Shifty Unscrupulous Sanctimonious Judge Sentences Douglas Mackey To 7 Months Prison For Making Anti-Regime Jokes

Shifty Unscrupulous Sanctimonious Judge Sentences Douglas Mackey To 7 Months Prison For Making Anti-Regime Jokes

Here it is. The “crime” which landed Douglas “Ricky Vaughn” Mackey, who ran a Twitter account that was well known and obviously parody, to seven months in prison.

Seven months prison, a sentence given by “judge” Ann Donnelly, who, I am embarrassed to say, is from Michigan. Appointed by Obama, of course.

This foul sanctimonious shifty extreme-left partisan unscrupulous hack thin-lipped harridan and Regime apparatchik said Mackey’s jokes were “insidious” and “nothing short of an assault on our democracy.”

Our democracy, their favorite phrase to describe any action of people expressing their will, means their Regime. Which it is a “crime” to challenge.

Mackey, whose wife just gave birth Tuesday, will have to surrender to authorities on Jan. 18. Donnelly denied his request to be free on bond pending his appeal.

Perhaps amusingly, a juror sent a note to the foul jaded judge asking for leniency for Mackey, and begged for no prison. The juror was ignored.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Erik Paulsen called a prison sentence “essential” to deter others.

“It’s gonna send a message to the people who celebrated what this defendant did,” he said. “And it’s gonna send a message to those who want to follow in his footsteps.”

The evil Paulsen is right. This was a message sent, and his message received. The Regime will not tolerate dissent, and will punish all effective efforts against it. At least those in support of Trump, who enflames their passions to pitched irrationality.

And Paulsen is evil. He nailed Mackey because Mackey’s jokes passed through an internet cable that was in New York. That was his pretext. And, as you might have heard, the prosecution could not prove, and even made no attempt to prove, that anybody, not a single person, was taken in by Mackey’s joke, which Paulsen called a “conspiracy”.

There is a site for donations for Mackey. I gather there will be an appeal and funds are needed for at least that.

The appeal is largely fruitless, as one of us, Richard Greenhorn, who is a lawyer commented: “The reason for its brevity is that seven months is too short a time to appeal the conviction. The unconstitutional law survives for other bogus prosecutions.”

Mackey won’t even be able to clear his name, even if a sane judge vacates the conviction, for as Greenhorn said “what does it mean to have his record cleared? He’s still a treasonous troll to half the country. An appeal could do nothing for him personally.”

Greenhorn is surely right: the “law” will be used to go after other Regime critics. Which is why if you are making good jokes against the Regime, you must ensure you remain anonymous. Practice good “opsec” as they say. Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. But don’t stop teasing them. It is, as is clear, what they hate the most.

Jibes identical to Mackey’s will go unpunished, as long as they are directed at Regime enemies. At this link is a woman making the same jokes at Trump’s expense. She didn’t harm “our democracy”, but aided it.

And do you remember when Hillary Clinton made from whole cloth the Russian-election-interference fiction so that the Regime could sic the FBI on Trump, spy on him and screw with his election? And do you also remember later when her lie was exposed? And then whole thing was utterly forgotten? Even though as far as election interference goes her act was the galaxy is to Mackey’s mote?

Yet there is no point whining about any of this.

My friends, there is no law. Never was. The “law” is, was, and will be whatever rulers say it is. The “law” is Congress announcing a “pronouns day”. Our current rulers say criticizing them with biting humor is illegal, at least in support of the man they hate above all men, and punishable by prison. Just as, say, stealing is no longer a crime, as long you belong to a Regime-designated Official Victim group.

Why, you could even storm the Capitol, and not only get away with it but be cheered on by the Regime. As long as your storming is in favor of “our democracy.”

What we’re seeing is the old, and uneradicable friend-enemy distinction. We are the Regime’s enemy. The Regime rewards its friends. What’s written on a piece of paper is only ever the “law” when they need it to be.

This was ever so, it will ever be so. It is the Way Things Are. Which means the solution to our current predicament is the same solution the Regime is using. Eliminate enemies and reward friends.

Make good friends.

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  1. Tim Owens


  2. john b()

    Two Hangmen by Mason Proffit

    As I rode into Tombstone on my horse whose name was Mac
    I saw what I relate to you goin’ on behind my back
    It seems the folks were up in arms a man now had to die
    For believin’ things that didn’t fit the laws they’d set aside
    The man’s name was I’m a freak the best that I could see
    He was an executioner a hangman just like me
    I guess that he’d seen loopholes from workin’ with his rope
    He’d hung the wrong man many times so now he turned to hope

    He’d talk to all the people from his scaffold in the square
    He told them of the things he found;
    But they didn’t seem to care
    He said the laws were obsolete, a change they should demand
    But the people only walked away, he couldn’t understand

    The Marshall’s name was Uncle Sam he said he’d right this wrong
    He’d make the hangman shut his mouth if it took him all year long
    He finally arrested Freak and then he sent for me
    To hang a fellow hangman from a fellow hangman’s tree

    It didn’t take them long to try him in their court of law
    He was guilty then of thinking a crime much worse than all
    They sentenced him to die so his seed of thought can’t spread
    And infect the little children; that’s what the law had said

    So the hangin’ day came ’round and he walked up to the noose
    I pulled the lever but before he fell I cut him loose
    They called it all conspiracy and that I had to die
    So to close our mouths and kill our minds they hung us side by side

  3. McChuck

    History shows that the Regime will continue until it is made to stop.
    The Constitution is nothing but a piece of paper.
    Tools only work when you use them.

  4. Tim Owens

    IF this isn’t a comedic call-to-arms to group-rip this corrupt judge and this fascist regime, then, the stand-up comedian profession no longer has any ballz or ovaries. PC wins.

  5. Morten Nielsen

    “My friends, there is no law. Never was. The “law” is, was, and will be whatever rulers say it is.”

    I beg to differ. The Law is from God and it is eternal and unchangeable. Worldly laws may be made to partially imitate The Law or they may be made to oppose it. In the latter case, the country with such laws will fall under judgement.
    For all countries in the former West, that time is approaching. Rapidly.

  6. Briggs


    Yes, I agree about distinction.

  7. Gunther Heinz

    The supreme irony is that those “text Hillary” votes were actually counted.

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “This foul sanctimonious shifty extreme-left partisan unscrupulous hack thin-lipped harridan and Regime apparatchik said Mackey’s jokes were “insidious” and “nothing short of an assault on our democracy.”

    That’s a spicy bite, Sarge. Judging by her wiki pic you might have added; dried-up, poisonous, bitter, hateful old witch. Some piquant barracks terms apply, but this is a family blog. The sort of woman who probably inspired the old enthusiasm for witch burnings. Pursuing power in the satanic pyramid requires purging all positive feminine attributes. Of course, there are male analogs of the type.

    “Our current rulers say criticizing them with biting humor is illegal…”

    It’s not quite that bad yet. There still needs to be some legal pretext for prosecution, however nebulous. In Mackey’s case it was “election interference”; for the Jan 6 crew it was “trespassing and violent insurrection”. You can still say “Judge Donnelly is a foul sanctimonious shifty extreme-left partisan unscrupulous hack thin-lipped harridan and Regime apparatchik” without much risk of prosecution. And you can still speak the truth that “their democracy” is a corrupt farce.

    We are, as Briggs notes, the regime’s enemy, but it’s also true that all mankind is their enemy — something the poor fools who support them tend to overlook. I suspect these provocations may be intended to goad the populace to overreaction. Their M.O. is to kick the dog until it bites, then shriek and play the victim until the dog is put down. Don’t take the bait. They are far less powerful then they would like us to believe. These pathetic prosecutions reek of weakness. So be of good cheer, stand on the truth, mock the devil, tend your garden, cry for the tragic and laugh at the comedy. These are the good old days.

  9. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Bah. Funked the blockquote in that last graph.

  10. Briggs


    I fix it right?

  11. cdquarles

    I fought the “law” and the “law” won. Sad; but not unexpected.

  12. Johnno

    Soldiers of the internet!

    This is a call to arm!

    Know their names – Ann Donnelly and Erik Paulsen – and find their public profile pictures!

    And then MEME!


    Make their nholy names and visages synonymous with tyrannical clown-left lunacy on every channel where trolling and humor can be found! Until every child born of man who has ever accidentally grasped a cell phone uses their name as a vain adjective the likes of a Karen or getting Epstein’ed!

    This is “essential” to encourage others not to give in and it’s gonna send a message to the people who celebrated what they thought this ruling would achieve, and it’s gonna send a message to those who want to follow in their footsteps.

  13. JH

    Yup, they are just anti-regime jokes. You know what’s worse, juries were almost entirely composed of blacks and women whom Douglass Mackey believes were not intelligent enough to judge and vote. How unfair Mackey was treated. How unfair. Help Mackey, your friend, by sending money. Send Money Now!!! lol

    There’s no indication they were just anti-regime jokes, and the evidence shows otherwise. I cannot rule out the possibility that only certain kind of people get the jokes.
    Mackey is not the kind of friends I want my children to have. Though I do think the 7-month prison sentence is too harsh.

  14. Tim Owens

    “You are not being sentenced for your political beliefs or for expressing those beliefs,” she said. “Each one of us has the right to hold opinions and express those opinions.”
    Rather, she said, he used an “insidious” method of spreading lies to deceive people out of voting, describing it as “nothing short of an assault on our democracy.”


  15. Anon

    Waiting for Trump to say something positive in defense of his warriors, instead of crying in his soup about his own case.

  16. Briggs


    Go on waiting. Let us know when you’re done.

  17. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Yes indeed, a perfect fix, thanks.

  18. Johnno

    What evidence would that be JH? Conspiracy to share memes that negatively impact said candidate? The crime of parodying an image that veers too close to legal jargon and image layout of actual campaign election fellatio?

    If people were fooled (no evidence presented), then I’ll be okay with the sentencing if Kristina Wong is also held accountable. But you know as well as I, that some animals are more equal than others! Either that or the court is basically admitting that Republican voters are smarter than stoopid democrat voters, and whites are smarter than POCs.

  19. How’s that 2nd Amendment working out for you. Looks like that Tree of Liberty got lost in those forest fires, or something.

  20. Johnno

    The 2nd amendment is just a nice necklace of pearls to clutch on to.

    Great against random un-uniformed assailants. But a usless bluff against The System’s troops, kangaroo courts, and propaganda organs. Every American will hang separately without firing a shot.

    The ideal of America ended with the Northern Agression, and everybody actually used their guns back then! Now everyone will remain as slaves within their 15-min plantations, be tarriffed on their carbon footprint, be happy as one rainbow diverse union, and the negroes are programmed to revolt on cue as Lincoln intended.

    When the surviving Catholics finally rebuild from the ashes and restore the monarchs, what’s left of North America will be placed back under the crown and pay tribute to both Emperor and Rome.

  21. You’re spot on @Johnno, except the Pope is no longer a Catholic and after Vatican 2 it’s hard to imagine Catholicism is a real religion any more.

  22. Johnno

    Do not despair Mr. Pate. All those things have been foreseen and prophesied. The errors of Russia from Communism to Zionism and Schism have spread. Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the AntiChrist. Nations will be annihilated. But in the end, the Immaculate Heart will triumph and a period of peace restored, and the conversions of many. The Church will experience her persecution, almost her death, and finally her resurrection, in imitation of her Spouse.

    It still sucks for us to have to live through it, or die under it before sanity is restored, but I remind myself of my own sins and my part of contributing to the masses of offences against God. So there is nothing coming that we have not earned. The rest we leave up to providence. For now, we should consider ourselves blessed that our eyes are still open to the deceit and madness, and that alone shows that God still encourages us to endeavor, in the very least as witnesses of these wicked times.

  23. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Johnno, I wonder the Beautiful Lady did not prophesy the errors of America, but only those of Russia. Or prophesy the errors of Adolphian Germany. And no mention of the errors of the Esquimeaux. Just the Ruskis. And yet the errors of the Rus pale, arguably, in comparison to us Yanks. Where is the Visitation of the Lady warning Americans? And where is Briggs, taking Friday off, the lazy slug, probably out on his bass boat netting lake trout on Mishigami, or attending polka festivals, playing the tuba in ridiculous lederhosen, or changing the oil in his racist monster truck, or chopping wood for his climate-destroying woodstove, the fascist monster. But I digress. What was my point? My point is, you have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do, Johnno.

  24. Johnno

    Hagfish, when Sr. Lucia was asked point blank if America would become Communist, her answer was simply, “Yes.”

    Mr. Louie Verrichio had some very keen insight into one of Russia’s several errors:

    America’s sole involvement in various interventions stems from this, and carried on from there. American troops are mercenaries. Freedom and democracy is the PR front. To be sure, there certainly were benefits from American action, like finally being let out of work camp, burka’d girls learning to read, the finest infrastructure Halliburton contracts can build, your very own U.S. Forward Operating Base, forever loans at compound interest, poppy seed farms, a local McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, etc. But “freedom and democracy” is also a threat leading to the illusion of government by/of/for the people, the seeds of polarized public division, and pride parades.

    America’s fate, being Protestant Evangelical heretics, is to ensure that Israel is built, maintained, and protected, with a brand spankin new Temple, so that events as they figure them from the Bible are all set, the AntiChrist can finally get here, and they can all get happily raptured away, while the rest of us stew in the pickle while they watch from Heaven with popcorn and 3D glasses.

    So America is in the business of self-fulfilling prophecy. But like every Jew-led venture, like financing your own enemies from Hamas to lefty Palestinian-loving Harvard students/Islamic refugees/bolchevik activists/Democrat party BIPOC women, etc. it always ends up blowing up in their faces. And with the recent Israeli political shrieking that Russia will pay dearly for supporting the “Nazis” in Gaza, all because poor Israel backed the actual Nazis in Ukraine, it will likely be a hypersonic explosion in their faces.

    The Jews are good at screwing themselves, but they’ve got at least one cushion between themselves and inevitability to take the brunt of it. As they say, “America First!”

  25. Cloudbuster

    “Perhaps amusingly, a juror sent a note to the foul jaded judge asking for leniency for Mackey, and begged for no prison. The juror was ignored.”

    If he didn’t want him sent to prison, then why did the moron find him guilty?

  26. Johnno

    It depends on how craftily specific the lawyers were about what precisely he was guilty of.

    If it is illegal to make fake campaigns, did the defendant intentionally or unintentionally create a parody image that looked too counterfeit of real official propaganda?

    If it is bad to target and trick a BIPOC did the defendant intentionally or unintentionally create a parody image that looked too counterfeit of real trucking-approved official DIE-targeted advertising?

    Is the Democrat Party an organization of people that would seriously consider texting-to-vote as a viable form of democracy regardless of whether or not armies of call centers in India and China or simple algorithms could be used to abuse this on behalf of Democrat candidates that would be logged in as legitimate votes by cellular equipped voting machines, and did the defendent intentionally or unintentionally parody an actual potential policy that everyone could easily believe the Democrat Party seriously capable of implementing?

    Therefore, he is guilty. The fact that everyone knows it was a joke is irrelevant. He was MAGA, and that is punishable. At least he got a trial, some Jan 6th tourists at the Capitol have spent a year in jail waiting for one. And they’ll get it as soon as prosecutors can figure out which technicality they unintentionally violated.

  27. Tim Owens

    Evil prevails when good men do nothing. And, for the past two millennia since Christ ascended into Heaven, A WHOLE LOT of nothing has been done to combat it or keep it down. Good men, bought off dirt cheap. Evil, like Rust, never sleeps…while Virtue is sawing logs with a muffler-less chainsaw.

  28. Milton Hathaway

    The concluding line from an article on Mackey:

    “As this is a story about memes and going to prison for crossing a Clinton, we’ll conclude by saying Douglass Mackey didn’t kill himself.”

    I say to Mackey what I say to all who suffer while furthering a worthy cause that benefits the rest of us: Thank you for your service. We could blather on all day long about how stupid and humorless Demonrat voters are, but nothing hammers home the point quite like their reaction to this meme. In the spirit of last laugh and best revenge, hopefully Mackey emerges financially well-off from this experience, more than worth his troubles.

    Long before social media there was email. Judging from my experience, for those of use above a certain age who have worked in technology all our lives, email is the still the primary communication mechanism for memes. Exchanging memes via email is likely the slo-mo underground equivalent of “going viral”. So far, anyway, email chain memes seem beyond Demonrat control.

    Personally, I found the vote-by-text meme funnier when it included both Trump and Clinton, since you had to fill in the blank yourself for who you thought was stupider.

  29. Jan Van Betsuni

    Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump [FILM]

    SYNOPSIS “¶A billionaire elitist used his personal fortune to illegitimately sway the 2020 Election in favor of Joe Biden. By placing ballot drop-boxes across the country, Zuckerberg helped facilitate the ballot harvesting that was used to rob the American people of their voice. ¶ Zuckerberg needs to answer to the American people for his election interference efforts. No private person should have the authority to intervene in our country’s election. Zuckerberg’s wealth should not excuse him from liability.” **What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.**

  30. Tars Tarkas

    “Perhaps amusingly, a juror sent a note to the foul jaded judge asking for leniency for Mackey, and begged for no prison. The juror was ignored.”

    This is why I have no faith in humanity. All this moron had to do was hang the jury.

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