Mandating Too Many Women In Science

Mandating Too Many Women In Science

Too many of the big stories in our fading empire have to do with the destructive caustic leveling effects of egalitarianism. The Faith of the Enlightenment.

Equality is the false belief that all peoples are the same, or, if not, that they should be made the same by continuous tyrannical oversight. This is proved below.

From Equality comes the Fairness Fallacy. This happens when an inequality is noticed and the equalitarian demands that it should be removed in the name of Fairness. A viciously circular argument, you see.

Inequality is a strict and absolute necessity to get the world to work. A statement which I take to be so obvious it needs no argument. Remove Inequality by force, which is the only way it can be removed, to satisfy the cravings for Fairness, and the End must come. We will DIE. Nothing will survive Equality.

We’ve seen recently the shape our End with DIE hires, people put into position because of their demographic achievements, the overarching goal to increase Equality and not Quality. Yet the project is doomed to failure. One fellow estimates “There are about 1.2 million whites in the US with an IQ above 140, about 225,000 Asians, but only about 4,000 blacks.” Even given the usual caveats about intelligence testing, it is clear there is not enough Diversity to go around. In those areas of science which require high intelligence, there will never be enough blacks and other “minority” groups to satisfy demands for Fairness. Thus the unqualified must be hired, and because there are only finite positions, the qualified must be passed over. We will DIE.

Women are usually considered one of the “minorities”. Now it is well known, having been demonstrated over a long period of time in every possible situation, that women are not, on average, as adept quantitatively (or athletically) as men, and at the top of ability there are acres more men than women. Thus we would expect if hiring was only merit based, we’d see only a few women physicists and so on.

Which is precisely what we did used to see. Before Fairness reared its screechingly ugly head.

Here’s a new paper in Nature called “Sexism in academia is bad for science and a waste of public funding” by five earnest females.

Sexism? They mean the absence of Fairness, by which they mean they have noticed some areas in which women do not yet predominate. In their minds, and not in Reality, women are the same as men, and therefore any departure from Equality must be because of “sexism”, and not because women are not as good as men in those areas.

They speak of “the cost of losing women at early career stages”, completely forgetting the science of reproduction. It is embarrassing to have to write that women have kids at younger ages because that is what they can, and that these younger years are the best for thinking. You’d think if anybody would remember these simple facts, it would be a female. Yet, apparently, it is not so.

Instead of the natural and obvious biological explanation that many women exit science to reproduce, or because in any case they aren’t as good at science as their male colleagues, our angry ladies blame “hostile workplace environments” which “remains pervasive in academic workplaces.” Which is an insane opinion. Have they actually seen a standard academic department?

They have. The problem is that as more Equality is mandated and regulated, the greater the moral force to remove the remaining barriers to full Equality. The more Equality there is, there more every triviality is magnified and gains a terrible importance. For instance, our ladies lament that some female scientists “experience” academia as “isolating”. And that “Women at later career stages report being tasked with excessive service and experiencing a lack of supportive social networks.”

In other words, the lack of cheer-leading and excessive praise over minor, and forgettable contributions, is seen as some sort of conspiracy against women. Nothing can be their fault.

They therefore demand quotas and other forms of tyranny:

Achieving gender equity will require that relevant national statutory bodies provide more effective oversight of HERI [higher education and research institution] governance, monitoring implementation of equality policies, reviewing equality measures and ensuring compliance.

Ensuring compliance.

I know you won’t make me write out what that means. DIE. We will DIE.

But not, however, without some laughs on the way. Jerry Coyne has a small article on what happens when women reach a certain proportion of leadership. They demand everybody plays nice.

So we have Scientific American whining about manly astronomy writing, with its collisions and blowing up of mighty galactic objects. No longer acceptable. Sensitive ladies are being “triggered” by the “needlessly violent” “non-inclusive” language.

All this will be purged from the science longhouse. Where Equality rules.

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  1. Cloudbuster

    “Have they actually seen a standard academic department?”

    I am of course not the first to say this, but could the reason that so many leftist women have such a poor view of men be related to the fact that they are surrounded by leftist men, who are among the most terrible men?

  2. Timothy S

    In Canada, we have had the “The Employment Equity Act”. Most businesses are unaware of it because it has been waiting for a political environment where there is no pushback. Last December, a 2 year long task force appointed by the minister has returned with their report.

    Their priority: Securing funding to increase enforcement.

    By force of law, ALL companies must actively maintain auditable records of their compliance: It must detail steps they have taken to achieve “representative” proportions of protected minority classes. The hiring ratios must consider, women, natives, the disabled and all races everybody except straight white males*. The employee ratios will be assessed either in relation to the general population or among the pool of qualified candidates and must apply to every occupational profile within a company.

    If they do not satisfy the auditors, immediate action and multi-year plans must be prepared. They are to account for employee turnover, expected growth or shrinking of labor force and they suggest promotions and other incentives to retain minorities. In other words, promotions, raises, hiring and firing.

    As a statistician, you can appreciate the arbitrary powers it bestows on innumerate government officials. The financial penalties they can impose have judicial authority and any appeals must be filed with higher courts.

    If you think I am exaggerating in any way, I refer you to the text of the law. :-O

  3. Johnno

    DIE is here!

    DIE is delivering!

    DIE is in the news cycle!

    If it feels good, DIE it!

    Just DIE it!

    Yes We DIE!

    DIE it your way!

    DIE is forever!

    Look at all that DIE!

    DIE is blocking the highways!

    DIE is taking down your statues!

    DIE is displacing students from their schools!

    DIE is blocking their puberty!

    DIE is backfiring upon the Jews!

    DIE is de-recruiting for the military!

    DIE is ruining Star Wars!

    DIEsney, the DIEest place on Earth, is being sued by DIE for DIE!

    DIE is getting two travelling seats for the price of one!

    DIE is blowing the exit doors off airplanes mid-flight!

    DIE is powered by Lithium Ion!

    DIE is sponsoring Fiducia Supplicans!

    DIE is healing you with it’s mouth as it orgasms!

    DIE is queering Islam!

    Snap! Crackle! DIE!

    DIE is voting Democrat in 2024!

    DIE is sentenced to 840 years in prison!

    There are some things money can’t buy, but DIE can!

    DIE! Economy! DIE!

    DIE is bringing about our end!

    DIE ensures we’ll all DIE, but at least we’ll all DIE laughing!

  4. Cary D Cotterman

    When you work in a university department or profession with a lot of academic women, there is an atmosphere of resentment, bitterness, and anger. Radar is finely tuned for offence. You constantly walk on eggshells, and if you break one, even inadvertently, you’re on the defensive. Talk about a counterproductive environment.

  5. What most people seem to studiously ignore is that most jobs are fake and gay. It’s people being paid to dig holes for no real reason other than other people get paid to fill in those holes. Academia and government funded science are the epitome of this. Pretending it makes any difference whether a String Theorist is male, female, or a small furry animal is crazier than most feminists. The typical kindergarten teacher’s main important skill should be in successfully restraining their paedo urges. In the Philippines the shopping malls employ (fat) women to sit in the elevators all day to push the elevator buttons for customers. It’s all fake and gay.

  6. At uni. in the mid-60’s, one of my Professors said : There is nothing so unequal as the equal treatment of unequals.

  7. Forbes Tuttle

    Has anyone ventured to learn how many children these five earnest women have?

  8. Forbes

    Lead author Nicole Boivin: In October 2021, she was removed from her position at the Max Planck Institute, after an investigation found evidence of “scientific misconduct and bullying”.–Wiki

    Susanne Tauber: Mar 8, 2023A court has given the University of Groningen permission to fire Susanne Täuber, an organisational behaviour specialist and long-time critic of its gender equality efforts.–Times Higher Education

    Ulrike Beisiegel is a German biochemist and university professor who in 2011 became the first woman to serve as president of the University of Göttingen.–Wiki

    Ursula Keller: In March 2019, in the context of the mobbing allegations against Marcella Carollo, Ursula Keller denounced a “lack of leadership, gender discrimination and corruption at ETH Zurich” and claimed that the reason for the proposed dismissal of her colleague was “not primarily the mobbing allegations, but her gender”.[16] Female colleagues strongly disagreed with this statement in an open letter to the leadership of ETH. In the same period, Ursula Keller has been formally reprimanded by ETH Zurich, including the mention of a possible dismissal in case of recurrence.–Wiki

    Janet Hering is the former Director of the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology and Professor emeritus of Biogeochemistry at ETH Zurich and EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne).–Wiki

    Three out of five not being candidates for “Employee of the Year” is not a good look.

    None appear to be married nor have children, based on publicly available sources.

  9. Johnno

    There are no standards for definitions of what the job entails, let alone hiring for it!

    A former civil servant, Anna Stanley reports on a counter-terrorism course she attended which she found a deeply, existentially depressing experience.

    The course began with the issue of definitions. What is Terrorism? Without anyone providing an opposing standpoint, we were taught the adage, ‘One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.’

    I posed to the room: ‘Surely we can acknowledge subjectivity while being able to come up with a collective understanding of what terrorism is?’ Some 40 civil servants looked at me blankly. No?

    I wondered why we were there.

    The danger of understanding terrorism with cultural relativism is that it breeds moral apathy; the kind that says ‘Who are we, mere democratic, liberal Westerners to impose our morality onto others? Who are we to say our culture is superior to others?’

    These are luxury attitudes.

    It is easy to be sat in Kings College London and feel that all cultures are equal, when you haven’t been anally raped at a peace festival by someone shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and held hostage. In the introduction to the course, labeling an organisation as terrorist was described as a problem because it ‘implies a moral judgment’. Nothing was said about why a moral judgment might be appropriate.

  10. No women on 80 meters, the 80 meter band. None. Scan across 80 in the evening and its all male voices.

    This is an elective activity, and no women appear. Well, maybe on a net or two passing traffic, but at most there is only one net of that kind active at any one time and you might here a female voice there.

    But on the rest of the band – its all male voices participating in the usual free-for-all ‘meeting of the minds’ that takes place each evening. Its JUST a fact of life.

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