Be Damned To Your Masks & Your Idiot Moronic Effeminate Fear

Be Damned To Your Masks & Your Idiot Moronic Effeminate Fear

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I cannot express, in polite English, my boundless disgust with the return of the idiot covid panic. From Day One of the first panic we, you and I dear loyal readers, have been shouting—into the void, as it turned out—that panic is never an intelligent rational sane option. Never.

Panic saps sanity. Panic destroys. Panic kills.

Panic causes panic, because panic is catchier than any virus.

This is doubly so in an Expertocracy, where a prime motivator of Experts—those who rule over us by theory and bureaucracy and mandates—is fear. Not of viruses or slight increases in global average temperature. No. Fear that they are not keeping up with other Experts. Fear that they are not racing headlong into the black future with the crowd. Experts cannot bear being seen disagreeing with other Experts.

As I have said, time and again, the only lesson learned from history is that no lesson is learned from history.

Here is what one longhouse bastion of effeminate idiot fear now requires:

Only for fourteen days, the ladies and soymen in charge of the indoctrination center, called “Morris Brown College”, say. Two weeks. To flatten the curve.

Yes. “The mask mandate is a precautionary move for the next 14 days”, a news report says.

That report also highlights the extreme asininity of the fresh idiot panic: “Officials say there have been no confirmed COVID-19 cases among its students”.

But why not panic anyway. It feels so good to put the squeeze on and make Safety First!

Will the students meekly obey, and join the Cult of Safety First? Or will they recognize the risible stupidity and complete uselessness of the restrictions? I’d like to believe the young are not as frightened as their foolish elders. I want their natural rebelliousness to kick in and for them to disobey. Disobeying is the only rational response.

Will they?

No, probably not. They will meekly submit. That’s history’s answer, anyway.

A local grocery store where I live has succumbed to the fresh idiot panic and reinstalled Science Shields. Yes: Science Shields. Those vice-signaling, but not virus-stopping, pieces of Plexiglas between you and the cashier.

If there was anything stupider than masks, it has to be Science Shields. They are purely performative. Yet all the world’s a stage, is it not? People loved playing their roles in the first idiot panic. They adored signaling how frightened they were.

Will they again strap on their costumes and say their lines, like we all do in the Security Theater at airports, a gift of the terrorist panic, or will they be like the aging actress who has performed her role one too many times and has stormed off the stage?

Wait. I remember something even more subrational than masks and Science Shields. Those one-way stickers on store floors. The virus, seeing these, did not dare attack any obedient people who walked in accord with the stickers. Fear-scoffers walking in opposition were doomed. They are now all dead.

Masks? Except for sealed-to-the-outside-world spacesuit-like outfits, masks do not work. This has been proved again and again and again, starting with the Spanish flu. This was a time of local, and not yet global, panics. The technology to enable global panics was not yet in place, like it is now. Certain localities mandated masks.

Authorities then had the intelligence to study whether these mandates worked. They did not, and they said so.

This was followed by a century’s worth of experimentation and study. The overwhelming conclusion of these studies was that masks did not work. No, not even in hospital operating rooms.

After our first idiot panic was quelled, Experts again studied masks. They again—and even I was astonished—concluded masks don’t work.

None of these evidence means anything to the Cult of Safety First! Masks were, and are, visible bold displays that members were properly and proudly scared, as they were informed they must be. Masks provided the exact same protective effect as those tiny Ukrainian flag pictures in social media bios have in dispelling Russian artillery.

Users got to feel good about themselves. And in our burgeoning Longhouse, there is nothing more important than feelings.

There are many rumors our rulers will call upon lackey Experts to institute a new panic beginning October. After all, the first one was so useful to them in fortifying the last Presidential election.

Even after everything we have seen, I am skeptical of these rumors. The preparations that have been noted may be nothing more than usual government profligacy, and the recognition all diseases, including covid, which thanks to Experts who created it is with us forever, peak in winter. But I may be reading my own desire that we’re not as ignorant as our rulers count on.

I despise, loathe, and abominate those that rule over us and encourage this madness.

Do not comply. Disobey. If you do obey, then you will discover how easy it is to submit to the strictures that are coming, as expressed in this headline: “14 American Cities Aim to Ban Meat, Dairy, Private Cars by 2030“.

14 American Cities Aim to Ban Meat, Dairy, Private Cars by 2030

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  1. Paulus Rexus Legitimus

    JFHC WTAF etc!

  2. Zundfolge

    “I cannot express, in polite English, my boundless disgust with the return of the idiot covid panic.”

    This kind of thing is why ultimately I’m irretrievably “black pilled”. We saw this same dynamic with the climate scam a few years back. Julian Assange released the East Anglia Climate Research Unit emails and basically proved that the entire “catastrophic man-caused climate change” thing was 110% BS. That alone should have ended the climate change scam forever, but within a few short years it was bigger and more powerful than ever.

    It seems that humanity is too stupid to learn. I still think God should have just sterilized Noah and his family and been done with it then and there. At any rate we deserve the enslavement and mass death coming our way at the hands of The Beast.

  3. Wayne D Schmitt

    MBC is very small. Last count 36 students. Mostly HBCU. Not sure they will be the basis for determining national policy. But then who really knows?

  4. Incitadus

    And just in time for the election it worked so well the last time.

  5. Briggs


    Alas, they are not the only ones. Just one of many.

  6. Rudolph Harrier

    Most of the people who went along were just cowards. They didn’t want to risk their job or social standing, or simply didn’t want to stand out, but they never really agreed with mandates. In my experience this sort of person is completely done with COVID theater, and is annoyed at the fact that we actually did all that stuff. But they are still cowards, so they’ll go along if enough other people do.

    What I find more interesting is the certain type of person who bought into everything, but who has still convinced himself that it’s all “temporary” somehow. He might be sextuple boosted, have caught COVID multiple times, and be living in a society that has no observable COVID caused issues, but somehow he tells himself “it’s just not safe yet” so he continues to wear his mask, day in day out (even in the recent high humidity.) He convinces himself that there is SOME set of circumstances that will cause him to stop wearing the mask, but the truth is that he’s been wearing it for years now and every obvious stopping point has already passed. He didn’t stop wearing the mask when he got the jab, he didn’t stop wearing the mask when it failed to prevent him from getting COVID, he didn’t stop wearing the mask when it was no longer mandated, he didn’t stop wearing the mask when the majority of people around him stopped, he didn’t stop wearing the mask when the pandemic was observably over, etc. What possibly could convince him to stop wearing it now? Yet I’ve never heard these people admit that they are going to wear a mask for the rest of their lives, they firmly believe that there is an end somewhere, probably because admitting the truth would be too depressing.

    Of course, the rest of us shouldn’t be too cocky. We might not be that delusion, but we usually accept some form of insanity under the idea that it will vanish in some distant future. Maybe the trans agenda will just fizzle out, maybe if we do nothing but vote then voting fraud will somehow disappear, maybe scientists will actually start caring about replicable results, etc. There’s usually as little evidence that this will happen as there is that the mask fanatics will take off their masks, but we still believe it anyway.

  7. Incitadus

    “Alvin Toeffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their
    laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic
    specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and
    others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can
    destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism
    whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely
    through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

    Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen April 28, 1997

  8. Anecdotally young people are far more likely to wear masks now than older people. I still see people wearing masks at the grocery store. Old people on walkers and in wheelchairs (usually with obvious other infirmities such as obesity) and young, apparently healthy people virtue signaling their concern for others.

    Also, the teenager or twenty something who routinely walks by my house, alone, in our small town, wearing his mask.

  9. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”I despise, loathe, and abominate those that rule over us and encourage this madness.”

    That’s what the Underdevils want. They need to be hated. They create it, then they feed on it. Fear and hatred are their bread and butter. Fear and hatred validate their existence, “justify” their aggression, and weaken their victims. For demonics who worship money and power love is weakness and hate is power. I think that’s why Jesus teaches love — keeps his followers from feeding the beast and turning into animals.

    Not an easy lesson. It’s fun to hate, just as it’s fun to get plastered, watch porn, gamble, eat like a pig, and blame others for your problems. But then the puppet masters are pulling your strings. They control us through our vices and by pushing our buttons. To retake control we have to take control over our sins and passions. That’s a pretty old lesson.

  10. Ann Cherry

    A few months ago, a very nice, middle aged couple at my church were still wearing face diapers; You know, those big white ones that cover 3/4 of the face, and look just like diapers.

    They are similar to diapers in other ways, because they quickly become laden with fecal e-coli and other bacteria. The mask-wearer breathes the bacteria they’ve collected on their facial Petri dishes, along with the micro plastics and graphene fibers from which most masks are made, along with their own recycled toxic fumes, and then exhale it on us all. (Thanks for sharing). I make it a point to stand far away from mask wearers, for all the good it does.

    I sent the masked lady a short 3-minute video, wherein a doctor demonstrates, using a vape pen, how breath goes thru and around various types of masks:

    [This video was removed from YouTube as “medical misinformation” because we are not, under any circumstances, to believe our lying eyes.]

    This lady responded that the video was “propaganda” and that she knew masks work against Covid because The Washington Post said so. At that point, I dropped the conversation, for obvious reasons.

    Comments trying to refute these types of visual demonstrations generally rely on the claim that masks still stop “droplets”. Never-mind that viruses are transmitted by aerosol, not droplets; and never-mind that cloth masks aerosolize the breath and keep viruses and bacteria suspended longer in the air (sometimes for days).

    I know we are supposed to “be nice” and not criticize mask-wearers, but when their “right to mask” infringes on my right to not mask, it is time to push back. Employers can help in this regard by forbidding their employees from wearing masks while on duty, as the “In-n-Out Burger” franchise recently did.

    It really is time to go on the offensive, and as Prof. Briggs says, refuse to comply. There is a company that manufactures masks with lots of little holes in them, so you can breathe freely when you HAVE to wear one, like at some ignorant doctor’s office. But do at least keep the mask below your nose, and when some busy-body tells you to pull it up, either ignore or give them a smile and the middle finger. Larger issues are at stake here.

  11. Wayne D Schmitt

    Masks are good for bandits, rioters, SD types, and many Dems.

  12. Ann Cherry

    “Documents recently obtained from the National Institutes of Health suggest public health officials used inaccurate information and misrepresented medical research to advance their policy objective that masks prevent severe COVID-19 and virus transmission—despite opposing scientific evidence received from experts.”

    In other words, they lied, and continue to lie.

  13. Of course it’s obnoxious nonsense – but it’s also perfectly predictable. Here’s a line from my “A brief history of Covid” from last year (see ) :

    “as is normal with mass delusions, some of the more committed continue to believe. Thus some people still wear masks and demand lockdowns – and because some of those people hold power in school districts, municipalities, and local governments around the western world, there is significant residual pressure for the re-imposition of counter-productive programs like masking, lockdowns, and the maximal persecution of dissent.”

    To understand what’s going on read Festinger (the original; not the nonsense written about his work by others) – and remember that he and his team were trying to find out how the NAZIs were able to get millions of decent Germans to happily murder their neighbors.

  14. Joey Zamboni

    I’ve noticed where I live (Chicagoland) that there has been an explosion in the construction of new ‘healthcare facilities’…

    Health & safety has become the # 1 idol in America, if not the world…

    Add in the governments inclination to nanny us, with warnings of all kinds of dire events – extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme weather, extreme traffic, extreme extremes…!

    You can no longer be left alone, nay you cannot be ‘trusted’ to be left alone…

    They need our taxes to pay for all their grifts…

  15. jwm

    August 5, I attended an art reception. The co-presenter showed up wearing his N95. Said he’d picked up a bug on the flight home from Europe. He has been vaxed to the max. The bug was, apparently, the New Improved! variant of the covid. His wife wasn’t masked. She came down with it. I came down with it. Here’s where it gets interesting. My one friend who attended had got the vax, but no boosters. Same with my wife. I would not vax. Neither did two other of our friends who attended. I became horribly ill with it, despite using ivermectin. Neither my wife nor my vaxed or unvaxed friends got it. After several days of fever over 101 The doc tested me and gave me the paxlovid treatment. That broke the fever, but the “rebound” two days later sent me on a 911 call to the ER in a total delirium. I have almost no memory of the day. I’ve been taking ivermectin + D3, C, zinc, and K2, and I am over the worst of it, but still very weak, very unsteady. The guy I caught it from, and his wife are not taking the horse medicine. They are both still very sick.


  16. Milton Hathaway

    Some of the more curious aspects of the Covid response don’t get much attention. For example, the normally closeted (and easily dismissed) germaphobes were super-empowered, many belligerently so. I predict that some fascinating books will be written in the future about the sociology of the Covid response. Alas, I probably won’t be around to read the best of them.

    Off-topic, there’s a new BSI video:

    An observation and a question:

    The use of captioning in this video is perhaps the most annoying implementation I have ever seen in my life. I feel like I could do real physical violence to the person responsible for that captioning.

    The hypothetical example given uses two groups of 1000 people. My question: would the point being made in this video still apply if the example had used two groups of, say, a million people? When the sample size is that small (relative to the occurrence rates), my intuition jumps to sampling noise. In other words, when you are that far out on the tails of the distribution, my intuition tells me you need much larger samples sizes.

  17. coojie

    This is no accident, the script was written long ago, the first scamdemic was about “if they could get away with it” and how long fof? Now the scan will be used if there is a need…like a distraction from the collapse of the Ukrainian narrative.

    You don’t fight this madness, these malevolent actors at the top of the pyramid…then humanity loses.

    The top fascist didn’t lose in the last war, they were safe in the West now they have come-out to play.

  18. Most people are NPC with no internal monologue programmed by external stimuli. Currently they are idling waiting for the next big thing. Obviously it’s going to be masks and lockdowns nonsense again. NPC have become habituated to all the climate nonsense and it’s all vaguely in the future. The vax and lockdowns are just too important to let get away. NPC are happy to embrace it and the doubters have to accept it at gunpoint. Once the lockdowns for nonsense reasons have become sufficiently established it can move to climate lockdowns or whatever else is convenient, by then everyone will have forgotten why they’re doing it. Lockdowns will be yet another thing government imposes “for the common good.” It’s inevitable. The only thing that pisses me off is that Americans are the most heavily armed populace ever and the non NPC portion can’t get off their fat a@ses and do something useful with all those guns.

  19. Damn, Briggs, if you’re going to BRICS – don’t say that sort of thing there. (There is even a rhyme: Briggs – BRIX).

    en dot kremlin dot ru
    Link to WikileaksSecond Johannesburg Declaration of the BRICS countries
    August 24, 2023
    The Second Johannesburg Declaration has been adopted following the 15th BRICS Summit.

    Kremlin PDF IN ENGLISH

    36. We commit to strengthening intra-BRICS cooperation to intensify the BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution (PartNIR) and create new opportunities for accelerating industrial development. We support intra-BRICS cooperation in human resource development on new technologies through the BRICS Centre for Industrial Competences (BCIC), BRICS PartNIR Innovation Centre, BRICS Startup Forum and collaboration with other relevant BRICS mechanisms, to carry out training programmes to address challenges of NIR for Inclusive and sustainable industrialization. We reiterate our commitment to continue discussion on the establishment of BCIC in cooperation with UNIDO to jointly support the development of Industry 4.0 skills development among the BRICS countries and to promote partnerships and increased productivity in the New Industrial Revolution. We look forward to the cooperation with UNIDO and request the PartNIR Advisory Group to coordinate with UNIDO.

    56. We reemphasise the importance of implementing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its Paris Agreement and the principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capabilities (CBDR-RC) enhancing low-cost climate technology transfer, capacity building as well as mobilizing affordable, adequate and timely delivered new additional financial resources for environmentally sustainable projects. We agree that there is a need to defend, promote and strengthen the multilateral response to Climate Change and to work together for a successful outcome of the 28th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP28). We recognise that the Means of Implementation should be enhanced by developed countries, including through adequate and timely flow of affordable Climate Finance, Technical Cooperation, Capacity Building and transfer of Technology for climate actions. Furthermore, there is a need for comprehensive financial arrangements to address loss and damage due to climate change, including operationalising Fund on Loss and Damage as agreed at the UNFCCC COP27 to benefit developing countries.

    64. We commit to intensify our efforts towards improving our collective capacity for global pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response, and strengthening our ability to fight back any such pandemics in the future collectively. In this regard, we consider it important to continue our support to the BRICS Virtual Vaccine Research and Development Center. We look forward to the holding of the High-Level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response to be to be held on 20th September 2023 at the United Nations General Assembly and we call for an outcome that will mobilise political will and continued leadership on this matter.

    Do you like this BRIX Biggs? 🙂

    (I miss Yanto, he’s so funny and also the most inspirationally positive. It’s time for a new fascinating story. ?)

  20. Patient

    I gave out. “Link to WikiLeaks”, lol. This is my original sample of the embed code I copied from alabamamoon. I forgot to change. I’m sleeping, obviously.
    “Link to WikileaksSecond Johannesburg Declaration of the BRICS countries
    August 24, 2023
    The Second Johannesburg Declaration has been adopted following the 15th BRICS Summit.
    Kremlin PDF IN ENGLISH”
    To beRead:
    Second Johannesburg Declaration of the BRICS countries
    August 24, 2023
    The Second Johannesburg Declaration has been adopted following the 15th BRICS Summit.
    Kremlin PDF IN ENGLISH”

    Sooner or later, everything is bugged. But I might be an agent, who knows.

  21. @Patient WEF are going to have the West vs BRICS “fighting” each other in perpetuity to ensure scarcity of resources. It’s “1984” all over again.

  22. Dino58

    This was subrational squared. At a rest stop in the great state of Alabama, I saw FOOT operated hand sanitizer dispensers. They are dispensing HAND SANITIZER!

  23. cdquarles

    Well, that’s a bit less likely to be a bacterial transmission vector ;p. I wonder where you saw it? At one of the state operated ones? One of the big truck stop ones?

    We are having a small West Nile Virus outbreak right now, in a few counties. The year has been a wetter than average one in a large fraction of the state. It is August, though, and it is “dry” season now (August, September and October); but a big tropical system can make it quite wet. One of the systems in the Atlantic basin, now in the Gulf of Mexico, is forecast to become a hurricane and clip parts of Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Where I am, we might get a tenth of an inch of rain. We’ve had a month’s worth of rain in two days earlier.

  24. Mann Friemann

    Ignore them, all of them.
    Don’t even pass a snide comment about their self-annihilation…

    Unless confronted, of course!

    Then state your position – without prejudice!

    A word about safety in the workplace: Nobody move; Nobody gets hurt.

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