Sex With Dogs & Other Critters Back In Vogue, Thanks To Academic Peter Singer

Sex With Dogs & Other Critters Back In Vogue, Thanks To Academic Peter Singer

Very long time readers will know that we warned that the creation of the notion of “sexual orientation”, and the criminalizing of “discrimination” against “sexual orientations”, logically implied that all sexual behaviors would, and must, come to be seen as allowable.

Step into the patented Briggs Time Funkifier™ and set your dial to 2014:

Gender theory in brief says we are what we sexually desire. It’s not that we have desires, but that we are these desires. They are the core of our being. They make and form us. They are our orientation.

We started with “heterosexual” and “homosexual”, terms invented just over a century ago. Did you know that? The learned words and their colloquialisms “gay” and “lesbian” first described abnormal behavior. It took about fifty or sixty years before the words morphed into kinds of sex, now “gender”, just like male and female.

“Bi” followed close on the heels of the expansion, and of course now we have a blizzard of “orientations”, the range limited only by our imaginations. Which, unlike the behaviors of most of the inventions, is fecund.

Once you allow that our will alone creates these various sexes (or “genders”), then it logically follows every invention is as valid a category as any other. This does not mean that every new “orientation” is immediately and universally accepted, for one because not every citizen is a logician. And for two because it takes a while to soften up our powers of reasoning.

Now bestiality, like sodomy, has always been with us. As I have pointed out many, many, many times, it has been, is, and likely will increasingly be legal in many localities. The article from 2014 suggested “woofies” as the term to describe the “orientation” of bestiality, to take the place of the learned word “zoophilia”.

It’s apt, like “gay”, in expressing common zoophilic behavior—female “dogs” having sex with canines, for instance.

Well, the term never caught on, much to my disappointment. But lately there has been a resurgence of interest in sex with animals, so I may yet live to see the word become common. Nobody, after all, wants to say “I’m a zoophile.” They’d rather say something like “I’m a woofie.”

The academic Peter Singer may be the reason for the adoption. He has just published, in the peer-reviewed Journal of Controversial Ideas, the paper “Zoophilia Is Morally Permissible“. By some person calling herself “Fira Bensto” (I put that into an anagram solver and got “Fiat Boners”). I only assume it’s a woman, because the journal announces the name is a pseudonym.

Which right away tells you the authoress does not have the courage of her own convictions, because if she did she’d use her real name. And boldly say how she wants to get it on with the snails in her backyard. Instead of claiming “I do not engage myself in zoophilia.”

Hey, why not snails? And why not cats, gophers, worms, cockroaches and rats? Why limit it to man’s former once best friend? That would be speciesist (our authoress uses this word), judgmental and discriminatory. Which, like it or not, is logically true.

Sex with animals is, scientifically speaking, yet another form of masturbating. Not to say a new way to frighten the horses. So whatever the argument of Fiat Boners is, it can be no more than a justification of this specific form of masturbation, glued onto words about how the animals ackshually like it.

There is also this (ladies, avert your eyes until the next paragraph): We eat the little porkers, so why not give them a good porking, too? This kind of argument will convince many.

What’s fascinating is our authoress begins her paper by decrying religion, saying “We can already find in the Old Testament several passages which portray bestiality as a crime against nature”.

She also cites some curious facts, like some surveys suggesting “2% of the general population find the prospect of having sex with animals sexually arousing.” There are also dog-bites-manisms like “7% of the female respondents have some sexual interest in horses”.

This leads to the democratic fallacy, which is that if 50 + epsilon percent of the population say a thing is moral, then it becomes moral.

There is some “consent” humor: “Suppose that during a walk in the forest I suddenly see a deer. I happen to have some food in my backpack, so I hand it to him and he comes nearer to eat it. I can safely take this as an indication that the deer consents to being fed by me.” She doesn’t complete the thought of bending the deer over the nearest log in payment for the food. But the reader will.

“Briggs, that’s terrible language!”

What did you think sex with animals was, sweetheart.

Anyway, our author ends with claiming “The case for zoophilia being permissible is fairly robust, and commonly raised objections fall flat or are insufficiently backed up.” She’s right: her conclusions follow from her premises that zoophilia is yet another “orientation”, and “orientations” can’t be discriminated against. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch said so himself.

The most amusing part of this was that the appalling Peter Singer, after first proudly announcing the paper, realized people would assume he was doing something odd with the pallet of Alpo he picked up down at the Costco. So he wrote a long tweet implying what he really meant was that it was nice to have animals as companions.

Sure, Pete. Woof woof.

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  1. Hagfish Bagpipe

    More Israel fatigue.

  2. Ann Cherry

    Isn’t Peter Singer the same “academic” who wrote that parents should be allowed to murder their own children (“post-birth abortion”) up to age two?

  3. McChuck

    There is an animal rescue group in DC that specializes in healing and rehabilitating dogs who have been sexually abused by men. They are almost always male dogs. They recover several dogs per week. Their success rate is perhaps one in three, the rest needing to be put down.

    The Left is, and has always been, unremittingly evil. They are becoming more brazenly open about it now that they think they have won.

  4. Briggs


    Good grief!

  5. Someguysomewhere

    Civilization, in a nutshell, has always been about Adam and Eve, the struggle between indulging in animal urges and the knowledge of Good vs Evil.

    I would submit that the assumption that zoophilia is mostly a male problem is incorrect. I would submit that more women than you’d care to imagine have fantasized about or even indulged in sex with dogs. Every reader probably knows a woman (who you’d never dream) who has indulged in this. Females are also the driving force behind attempts to soften the taboos and stigmatizations.

    The reason for this is simple. The sick kind of men who engage in this do not attach notions of love or romance to the behavior. It is a physical act and nothing more. The female mind is wired differently. They develop genuine emotional attachments to dogs that can be clouded and crossed up with their sexual desires. Also, in a civilized world where many men are scared to force themselves on women and dominate them, in fear of rape accusations, some very sick women are happy to submit to a dog as it’s bitch.

    All I’m saying is, don’t wrongly assume this is a primarily male phenomenon.

  6. I think her majesty Inspectorette Clouseau ( is pretty safe.. 85 pounds of muscle and teeth.

    Lt: “umm, (shuffle, shuffle) what do the men do for women around here?
    sgt: “we use generally just use the camels, sir”


    sgt: “Gutsy, but we usually just ride them down to the village pub”

    woof – something about seeing myself out?

  7. spudjr60

    I guess this award winning Chemical Engineering professor is regretting that Singer didn’t publish his essay a year earlier.

    NY Post Jun-15-2023
    Penn State professor Themis Matsoukas accused of performing sexual acts with his dog: I do it to blow off steam
    He was caught on camera earlier this year naked from the waist down – except for socks and shoes – committing the perverted sex acts with his collie near bathrooms at Rothrock State Forest in Pennsylvania

  8. Cary D Cotterman

    Between work, family, and other acquaintances I probably know about fifty women. I refuse to believe that three or four of them might be open to a shagging from a horse.

    I wonder, between pedophilia or zoophilia–which will be normalized/legalized first? Will there be parades? Will the parents of pedos and zoo-os be able to order a flag from Amazon, to proudly fly from the front porch? How will public elementary schools promote and celebrate these orientations?

    To be honest, I’ve never seen a “come hither” look in my greyhound’s eyes when our gazes met. Certainly nothing implying consent.

  9. Cary D Cotterman

    Just for the hell of it I went to Amazon and typed “Pedophilia Flag” in the search box. The top things that came up were Filipino and Vatican flags. I’m trying not to infer too much from what I’m charitably assuming is a meaningless coincidence.

  10. Johnno

    Of course it’ll happen! There will soon be trans-animals too. We already have the furry community dressing up. Might as well invest in surgeries now and wait for the White House to withhold funding from schools that do not positively affirm the child’s specie behind the parent’s back while giving them dog food in the cafeteria and letting them urinate openly around the grounds.

    Atheist relatives will be out there proudly declaring they are a monkey’s uncle, and how THE SCIENCE ™ demonstrates that at many periods of our descent, there had to be plenty of cross-intermediate-species copulation to get to where we are. So it’s completely natural, only religious bigots would disagree. That is the gift of Atheism folks. Common gradual descent into stupidity!

    If there is one upside, maybe the government will finally allow us to access medicine reserved solely for animals, like Ivermectin.

  11. Rex8or Legitimax Prime

    Ann Cherry,
    That wouldn’t be a surprise about Peter Singer.
    Look at what this pos was doing or perhaps don’t as it was bad enough for the judge to suggest that various court staff members who hadn’t seen the details should not see the details. So nobody should search for the details, the stuff below is all anyone should know about what the pos Adam Britton of the Darwin was doing to dogs.

    **** Adam Britton, 52, confessed in online messages he abused animals since he was a child and sexually abused his own dogs. But between 2020 and 2022 obtained about 42 dogs by trawling through ads on Gumtree Australia searching for people in the Darwin area who were looking to re-home their pets. He had alerts on his phone when a new dog was listed for free and would quickly email the owners and build rapport by telling them he could give their pets a good life, and that he was simply ‘after a companion’. ****

  12. Rex8or Legitimax Prime

    If anyone comes across the pos Adam Britton of Darwin Australia, works sometimes for the
    UK BBC, Crocodile expert from Yorkshire & obscene pFkr & torturer of dogs, don’t slice the pos’s head off with a sword specially sharpened for the occasion.

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