The Border Happening & The Weakness Of The Regime

The Border Happening & The Weakness Of The Regime

Simple math: 5,000 x 365 = 1,825,000. Check me. Is it right?

That 5,000 is the number of “migrants” the Regime Senate would allow in each day—each and every day of the year, in perpetuity. Five thousand a day is just under 2 million a year. Every year.

This daily number, instead of annual, is well calculated to assist propagandists. You will hear idiotic things like, “They’re only letting 5,000 in.” Listen for this.

Special addition! No sooner did I write this article, then I heard on the radio news: “The new Senate deal would allow President Biden to shut the border down if migrants reached 5,000 or more”. With not a word about this being daily. And notice who it allows the power. This was Fox News radio.

Those 5,000 are just the legal ones. How many daily illegal “migrants”? Who knows. Not zero. One guy says there are now nearly 7,000 “migrant encounters” at the border daily.

Migrant encounters. Lord help us.

That 5,000 a day is the “deal” the Senate is “offering” to fix the wholly manufactured “crisis” at the border. English demands an outcome cannot be a crisis if it was desired, aided, and abetted. Yet English has already been sacrificed to the woke, who have lunatics strutting around announcing “their” pronouns.

Now some of this is surely also due to incompetence. If there is anything we learned these last three years is how incompetent our elite are. But it is a directed incompetence, especially with its emphasis on DIEing.

The only real solution, therefore, is replacing that elite.

At any rate, you will have heard the news. Last week, Governor Abbott declared an “invasion” and Texas forbade the Feds from monkeying with its border razor wire. This incensed, quietly, those same Feds. Biden issued an ultimatum: back down or else! Abbott did not back down. Then a slew of other governors announced “support” of Abbott. As of this writing, nobody really knows what this “support” means in practice.

Yet what was hilarious was Biden’s “or else.” After Abbott held, Biden issued some penny-ante decree pausing approval of natural gas terminals, which will sting Texas (and other states) in some small way. Biden blamed “the devastating toll of climate change” for the pause, and not Abbott.

Not only this, but then the White House starting touting the Senate deal as the “solution”, which we might call Open Borders Lite, the math of which we saw above. And then Biden backed down again!

He had somebody issue a hilarious tweet declaring the border is “broken” and saying that “It’s long past time to fix it”. And he said if he got Open Borders Lite, he would act.

Gorgeous propaganda! It will certainly fool every NPR listener and suchlike folk who are eager to find an excuse, any excuse, to continue to support the Regime. None of them will even pause to consider Abbott has already acted after Biden refused to. Consistently refused to, and, of course, abetting the invasion.

On the other hand—and here comes our main point—those NPR types might not ever hear of any of this. A quick scan at the time of writing (Sunday evening), and I don’t see word one on the New York Times on-line site. Last relevant article about Abbott or Texas was from the 22nd about another SCOTUS ruling issued before Abbott’s declaration.

Regime propaganda outlets are doing their absolute best to remain as quiet as they can about this genuine crisis, even though the Governors of half the States have issued declarations of support and against the Regime. Which one would assume is both shocking and newsworthy.

The reason for the hush is that the Regime is pathetically weak, and know it, and they look it. They tried muscle and blew it. Which weakens them. Abbott, so far anyway, has refused to budge, and he got Biden to surrender twice.

Yes, it’s all small stuff. So far. But the Regime could have done much more, if they really had the strength. For instance, many on-line lefties (none of whom are in any power) have called for the Regime to nationalize the Texas National Guards, which they have the authority to do.

Can you imagine them doing that in an election year, though? This would be the equivalent to the campaign slogan Vote for Biden and Open Borders — Or Else!

Probably the Regime is preparing some sort of “devastating” legal move, which might even work. Don’t forget, “conservatives” pride themselves on following the law, even when the law is insane. (The left has no such compunction.) Abbott may back down.

Yet now is the time to push them. Any use of force on the Regime’s part is the beginning of their end.

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  1. McChuck

    Biden is willing to somewhat control the border the day after we cave in to his demands.
    Note that if he could do it that day, he could shut down the border this day. Or yesterday.
    He has stated he has the power, but doesn’t want to obey the law.

  2. Plantagenet

    …I shall do such things,
    what they are I know not yet,
    but they shall be the terrors of the earth! (King Lear)

    As a threat not much use, but good ol Shakers always on deck whatever the situation.

  3. bruce g charlton

    People in general cannot grasp big numbers.

    Officially the UK had more than 700,000 immigrants last year – more-than, because that number had outgoing migrants subtracted, and does not include the myriad of deliberately uncounted illegals.

    That, as a percentage of national population, is approximately equivalent to *3.5 million* immigrants to the USA – in one year, in a much smaller nation; and it *already happened* here, last year, and continues.

    But there is near zero concern in public or in private, no sense of urgency or importance; and the need to house (let alone Give health care, education and a lot of grants) to a population the size of the 7th-largest city in the UK (Sheffield), every year – is *not even mentioned* as a possible cause for the rapid house inflation and housing shortage.

    The reason is perfectly simple: “They” (who are not even located in the UK) are hell-bent on destroying The West, and especially the Anglosphere and Europe – by economic collapse, mass violence, global war and whatever else they can contrive.

    Deliberately calculated, planned, purposive *destruction* – it’s happening week by week, here and now.

    But a great mass of Western people are, on the whole, okay with this; because they hate themselves and their nations and covertly support suicide (so long as it’s painless). And this self hatred has justification from a Christian perspective; since we are proudly Godless hedonic materialists.

    All that God needs to do now is let us have what we want; and there are plenty of demonically-affiliated leaders to make the necessary arrangements in return for (short-term) reward.

  4. joe tentpeg

    End ALL $ for invaders and citizenship…is the ONLY way.

    Finishing the wall will do nothing as future admins’ tear chunks out of it.

  5. Pete

    As The Regime gets browner, gayer and more female, it’s becoming less competent, so they aren’t too confident about using direct force. Most likely they will follow the Jan 6th playbook: Photograph everybody defying FedGov at the border, use facial rec tools to identify them, then quietly arrest them one by one over the next few years. Maybe seize their bank accounts as well.

  6. If you don’t like it – do something about it. Recipe here: .

    Or maybe just wait for someone else to take action and talk about stats and stats applications here?

    e.g. I’m intrigued by the “lottery question” – why do numbers randomly chosen less often in some extended period P get chosen more often in period P+1? The [rather obvious] answers I know of look like hand waving to me… I want a physical cause [expletive exclamation mark deleted].

  7. Sumguy Sumwhere

    It is important to take note that while this is on-going, Abbott is in India, courting “economic partnership” between India and Texas.

    This means Mr Abbott needs more LEGAL Indian immigrants to top off the 5000/day Mexicans to fill tech sector jobs.

    I have a good friend in DFW area. My friend says they’d rather have the Mexicans.

  8. Tars Tarkas

    “After Abbott held, Biden issued some penny-ante decree pausing approval of natural gas terminals,”

    Biden should declare every single natural gas export terminal to be illegal and have the military go in and shut them down.

    The natural gas we have is a one time limited gift of nature and it should be treason to sell any of it to overseas buyers.

  9. Alfred Naujocks

    anglin’s take is the opposite: Abbott and the fatmericans won’t do shit, and the people who control the “President” know it.

  10. spaceranger

    If they decide to have a set number of people a day sneak across before they close the border, they’ll just queue up on the other side and come crashing across every day when the gates open. It will turn the border into a SouthWest Airlines departure lounge.

  11. Despite everyone crying over low fertility the real problem is over-population. People can’t live just anywhere, the rural poor migrate to cities and some cities are more attractive than others. Cities in the first world are the most prized. The semi-literate poor rural people in sundry third world countries are pumping out babies like it’s going out of fashion. They migrate to the cities in their origin countries then the next, better educated generation, migrates to the attractive cities in the first world countries. All the countries with high fertility are the ones that can’t support the population they have at the moment, let alone an increase. UN estimates, which are becoming increasingly accurate over time as census data in all countries is improved by modern techniques and technology, put world population breaking the 8 billion mark sometime between 2030 and 2050. That’s a 25% increase in population vs the present, all in countries that can’t handle the population they have already. For that matter there are some countries with a declining population where any young people such as there are have no economic prospects and have to migrate to the larger population centres in the first world, so even countries with declining populations contribute to the problem.
    Then there’s India. At present Indian agriculture produces a surplus but the agricultural system is a hang-over from a hundred years ago, massively inefficient and labour intensive. In my analysis India will relapse into cycles of famines, this appears inevitable if we consider what happened when eastern Europe industrialized their agriculture in the C20th. Collapse of Indian agriculture will be within the next decade I expect but certainly before 2050.
    My hypothesis is population pressures will collapse the fragile global economic system and cause mass starvation and that’s why the super-rich are building all the bunkers on the relatively isolated island nations. Waves of starving zombies will not find it easy to get to Hawaii or New Zealand.

  12. I should have said, “10 billion mark”. It’s 8 billion currently, hence the 25% increase by 2050ish.

  13. Phileas_Frogg

    Genuine conflict with the Regime requires that the other side of actors have a vested power interest in opposing the regime. Moral, Civic and Philosophical reasons are nice, but when dollars, people, land, and authority are on the table, that’s when things get interesting. Perhaps the most important and unspoken aspect of this present crisis is the potential de facto increase in power it could afford the State’s via the Regime’s tacit capitulation, hence the sudden outpouring of support by the other governors for an act which is, from a strictly legal standpoint, outside of the Constitutional Order.

    Carl Schmitt was right again, “…the sovereign is he who decides on the state of exception…” and Gregg Abbott just decided. In Texas, Gregg Abbot is sovereign, and 1/2 of the Empire’s provinces just sided with the Texas Sovereign over the Federal Regime.

    That’s the real story. Immigration is merely the object upon which Sovereign power is reasserting itself after laying dormant for several years under the Bureaucratic morass which inhibited the State from exercising it’s proper function.

    The Managerial State is coming to an end.

  14. Don't mind me.

    Abbott is complicit, he’s been shipping/distributing illegals all over the country for three years, with great fanfare I might add, because it upsets the libtards.

    (note for the slow learners: these people are still IN THE COUNTRY)

    This is a willful and deliberate importing of millions, and both sides are complicit. We’ve seen busloads dropped off in Wyoming.

    The theatre at less than a few miles of Texas border, a miniscule section of the entire border, is nothing but a giant mindfuck to distract you from the invasion, to give you a team to cheer for.

    Wake up! You are being replaced.

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