatens the stable weather conditions of the State.

    Once the population’s temperatures rise too high, the Expurts will declare,”EMERGENCY!!!” And do what they wilt. Observe:

    Ditto for the no-more-elections-because-EMERGENCY!!! situation in Ukraine. The Ukies have no other god but the Zelensky.

  9. Forbes

    What constitutes compliance with the jab mandate? One, two, three, four jabs? How many? When? Where is it still being offered?

    Call me curious.

  10. Mike Rowe

    My understanding is that those institutions, entities, scools, etc who pushed the vaccine mandate, agenda etc, some very heavily requiring a vaccine to work, recieved some type of aid, payment, relief funds etc from the goverment. How many regular citizens who recieved stimulus or relief funds, unemployment, or business loans from the govt had a problem with the vaccine? some got stimulus checks, weekly pmts and bridge cards, or extra money on their bridge cards what problem did they have with the vaccine? When has the govt been so concerned about the average citizen like during the pandemic. I got no vaccine, never wore a mask, and was around diffrent people everyday. I didnt catch the virus. Your immune system has been dealing with coronaviruses (which covid 19 is) since the beginning of time. Of course how well your immune system functions plays into all of this. When things become this strange as in the pandemic you must look at the financial aspect. Some hospitals recieved over 10,000 dollars or more for every person who went on a ventilator. A lot died because you just cant remove someone from a ventilator and expect their lungs to handle regular breathing all of a sudden. Not to mention lying on their back. Drugs companies actually created new millionairs after the pandemic. Interesting.

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