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Welcome Matt Ridely fans. You’ve reached an old post because my site was recently hacked. Click on my name above. The post to which Ridely linked can be found here!

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  1. You face a critical decision. When the quality of an artist’s work brings greater and greater attention to him (or her), he has to decide whether to compromise the quality for quantity. Your public is crying “more!…more!” but in truth we want more of the SAME. I will wait impatiently for each column, but I can wait. Keep up the GOOD work.

  2. Mike,

    Calling what I do “art” is stretching that word to its furthest possible limit.

    But I’m glad you’re here.


  3. Briggs,

    Uuh…what is this all about? Apologize for the lack of activity on your blog? Ah… I got it, I got it. Yesterday was Holy Thursday, so you did some blogging soul-searching. Well, whatever it is, I suppose you can be forgiven…if you serve beer in your comments section. 🙂

    *Cough*Cough* I think I once asked you a question and you never responded. That really hurt my feelings. On a scale from 1 to 10, with one being 1 teardrop and 10 being 10 teardrops, I would give it a 10. Yep, it hurt bad.

    Overall, I think you are doing fine. Keep up the good work. Have a very Happy Easter.


  4. Sir William the bloggerer,
    Your blog is the best. Whatever time you spare to write is a bonus.
    None have the right to complain when your generous teaching has cost them nothing, and I hope nothing I’ve said has offended. You know I am one of your biggest fans!
    Happy Easter bunny.

  5. What inactivity? This is life we’re living. As the fathers of a newborns learn, “Spit happens”. What and when you post has been so superior to the run-of-the-mill output of others that your loyal subjects will wait – breathlessly, of course – or at least till July 14,* for whatever you deign to bestow upon us. Thanks, though, for caring. Now we’ll only hope that Galarraga brings his “stuff” tomorrow afternoon.

    [*check MLB schedule]

  6. Galarraga did it today. Tige’s won 15-2 in the home opener, thank the Lord. It was starting to feel like last year before today’s game.

  7. I meant this comment about your blog being hacked and finding a culprit.

    Global warming is the one subject where we agree

  8. Sylvain,

    No, I meant in what post are you placing this comment. It looks like you’ve meant it for a very old post, one years old. And not the newest post. True?

  9. Briggs,
    Are you unaware that links to this blog have been going to early posts circa 2006 for the last week or so? That may be what Sylvain is referring to.

  10. Dear Dr. Briggs:

    I know how you feel. My series for Linuxworld on Linux for the IBM mainframe back in 2002/3 ( see drew over 3,000 angry emails, a personal attack written on a major corporation’s CIO letterhead and delivered to my home by Fedex, multiple hack attacks on my home site (then on Solaris/SPARC and almost invulnerable), and the inclusion of my domain name on spammer, virus, and attack site lists distributed to wintel users worldwide.

    Still, I was right then and so are you now – so just remember that their anger and stupidity is theirs, not yours.

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