Australian Feminists & Katharine Hayhoe Weep Over White Men Who Do Not Love “Climate Change”

Australian Feminists & Katharine Hayhoe Weep Over White Men Who Do Not Love “Climate Change”

Busy day at the Briggs compound, and I only have time to tell you, with regret, that the feminists are at it again.

Turns out there is a journal, and I promise this is true, called Australian Feminist Studies. And in this journal is a peer-reviewed—what is a peer here? angry unnaturally colored hair she beasts?—a paper titled “A Climate of Misogyny: Gender, Politics of Ignorance, and Climate Change Denial – An Interview with Katharine Hayhoe” by Sophie Bjork-James and Josef Barla.

According to her official bio at Vanderbilt Bjork-James “has engaged in long-term research on both the US-based Religious Right and the white nationalist movement.” Which makes her officially ignorant on the subject of physics of fluid flow on a differentially heated rough rotating sphere.

But she does appear quite knowledgeable about what eye wear to don to signal to others her woke credentials.

I refuse to look up Barla because no man has any business in a “feminist” journal.

Hayhoe, however, does know something about physics. She’s best categorized in that second-tier of scientists (see her paper tiles) who take an idea given to them by first-tier scientists, and worries that idea to death. She has no idea how to even question the idea given to her. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most of us do not belong in the first tier of anything.

Yet this paper is a catalog of feelings of these three people—transcribed from a Zoom call! Which, I suppose, is precisely what a paper in a feminist journal should be. So this is not a criticism. The only fallacy would come in supposing depth of feelings is a sound proxy for the correctness of propositions like “climate emergency.”

Sophie starts us off: “We find it striking that many of the voices downplaying or denying the reality of climate change are also those who forcefully oppose gender equality.”

This is because those in opposition understand Reality. In Reality, there is no interesting or important threat from “climate change”, and gender equality is a myth. I don’t mean myth in its modern sense of fiction or error. I myth in its classic sense of a foundational moral story. Only this one happens to be false, too.

Hayhoe (you do realize, dear reader, the intense effort it takes to not tease that name?) responds:

…there is the issue of gender inequality in the physical sciences in general. So, when you look at the earth sciences for example, which is my field, by the time you get to the level Full Professor, only 13% of us, according to the most recent numbers I have seen, are women.

Realists would take this as proof that men are better than women at physics, on average. And that the woke have not yet made the field DIE. But that it’s getting there.

Hay—stop me!—hoe’s answer goes on for a very long time to this first question. Indeed, the paper goes on for pages and pages. You know I love you, my dear readers, but even my great heart is of finite size. I could only read snatches.

Anyway, she says “research has shown”—research!—“that climate denial is not exclusively but predominately a male-dominated area and it is usually older White men”.

Which, again, proves older White men (ahem) are more in touch with Reality than others. And ore often tell the truth.

She immediately confirms this judgment: “Women conversely are more concerned about climate change.” Ain’t it the truth! Because “climate change” is a cultural or social phenomenon, and maintaining rules and order in these are what women excel at.

“Briggs, that is so sexist. That isn’t true. That makes you a misogynist.”

Uh huh.

Heyho’s very next sentence: “I am part of this program called Science Moms that just launched yesterday and part of why we did that was that it turns out that 83% of women in the USA are worried about climate change.”

Almost every one of these 83% of women do not understand any physics, but they do understand they have to be seen caring about “climate change.” Yet their deep feelings for “climate change” means nothing to the climate.

Wait. Why did she say White (and notice the capitalization) men are so amazing?

“The fact that being a White man has allowed them to dominate Western society for centuries and all of a sudden that is not enough anymore.”

Allowed to dominate? Who allowed them? Women?

She then moves to a story of her—and I know you won’t believe me, but you know your Uncle Sergeant Briggs wouldn’t lie to you—a story about her cats.

I stopped reading after that.

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  1. Women should not be allowed to vote. Actually, very few people should be allowed out of a padded room unsupervised.

  2. Rob

    Hayhoe’s entire argument is destroyed by one name – Judith Curry.

    A scientist (no gender qualifier is needed) should question and when the answers don’t fit the theory the scientist should say so.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Remarkable the rubbish people can be programmed to propagate. Even old white men can be tricked, if not careful. It can take a lifetime to learn how to think, develop discernment, and reliably spot Satan’s snares. Humility is in order, as well as compassion for the poor fools. The Overlords noted people’s propensity for swallowing slop and set up a system sowing sin for power and profit. Fed by a fountain of fake central bank ponzi bucks the Empire of Lies has been a smashing success. “Smashing” literally, because it operates on the “destructive principle” and sows the seeds of its own inevitable destruction.

    The feminists are right, in part, to blame old white men for their unhappiness. It was our responsibility to protect them from destructive follies and we failed miserably, abandoning them to social solvents such as equality, voting, abortion, porn, sodomy — the list is long — we men stood by, or actively cheered, while our women were ravaged, sterilized, drugged, stuffed full of nonsense and stuck on corporate treadmills of despair. For shame!

    The good news, which is derived from the Good News, is that every man has the power to repent of this wickedness and be a better man. If only with the women in his immediate circle. You can’t change the world but you can change yourself. Get on the path of that narrow gate Christ described. Chop wood and carry your water in good cheer. No despair, no victimhood. Solid men can yet build citadels of sanity, on the creative principle, that endure even, or especially, amidst the rubble of collapsing ponzis.

  4. Johnno

    Hay! Hoe! Hay! Hoe! Katharine has got to go!

    Are any of her cats white or a trumpish orange? Or purely black and spotted? Does she make sure to dilute the white milk with some additives to change the hue before giving it to them?

  5. Uncle Mike

    Chop wood? Carry water?

    Lately I’ve been working on the manure spreader. The drive shaft was bent, and the chain kept slipping off the sprockets. Bear of a job to fix it and nasty to boot (manure spreaders are “unclean”). But it’s finally done, and now it’s time to dispose of the mountain of cow manure by spreading it on the fields and tilling it in. That’s what a man’s job looks like. Metaphorical, eh?

    Warmer Is Better.

  6. Cary D Cotterman

    It took until my early forties before my bullshit radar began to kick in on a useful level. Now, on the brink of seventy, it has reached a finely tuned state. It takes time. That’s why it’s old white men who are grumpy skeptics.

  7. Cookie

    Oh Australia is Feminist central…particularly Wuhan Dan Andrews Melbourne, woke capital of the world that’s why Melbourne adopted the scamdemic readily, so much so that the face mask has become a part of some people’s everyday wardrobe.

    If you think this womans bad go take a look at Lydia Thorpe…her mad utterings were even to hot for the Green party!

  8. Gunther Heinz

    You read “snatches”? Good for you!

  9. The True Nolan

    “being a White man has allowed them to dominate Western society for centuries”

    Yes, in exactly the same way that Henny Penny dominated the bread industry and thus got first peck at the loaves.

    The people who make a thing deserve the greatest use (and control) of that thing.

  10. Michael

    “I only read snatches. . . ”
    It sure beats reading palms.

  11. Dodgy Geezer

    “By the time you get to full Professor, only 13% of us are women…”

    Probably because men’s primary occupation is work, while women have the far more important task of generating new people to keep the species in existence. If too many women stop doing this in order to show that they can be just as good as men at science, we won’t have a species left in a few generations….

  12. Faith

    Mr Hagfish
    My sister wants to marry you. Send details.

  13. Briggs


    I have been empowered by Hagfish’s people to ask about the size of the dowry.

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