Stop Eating Crap

Stop Eating Crap

So this thoroughly unpleasant foreigner, an Indian, took to Twitter to complain of the “racism” he faced when moving to our country. I would show you the tweet, but the author deleted it (and I stupidly neglected to screenshot it).

But it ran something like this. He whined about “subtle” “racism”, because people asked him questions about India, like arranged marriages, and said nice things like “I like Slumdog Millionaire” (a movie, I take it, set in India).

This privileged (he has some high-ranking tech job) ungrateful slob took the curiosity and politeness of the native population as “racism”. And so he went online to insult these polite people, who invited him to their country when they did not have to, and surely should not have.

Well, since this is a family blog, I cannot say what this dirty stupid person needs to hear. I can say: go back. Leave. We do not need you. We do not need to eat your idiotic crap about “racism”. What in the unholy Hell did you expect when you come into somebody’s home? That you insult the owners and be cheered for it? Why are you here?

This scheming loathsome ungrateful botch is, alas, only one of many, though his arrogance particularly stuck in my craw. We could, with terrible ease, find many such examples.

My lesson to you, my dear native brother and sister, with this and with our further examples below, is to stop eating crap. Stop shrinking back and apologizing over every cry of “racism”. Stop feeling guilty. You have nothing to apologize for and no reason for guilt.

For crying out loud. Your ancestors build a culture in which people think and act in more-or-less homogeneous ways, and, being overly polite, invited others in to partake of it. And when these ungrateful wretches arrived, they started complaining our culture is not their culture—and you apologize? What is wrong with you. Stop that. Demand assimilation.

And don’t give us any nonsense about “slavery.” Get over it. Everybody did slavery, and there’s lots of it still, and always will be. It’s got nothing do to with any of us here now.

Just you think of moving to China and start screaming and agitating and berating natives about “racism” when you are treated like a foreigner living in a foreign land. See how far it gets you. Report back. If they allow wifi in your prison.

Here’s a typical DIE example, chosen from a sea of similar excrescences, here selected by Reason magazine (all original):

  • in June 2020, in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, “Wong [Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Equity] expressed her intention to cause Penn State’s white faculty to ‘feel the pain’ that [he] endured;”
  • in a “breathing exercise,” Wong told “White and non-Black people of color to hold [their breath] just a little longer—to feel the pain;” that October, Naydan, [Chair of the English Department and] De Piero’s supervisor, co-led a professional development meeting on multiculturalism that included “supposed examples of ‘racist’ comments” where every hypothetical perpetrator was white;
  • the following month included an event called “Arts and Humanities as Activism,” where De Piero alleges the facilitator “condemn[ed] white people for no other reason than they spoke or were simply present while being ‘white,'” including by “condemn[ing] … ‘white elites’ and ‘white self-interest;'”

Why are you putting up with this? Tell these white-hating loathsome fools to take a long walk off a short dock. Tell them that after they eliminate “whiteness” you are going to eliminate Asianness, and Jewishness, and blackness, and whatever.

Do not comply.

Are you going to sit there and be tortured, albeit subtly and psychologically, just because you’re white? Tell the wench to hold her own damned breath until she passes out to see what DIE exercises are really like.

Sue the ugly SOBs. March right into your boss’s, or HR’s, office and say you are filing a complaint with whatever pathetic government agency that tracks “racism”. Get a lawyer.

When they try to march you off to reeducation camps, do not go. They are telling you that they are punishing you because you’re white.

Stop taking it. You are part of the problem. Enough damned surrender. The proper response to some midwit DIE zampolit who says it’s impossible to be “racist” against whites is to say, in language as salty as you like, “You are a bad person.”

You want to know how to handle journalists, administrators, or indeed any anti-white wacko? Like this guy (his language is rough, ladies):

“You are an infection, you are the definition of weakness, everything wrong with the world is because of you!”

That is what to tell the woke.

One last thing. I don’t know if you saw A Solider’s Story. Sergeant Waters was supposed to be the bad guy. He was not. I will not elaborate.

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  1. Hiding_Out

    Yes! We need more men like Sean Strickland telling it like it is, unapologetically.

  2. Johnno

    Once Indians were smart enough to understand that people outside India don’t know everything about India and would be happy to talk about their culture with polite people making inquiries about who they are and what they are like. For the same reason that if an Indian met a Japanese, they’d also likely have curious questions about why they read their books backwards and say that they liked that one Dragonball cartoon their kid likes to watch.

    The dumb Indian up there was trying to assimilate – with the liberal white pussies.

    He was trying to speak the language of the Expurt and Media class. The same way a new kid in a foreign school befriends the bullies because a) who doesn’t like to be on top? and b) he doesn’t want to get his ass kicked either.

    The reason many whites are such pussies is because they have to deal with liberal pussy whites who get off on bullying them because liberal pussy whites need an outlet for all the problems liberal pussy whiteness has created.

    The solution is to not only push back, but to take the offensive! Make those pussies feel stupid and bad. Shame them into compliance and don’t feel bad about it, they’re doing the same thing, but lucky you, you get to actually make sense, whereas they can’t explain any of the stupid crap they subscribe to.

  3. Terrible itle but great article.
    Ph.D.’s are not supposed to write so well
    Recommended on my blog recommended reading list today with a different tutle (an editor has to do something)

    “Many charges of racism are BS — white people should not tolerate this abuse, by William Briggs, Ph.D.”

    Questions of the Day

    Is an albino a person of non color?

    How is person of color (good phrase ?)
    different from colored person (bad phrase?)

  4. Brian (bulaoren)

    I have always considered it an historical tragedy, like the asination of Caesar, that Alexander did not continue his conquest of the Indian sub continent.

  5. John M

    Isn’t white the reflection of all color and black the reflection of no color?

  6. Cary D Cotterman

    I once had a coworker who came from Turkey. She was offended by anyone who asked her, out of innocent curiosity or friendliness, about her country or culture. I can’t imagine being that way, if I were the foreigner. I don’t understand such people.

    Sean Strickland is my new hero. I wish I had the balls to be like him when confronted by wokeheads.

  7. Incitadus

    Typical Marxist crap time to push back, that guy did a great job, the old maxim
    don’t suffer fools lightly comes to mind.

  8. JH

    I can say: go back. Leave. We do not need you. We do not need to eat your idiotic crap about “racism”. What in the unholy Hell did you expect when you come into somebody’s home? That you insult the owners and be cheered for it? Why are you here?

    Gee… Briggs, do white people like you own this land?

  9. > Your ancestors build a culture in which people think and act in more-or-less homogeneous ways, and, being overly polite, invited others in to partake of it.

    I think it had more to do with VAST amounts of empty land, as well as an unsatiable desire for cheap labor. 🙂 After all, that’s why they imported slaves, didn’t they? Too much land, too little people.

  10. McChuck

    @JH – Yes. Yes, we do. Now get off my lawn!

  11. Johnno

    Gee… Briggs, do white people like you own this land?

    All Legal Citizens do own their land, yes. You didn’t know?

    Well, we at least know that JH’s house is open to host several dreamers coming in. He should let his local democrat caretakers know. They’ve been asking and they’d appreciate taking back access to the portion of land JH is occupying!

  12. The True Nolan

    “How dare you ask about my country! I am offended!”

    “Yes, my apologies! I didn’t mean to embarrass you. It must be terribly painful to confess the facts about such a shit hole of a culture.”

    On a more serious note… Yes, we all need to be more verbal and MUCH more emphatic in our response to these ongoing insults to ourselves, our families, our nation and our culture. Tell the “wokesters” to go F themselves.

    I am in my 70s. I recently struck up a conversation with a stranger — a woman, probably in her 60s, White. She was complaining that local legislation had been passed removing “educational” child porn from elementary school libraries. I decided that since she was in favor of such things and was an adult woman, I could be blunt with her.

    I asked her “Do you really think schools should have library books telling eight year old kids how to give good blow jobs and take a dick up the ass?”

  13. Sadly India is due a “demographic dividend” i.e. its population is exploding, so these pikers will be flooding into formerly White countries in huge numbers as we go into the future. India will be back to famines before long given the state of its agriculture, so of course it will be sold as “climate change” causing “forced migration” and you’ll certainly have no say in it.

  14. spaceranger

    I did ask one of my Indian colleagues WTF is the deal with mixing cucumber, yogurt, and mint.
    He’s into Tex-Mex himself.

  15. My reply? When y’all stop sneaking your wretched caste system into my country, you can start complaining about racism. Until then, STFU.

  16. cook

    We will have to eat crap until the feminised white male regains his manhood and the only way to do that is to literally “stop eating crap!”

    Our western diets loaded with trans fats and sugar have disrupted the male hormonal system to make us a third sex…fem-males. Do you think the males of the era of the John Wayne movies would put up with this crap thats happening today where the female is the new male?

  17. Faith

    JH: Gee… Briggs, do white people like you own this land?

    Briggs: I rest my case.

  18. The True Nolan

    @cook: “We will have to eat crap until the feminised white male regains his manhood and the only way to do that is to literally “stop eating crap!”

    Great point! We will never act until we change who we have become.

  19. Patient

    Consonantal. Without crap, eat only a safe and effective, healthy multipolar superfood. For the climate.

    November 11, 2023

    Murmansk region will be the first in the country to produce superfood from manure and feces

    In the Murmansk region [Russia], the production of biotechnological products from manure, feces and fish waste will be opened

    300 million rubles will be invested in the Arctic Industrial and Production Technology Center, it will be put into operation in 2025.

    The final product can be used in various areas, including as an active additive in animal feed or a superfood for people performing special tasks with high intensity and physical and psychological load, including in difficult environmental and climatic conditions, as well as undergoing or preparing for rehabilitation procedures.

  20. N. Ominous

    Growing up non-white in 1970s Britain was hell – there were times when I was racially abused day after day, and I frequently faced hostility from random strangers. I remember almost laughing when I saw an episode of the futuristic sci-fi series UFO in which Straker ridiculed the idea that another character might have suffered racism because racism had “burned itself out” [or some such phrase] in the 1980s. The idea that such a thing could be possible seemed absurd in the 1970s, but somehow it came true to a great extent, at least in my experience.

    It’s amazing how different the twenty-first century has been for me, so far, since I haven’t been racially abused even once, although I have twice been called a racist by woke white people on Facebook. One of these days I must post a profile photo…

    The worst obviously race-related incidents I have experienced this century have been some very sour and unpleasant looks after 9/11 and 7/7 and a peculiar confrontation with two youths, who blocked my route up some car park stairs. My interaction with these youths went something like this.

    Youth: “Can you say Allah is a ****?”

    Me: “Why do you want me to say, ‘Allah is a ****’?”

    Youth: “We just want to see if you can.”

    Me: “I think you’ll find I just did.”

    Perplexed, they carried on downstairs, letting me continue without having to find out whether I could make a pre-emptive strike at the first sign of escalation and pull one of them downstairs if I moved quickly enough, which I probably couldn’t have done…

    I’ve hardly even come across incidents of tiresome ignorance. The only case I can think of was on-line at another climate sceptic blog [I cannot remember which one], where several people shared the collective delusion that the decorative dots worn by many Indian women were signifiers of caste. They were so taken with this excuse to express malevolence that they seemed completely unreceptive to the possibility that they were mistaken.

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