Russia’s Patience, Russia’s Victory — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Russia’s Patience, Russia’s Victory — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The good news? The Empire is crumbling. The bad? It’s happening very slowly. Too slow for the impatient, that is. That group, of course, does not include Komrade Vlad. From his point of view, everything is right on schedule. The problem for most people is that they cannot imagine the vast scale (and timing) of this task.

And so, for Vlad, it’s good news and good news. Why? Because his task is what we call ‘controlled demolition’. Bring down the house, but don’t play Sampson. Do it from afar. A slice at a time. On every front. Like clockwork. Harness the Troika and stay in control. Slow is good, Komrade.

Most men do not see that every empire stands on three legs: Strength, Wealth and Belief. Vlad must file down each Western leg a notch at a time, all in sync. Grinding, not breaking. Very tricky work. Demands great precision, skill and nerve. Still, one may have all these traits, yet only succeed if supremely possessed (eh?) of the virtue of patience. In spades. I think I have accurately described him. Let us review.

It’s clear (to all who actually look) that Russia cannot lose the current shooting war. Why? Because she cannot afford to, that’s why. This is existential for her. And that’s apart from the obvious fact that she has at least a 10:1 advantage in everything that materially matters. Russian strength lies in her guns, ammo, factories, manpower, natural resources (of every kind) and finally, a thirty-year tech head-start. Courtesy of western Imperial hubris, convinced that they had actually beaten those cunning Greeks who seemingly disappeared from the shores of Troy in 1991. Now those Greco-Russian Orthodox are back, and it’s too late. They’re inside the gates, and Troy’s aflame.

But the Imperial stool has three legs, as I said. Each must be leveled evenly. If any one leg disappears too quickly, the Emperor’s men may panic and hit the big red button. That’s not Vlad’s goal. No, he wants peace. On his terms, of course. And he wants a profitable victory at the same time. Which means he must move smoothly, even if it means appearing too slowly. All thing come to those who wait. And the wait’s not idle. No, the fog of war covers a lot of what’s happening at the other two legs. Let’s look at the other legs named Wealth and Belief.

I’ve written before about the concept of autarky. The self-sufficient nation. Only Russia can claim that title today. America could, if only we would. We have everything Russia has (proportionately), but only from a national perspective. But we cannot do this globally, supporting an empire. Empires exist through offense. Projecting force, globally. This is incredibly expensive. Someone has to pay for this. That would be our victims. All of whom are (or were) yoked to us by the petro-dollar. But that is changing, rapidly.

Captive nations are restless and resentful. They see hope for a real jailbreak. They see Russia, and her jiu-jitsu President, successfully resisting Western economic blackmail. Russia is actually prospering from foolish western sanctions. Forget all those statistics about the weakening Ruble. Remember, a weaker currency only hurts when you import goods. But if you are a net exporter, it is wonderful, as it allows you to capture global market share in whatever you are selling. Given that Russia sits on two-thirds of all natural resources, guess what they’re exporting? Everything. Guess who’s buying? Everyone. Except feckless America and her idiot Euro-dwarfs.

Don’t kid yourself. We’re still buying Russian oil, titanium, uranium, diamonds, gold, etc. in industrial quantities. We’re just doing it second hand. We’re buying it from middlemen, like India. Guess who’s making money from this? It ain’t us. And guess who is selling to China and India and Iran all those things (like cheap energy and raw materials) Europe used to buy directly from Russia? Right.

In case you aren’t buying this version of reality, remember how China became rich at our expense. A weak currency. That (and the off-shoring of our factory base) fueled the creation of the largest export economy ever. In China. Bottom line, the crumbling of the western Wealth front is matching the collapse of our military Strength front. It’s not widely noticed because the smoke of the battlefield clouds the markets. What a coincidence, Komrade. How lucky is Vlad, right?

Last and most importantly, we must look at the third leg of the Imperial stool. The leg of Belief. The leg that actually is more important than the other two, from a survival perspective. No nation, regardless of her wealth or military might, can last indefinitely if her people lack belief. Belief in both their nation and their God. They are most powerful when they are hand-in-hand. And until recently, Russia lacked this requirement. Why? Because she had adopted a Western outlook. And no, this is not a recent thing. It began with Peter the Great, and his embrace of ‘modern’ European values. I say ‘modern’ because I distinguish (as Peter did) between medieval European Christendom and Enlightenment Europe in the late 1600’s. Peter fell in love with ‘things’. And Europe was where ‘things’ were designed and made.

Peter made every effort to change the mentality of Russia. Starting with the Church. And the new society, enumerated in the Table of Ranks (much like the Bolshevik Nomenklatura). He did it more ruthlessly than any Tsar before him. The Bolsheviks were merely his descendants. They were simply a continuation of his attempt to out-European the Europeans. He and his descendants tried this for over 300 years. Until Vlad said ‘basta’. Enough! Russia has now turned away from Europe (and us, by extension) when it became clear that nothing would ever induce us to allow Russia to join the ‘intellectual’ brotherhood of Enlightened Europe. And now, when these fools need Russia most, they have once again put a thumb in the Russian eye. But Russia will get her revenge. Let Europe eat cake. If they can bake it, Komrade.

So, Russia has turned inward, it would appear. But actually, it has turned to the East. As it always does in times of national peril. Most of which occurred at the hands of Europe. Swedes, Poles, Lithuanians, French, Austrians, Germans, you name it. Why Russia ever wanted to emulate her tormentors is a puzzle. But that time is over. Russia is not done with Europeans, as peers, however. She will soon be their master. They will beg her to do it. But she will bring some Eastern ways when she comes. (And she is not done with the East either).

When she comes, she will no longer have her inferiority complex in tow. Now she will come as the truly ‘enlightened’ ones. With a people whose ancient Slavic memory has been revived. And her pride renewed. Pride in nation, pride in Church. But, alas, as always in Russia, in that order.

Still, it is a remarkable recovery. By his skillful management of the battles in Ukraine, Vlad has shown his countrymen an overwhelming concern for their safety. Whether civilian or military, they understand his patient prosecution of the Special Military Operation. And they appreciate his ranking of safety over vengeance. They have responded in kind. The people are firmly behind him, as they flock to the enlistment centers.

To sum it up, the westernized dilletantes have left, for Europe. The muzhiks are glad they’re gone. They’re glad Vlad is their patient but crafty leader. None of them flocked to the false flag Prigozhin raised in Rostov. (I believe he was operating with and not against Putin). Regardless, the effect is the same. No one joined ‘the revolt’. No one betrayed Russia. And now, Vlad has free rein to do whatever it takes ‘to win’.

What does it take to win? I’ve already told you, you goose. Patience.

Be patient while the army continues to consume the entire Western armory (apart from their nukes) in the meatgrinder of the Donbass, while minimizing army casualties.

Be patient while the Russian economy gains strength and size (and the West decays from her stupid sanctions).

Be patient while the Church and society revive with newfound pride and self-respect (and the West paints rainbows on everything, especially their children).

In a word, be patient while Vlad files down each leg of the Western Empire, in tandem, while building the new one that will replace it. Without a nuclear showdown.

After all, why waste men, money and morale on the West, when they are busy doing themselves in? Why waste it on the West, when Russia will need it in the East, when she takes on her real (and truly effective) enemy.

Yes. That would be China. Then Vlad will do what Biden could not. That one, when it happens, will not need patience. Just nerves of steel. It will be over in a flash.

Welcome to Moscow, Komrade. The Third Rome. There will be no fourth.

So say the Patriarchs of Moscow.


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  1. You guys crack me up. The Ukraine war is fake and gay. If Putler had wanted to bring Europe to his knees and make them give him Ukraine all he had to do was turn off the gas pipelines and sit back. All this war nonsense benefits all sides in the Great Reset project. Putler is doing sterling work for the WEF. The rump Ukraine that’s left after it’s chopped up and parcelled out to interested parties will become Greater Israel. Meanwhile you’ll be choking down your bug sandwich and worrying about the fact you can’t spend your CBDC because you used to post on Brigg’s blog. You’re not in Kansas any more but then again you never were.

  2. JerryR

    This article gets one big thing correct. Namely, that belief is the biggest factor of all.

    Otherwise authoritarianism/totalitarianism results. There is no reason to believe Russia has “belief” as a basis for their existence. Thus, if they do win, there will be no enlightenment coming even for them. The Russian people will feel an exhilaration for a short time, but the long term is inevitable.

    People mistake technology with progress. But technology can stymie the human being much faster than it can lead to anything that lets humans flourish. Isn’t that obvious?

  3. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    OK, everyone wants the nonsense to end, the abortion genocide, the lgbt perversion of kids and society at large, the drug trafficking, the destruction of the family, the feminist gnosticism, the rampant materialism, the atheism, the masonic plots [the Huho Blak’s SCOTUS decisions, for instance], the endless wars, the constant treason to the fatherland, the loneliness, the racism in its three forms (anthropological principle, human groups identity foundation and ratial hatred), well this hellish world with all its horrible traits. But to think Putin is good, with his promotion of Stalin, his association with Cuba, Venezuela and China, his KGB past, his links with the WEF AND Chabad Luvabitch (sic), his oligarchs, the Chechen war and the false flag he used to start it, etc., to think he’s good is delusional. Take away his possible connections to the Great Reset (hard as it is), these very public aspects of his personality tell you how horrible the man is. He’s a devil. You could wish he is contrary to the bankers and others that run these inferno we live in, so the two bads cancel each other…. But it’s hard to believe that the powers that made the whole world lock down three years ago, the ones of the Paris accords, etc., don’t control the political process in “mother Russia” [not mine]. Besides, for a Catholic, maybe, the “third rome” is no good option, ESPECIALLY, after it went through Stalin’s transformations, through the take over of the “ortodox church” by Stalin, so we have the Billionaire Wonderful Patriarch KGB Kirill, among other things…. It’s crazy duginism, conscious or not.

  4. people who don’t know anyone of Russian descent personally (or are themselves) they can’t and won’t understand this article; those in supposed possession of intellectual superiority have LGBTQ and Taq?ya in universities and among their street terrorists (plus dealers and pedophiles) — and their PR propaganda attacks on TV.

  5. Gunther Heinz

    You shouldn’t write things like Troy’s a flame. It sounds homophobic.

  6. Incitadus

    Now that all that obsolete Cold War inventory has been cleared out of the warehouses
    we can get on with portioning the fatted calf. Cold War Two has arrived and you’ll all just
    have to tighten your belts & pony up until we can refill those warehouses. Travel is out of
    the question think of the children.

  7. Incitadus

    Yea we all know this is fake cast your mind back to 2014 when Putin’s man Yanukovych
    was in charge in Kiev. What did he do as his fearsome secret police Berkut were beaten
    in the streets? He ordered them to stand down then turned tail and ran so the shelling in
    Donbas could commence. All planned as Putin quietly built up his inventory for the next
    eight years. Ukraine was never given enough to win by it’s western allies and has now been
    essentially depopulated for Big Agara. God pity the poor fools in the trenches on both sides.

  8. Steve

    Ianto, I read your book and have recommended to others. This update seems very fitting. As a Roman Catholic, I am hoping this is our chastisement. Could it actually be the East that saves the West!? Crazy. I am dreading and yet excited about the future.

  9. Paulus Rexus Legitimus

    Primark got kicked out of Russia due to the ongoing situation, Woolworths & BHS never really got started there so they can’t be there to be kicked out.

  10. Johnno

    Sure, patience is a virtue, but Putin is very likely dealing with an unprecedented evil never before seen.

    Add in that Putin is a WEF Globalist WHO idiot alongside most of his cabinet and I’m certainly not waiting in him to save Russia, let alone the world.

    I believe Paul Craig Roberts’s assessment is correct. The Russians are semi-woke themselves is the style of classical Vatican II open-to-the-world councilliarism and do not understand their enemy, who is no longer a rationale actor.

    The woke are cowards. They scream “VIOLENCE!!!” while completely aware they are bullshitting you. It’s called gas-lighting. And wokey-nato is doing this. And the Russians, like good little conservatives bend over to appease them and use their pronouns hoping for peace, but all it gets them is more conflict.

    That certain woke-sanctions backfire and bud-light themselves on their own gas is typical, but Russia didn’t plan this out, it was a happy accident that worked in their favor.

    Only Our Lady of Fatima can save us now.

  11. Jovan Dragisic

    Ok Briggs, you seem to have come down some from your ridiculous end of days trip. You were on point with the Constantinople idea, expound on that.

  12. Briggs


    Why anybody would think I’d masquerade as Ianto cracks me up. I speak my mind on everybody subject, cancelable on almost all of them, but I’d be afraid to use my own name about Russia?


  13. Call merkin

    well John, it has been a long time since I’ve read your column and you haven’t lost a been in your wet and humor and your understanding of Foreign Affairs. I trust you are doing well. I’m 88 and starting to to look forward to the day when the Lord will call me home. I do miss seeing you personally but your column reflects that personality. you are unique and unrepeatable miracle of God. may he richly bless you and your family as the age, either yours or the time period come to a close. your brother in Christ, Carl.

  14. Imi

    Mr Briggs, you’ve been very good on COVID and Global warming, but Russia? Do you actually know what Russian patriots think?

    Rolo Slavskiy has just written a post about this article.

    I’d be interested to see you respond to some actual Russian patriots who aren’t as impressed with Putin and his oligarchs as you seem to be.

  15. Briggs


    I’ll pass your comment on to Ianto.

    And I’d welcome intelligent rebuttals, too. I also see that the gentlemen at the link think I wrote the piece.

    Cracks me up.

  16. JerryR

    Everyone is off on the wrong track.

    From the beginning till 250 years ago, one form of authoritarianism or another ruled the world everywhere. Except for one small spot where the elements of freedom broke out due to religious wars. That was 16th century England. It then expanded there and a couple hundred years later extended to some English colonies especially Pennsylvania.

    The Industrial Revolution began. It expanded to many English colonies and several European countries and the progress from it changed the world. But it had another element to it, a common morality that provided an internal monitor for most that somewhat contained this freedom from allowing oppression of others.

    Today, both this freedom is under assault as morality is disappearing. That is the issue. It will surely lead to some form of authoritarian control that will have no moral basis. Whether it is the WEF, the UN, China or some form of chaos that will cause all to beg for order from anywhere.

    It is the disappearance of a common morality that is the basic issue. Nothing happening in Russia is going to affect that.

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