Forecast: Massive Increase In “Climate Change” Propaganda On Its Way

Forecast: Massive Increase In “Climate Change” Propaganda On Its Way

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You have heard that we live in an “our democracy”, a form of government in which rulers insist people vote on as many things as possible, at the highest level possible. If people must vote, they must be given ideas about the things on which they are to vote. Which therefore necessitates the populace must suffer constant propaganda to ensure that the votes come out the right way.

NYT Health tweet: “So you want to go outside — despite the heat, heavy rainfall and poor air quality affecting millions this summer. Here’s how to determine whether it’s safe to leave the house.”

Clicking brings us to the headline “Is It Safe to Go Outside? How to Navigate This Cruel Summer.”

An Expertocracy guarantees a steady stream of advice propaganda. Married to the effeminate Cult of Safety First! we get the NYT Health section.

The authoress of the article is nervous lest someone venture outdoors and die instantly from, well, what? She mentions wildfires. Do many people stumble blindly into wildfires? Did people forget, and need to be reminded, that walking into a wall of smoke or strolling into a copse of flaming trees is unhealthy?

She goes on to warn that if it’s hot, you, too, may become hot from the heat! She discovers there is an Expert in weather-that-might-be-harmful. “The best way to navigate a flood situation is to prepare early, Mr. Lamers said, and being aware of your risk levels will help you prepare better.” Who knew?

Anyway, why does she assume it’s safe inside? Because it’s cooled by electricity produced by burning oil, gas, or coal? Never mind.

This is low-grade propaganda, yes, but it’s also constant, of the same idiot kind in which the radio has been warning us forever to put on a sweater when there’s a chill in the air. Here it’s exacerbated by throwing in “climate change”, to impress the false idea that bad weather was never as prevalent as now.

There are, though, much better examples of propaganda.

We’d be forgiven for believing there is a secret contest among propagandists to produce the most hideous provocative frightening map of routine summer temperatures. Here are a couple of entries, from a large and growing field.

Cerberus—not my name: the name propagandists gave it: they are now naming heatwaves!:

After sputtering in rage after seeing that, I predicted “Since these propaganda maps began appearing a few years ago, all shades of red have been used. Next step: drawing flames on the maps.”

It was not long after this that this map appeared.

Flaming British Bundle of Sticks (source):

Yet worse were still to come.

The Gates Of Hell Opened (source):

Spanish Hades (source; note the clever legend of temperatures exceeding 60 C, or 140 F in civilized units, which are nowhere on the map):

A gentleman who lives in the part of France pictured above sent this photo of the day as it was in Reality (source):

My next prediction was: “Now that red is exhausted, and flames have been used, the next step in weather maps is animation using writhing-bodies in agony, drawn from Hieronymus Bosch. On TV they’ll add screams of the damned. For anything over 85.”

Then we have this tweet:

My predictive powers are spent. Perhaps you can foresee what will come next. Maybe they’ll dispatch screaming female members from the Cult of Safety First! to come to homes and screech that it might hit 80. EIGHTY!

This prophecy is also fulfilled in your hearing: “BBC viewers have been left baffled by ‘misleading’ weather maps that appeared to show Britain among European countries experiencing scorching temperatures – despite below average temperatures across the UK.”

Propagandists are not chosen for their intelligence. That is to say, propaganda spokesmen and spokeswomen are not that bright. They will read whatever is given to them in complete sincerity and conviction. They can be most convincing. Three years of coroandoom panic should have convinced you of that. Propaganda works, and works well, which is why it is used, and guarantees it will continue to be used.

The big question is how much of this is directed, and how much the natural simpleton behavior of chasing the other guy. One nitwit tries to panic the audience, the other propagandists gaze in wonder at the effort, and rush out to best it? Or do the oligarchs behind the media company agree on the message “Scare them”? Some combination, likely.

The real difficulty with propaganda is backing away from it. Using a normal weather maps would be like admitting there is no reason to panic over “climate change.”

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  1. Craig James Woods

    I was a television meteorologist for 40 years and I saw a slow change from straightforward reporting of the weather into sensationalizing nearly everything. Before I quit the business I became convinced we would soon be required to issued snow flurry warnings. Scare the viewers. Make them feel as if they have to watch in order to survive even average weather. All in the name of getting ratings and now with the added incentive of trying to convince viewers of the false idea that the weather is now worse than ever due to climate change. So glad I am out of that business.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    The oligarchs are simply supplying the insatiable public demand for fear. Just as they supply porn, drugs, booze, kardashians, sugar, politicians, tattoos, et cetera, for likewise insatiable appetites. If people would only give up their addiction to sin then civic life wouldn’t look so appallingly stupid. Tell it to Adam & Eve.

  3. McChuck

    One of the new “dooms” is the supposed dearth of fireflies this summer.

    Some of us have a superpower called “memory”. We super-humans can remember all the way back to last year, when there was a relative glut of fireflies. In nature, boom years are almost always followed by bust years. It’s a demographic “law”, and even has a mathematical model.

    A few of us can even stretch our memories back over 15 years ago, to the Year of the Ladybugs, which was followed by a two year relative lack of ladybugs.

  4. Ann Cherry

    Europe’s “48°C Horror That Never Was”…ESA, Media Sharply Criticized For Manipulative Reporting • Watts Up With That?

    “The hysteria was started when climate sensationalist media outlets in Germany and elsewhere, like the Relotius Spiegel, uncritically cited a sloppily and manipulatively formulated July 13 report from the European Space Agency (ESA), that first referred to “air” temperature:

    “Temperatures are sizzling across Europe this week amid an intense and prolonged period of heat. And it’s only just begun. Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Poland are all facing a major heatwave with air temperatures expected to climb to 48°C on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia – potentially the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Europe.”

    The original ESA report continued, only later specifying that it was in fact referring to surface temperature (emphasis added):

    “The animation below uses data from the Copernicus Sentinel-3 mission’s radiometer instrument and shows the land surface temperature across Italy between 9 and 10 July. As the image clearly shows, in some cities the surface of the land exceeded 45°C, including Rome, Naples, Taranto and Foggia. Along the east slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily, many temperatures were recorded as over 50°C.”

    “Meant here were not the standard temperatures recorded at 2 meters above ground level that we always here in daily weather reports, which are much cooler, but rather those right at the ground surface. That crucial difference went totally unnoticed by media and journalists, who reported of new record high temperatures. By the time the ploy was exposed by careful readers, the news had already gone around the world.

    “Yesterday, the ESA issued a (vague) clarification explaining the difference between surface and air temperature at 2 meters above ground, yet continued to mislead:

    “Land surface temperature is how hot the ‘surface’ of Earth feels to the touch. Air temperature, given in our daily weather forecasts, is a measure of how hot the air is above the ground.”

    The ESA did not bother to mention how the surface temperature is much hotter than the 2 meter air temperature.”

  5. Ann Cherry

    “Why is our sun so active now? No one is sure. An increase in surface activity was expected because our sun is approaching “solar maximum” in 2025. However, last month our sun sprouted more sunspots than in any other month during the entire previous 11-year solar cycle — even dating back to 2002.”

    Thus, it’s probably going to be a little warmer over the next few years, and the climate hersterics will continue to foldeth their hands together, and eateth of their own flesh.

    Clearly, the only solution is bigger government, funded by “carbon” taxes.

  6. Brian (bulaoren)

    This sort of chronocentricity has plagued humanity since forever (since time immoral?) In the 15th century, Francois Villon asked; “Ou sont les nieges de l’antan?” Now, I just wish Mr. Trump would stop saying “like never before”

  7. Paulus Rexus Legitimus

    one of the hottest days at a particular location on the Ireland West Coast was in August 1947.

  8. Jim Fedako

    My near 90-year old mother is afraid to have her grandchildren visit her in FL due to being plugged into newsfear. There’s the extreme heat, the constant shark attacks, the six reported cases of malaria, the …

    Very sad.

  9. Cloudbuster

    McChuck: “One of the new “dooms” is the supposed dearth of fireflies this summer.”

    I live on a ranch in a rural area. The fireflies are alive and well. One of the most pleasant things is being out on my night walk with my dog and watching the hillsides and tree lines of my ranch flickering like they have been strung with Christmas lights.

  10. Jim Fedako

    Cloudbuster, the horror.

  11. Cookie

    In Australia yesterday we had the woe of Antarctica sea ice decline this year, sea ice always sees the largest fluctuations and we are coming of years of a high, but that didn’t stop the link to climate change been made, there is satellite data that suggests that Antarctica land ice is thinning but this may be cyclic or it may be to better data due to satellite technology improvements since the seventies anyhow climate change is here again to take our mind off the war and price hikes due to a failing reserve currency.

  12. Uncle Mike

    I love warmth. If you don’t, too bad so sad. Why don’t you move to the North Pole? Otherwise, get off my back, puny brains.

    Warmer Is Better. Live it, love it, get a life.

  13. I have a sad admission to make. In my country, Serbia, the MSM has started livestreaming summer storms, like it’s a war or something. I’m not joking, sadly. Here’s a livestream of an actual war: and here’s a livestream of a storm we had recently:

    I don’t know how long the center can hold against this sort of brazen fearmongering. It’s not just that there was a livestream. It started a week in advance when some Expert started saying on TV that “a storm will come upon us with the power of atomic bombs!” And it kept on rolling. All kinds of alarms were given. And on the eve of the storm even the Ministry of the interior got in on the act, announcing some kind of alert. Afterwards, the journalists even managed to count three fatalities. One of these fatalities was never attributed to the storm (even though the journalists counted it toward the total) since it was due to a housefire after the storm. The other two fatalities were due to people stepping on or handling overhead power cables that got torn off in the storm and were somehow still powered. One was a boy that went to relatives and in doing so stepped on the cable at some point, and the other was some dude that removed the cable from his gate with his bare hands. This last one might warrant a Darwin award, although I think he already reproduced. Anyway, the journalists found it fit to account three deaths to the storm. The kind of storm we have every few years, mind you.

    Complete disaster. I hope the center holds long enough for a semblance of normality to be restored and these journos fired.

  14. Cary D Cotterman

    The Science says the earth had very uniform climate until around 1980. Then heat waves, hurricanes, and storms began. Hockey Stick.

  15. Genpop are suffering from panic fatigue. There will be a vaccine along shortly to fix this.

  16. Patient

    And little from the “global opposition”, “diametrically opposed to the globalist project of the Great Reset”, according to Dugin (and many others)…

    for reference

    Parlamentskaya Gazeta (The Parliamentary Newspaper) is the official weekly publication of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Published since 1997. The founders of the newspaper are the State Duma and the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. The publication is the official publisher of federal laws, resolutions, acts and other documents of the Federal Assembly

    Parlamentskaya Gazeta, 16.05.2023

    Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Global warming can be stopped by reducing the population

    It is possible to stop global warming if population growth slows down within 25-50 years, says Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, leading expert of the NUST MISIS Competence Center Alexander Klimenko.

    The expert recalled that at the conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention, The Glasgow Climate Pact was adopted, which is designed to keep the increase in global average temperature well below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels from 1850 to 1900, as well as the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees. According to Klimenko, the pact will not be able to achieve these goals.

    “The world community has no real opportunities to limit the temperature rise within 2 degrees and even more so 1.5 degrees. These opportunities will not become available if the growth of the world’s population is not suspended during the life of the current or next generation,” the academician summed up.”

  17. People need to understand that the science is broken by design in service of the Great Reset. @Patient hardly anyone here seems to be able to accept the obvious facts and instead of putting faith in the true saviour would rather buy in to the black propaganda and pretend Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

  18. Gunther Heinz

    The more boring you are to yourself, the more excited you get about unhappiness.

  19. Mark Luhman

    I live in Arizona when temps get above 110 the ground temperature are about 140. I check that out early this month and I was surprised what I found. I knew bare footed you would blister it on the concrete. I had no idea how hot it was. When I was in Atlanta in 1980 the local TV station show a egg being cook on the pavement, here in Phoenix it not even given a though. It could happen as early as March.

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