The Week In Doom: The Distraction Of Truth Edition

The Week In Doom: The Distraction Of Truth Edition

It’s True If You Believe It

Item: NPR’s CEO Katherine Maher on the truth.

You could have made book that this was from a TED talk. It is true, in Maher’s sense, that I got her tape on What Is Truth released to coincide with my Class on Quid Est Veritas, which focused on the difference between local and necessary truths.

Which means it is false—but that I would like it to be true. Which is the form of all woke truths. I.e. false but desired.

This is why she says truth is a “distraction”. Which, indeed, it is. Especially when it is an unwelcome truth. Which are most necessary truths that conflict with woke fantasy local truths.

Recall: a woke local truth is a conclusion in a simple rational logical argument, where at least one of the premises is false. But desired. This is why she says there are “many different truths”, which means many desirable but false beliefs.

She agrees with me entirely when she says “we all have different truths”, which are produced by “mixing facts about the world with our beliefs”. Just so. That it what it means to be woke: a hostile and obstreperous rejection of Reality.

I gather Maher was the boss of wokepedia for some time. Which explains everything.

Cracked Mirror

Item: “Gen Z Believes Wokeism Is Only For Ugly People”.

“Honestly, mom, kids my age all think that woke is only for ugly people,” is allegedly what the 16-year-old son of Twitter user @WeAllNeedJesus1 said when she teased him she wouldn’t pay thousands of dollars for him to go to college and come home “woke.”

The problem is not ugly people, but ugly people (in mind or body) who want to be called beautiful. Woke reject Reality and want to enforce their local truth, usually by law. Hence criminalizing “discrimination”.

A Mother With Balls

Item: “A mother may soon be allowed to have her son castrated without the father’s permission because she believes her son is transgender:”

California’s court system is preparing to allow a divorced mother, Anne Georgulas, to have her 11-year-old son castrated against the will of the father, Jeff Younger, based on the mother’s claim that the biological boy identifies as female.

A pro forma hearing on April 25 will have court-ordained transgender “experts” take the stand, per National File. Younger will not be allowed to testify in defense of his son during the hearing.

The balls are not the mother’s, but her son’s. She wants to have them in her purse so that she can show them off to her woke friends, and score virtue points.

This is in woke California, naturally. The local truth they believe is that cutting off a little boy’s testicles will turn him into a girl.

Well, this is obviously insane, and the people who wield the knife, should it come to that, ought to be hanged publicly, their corpses left to decompose in the Capitol at Sacramento as a warning to others. The mother should be forced to pull the levers—before herself being led to the scaffold. All done legally, of course, relying on laws California will pass.

What will happen instead is that these ghoulish butchers will win at least the accolades of their colleagues if not awards from soulless organizations like the AMA. The mother will become a celebrity, showing off the desiccated testicles of her forever son on woke TV shows.

All will be shown tolerance and not the rope.

Speaking Of Tolerance

Item: “Unpopular opinion: Mind your own business and leave the guy alone.”

That deservedly unpopular opinion was given by one Peter Boghossian, who calls himself a philosopher, in response to the outcry of discovering a politician from Spain who filmed himself joyfully eating his own excrement, as part of some “sexual” practice.

The practice itself is a “sexual orientation”, and therefore is beyond criticism, as philosopher Boghossian deduced. Philosopher Boghossian said that critics “are not merely authoritarian, they demonstrate pervasive normative rigidity that comes from Christian fear of judgement. The downside of western supremacy mindset”.

All local truths. Given the false premise that any practice deemed sexual are not only to be allowed, but celebrated with Pride. And celebrate you must. Lest you be accused of being a religious bigot.

Not uncoincidentally, in response to last week’s class some complained of having to learn philosophy, which seemed to them a waste of time. Doubtless they had philosophers like the lunatic Boghossian in mind. He is, as he says on his webpage, “currently a Founding Faculty Fellow at the University of Austin”. Which place was supposed to be an answer to woke university. He is also a speaker for the Richard Dawkins for Reason and Science. Which can be no surprise.

My friends, as I have told you, academia is not science, it is also not philosophy. We cannot reject all philosophy because of the shallow-brained Boghossians of the world. That wholesale rejection is, of course, a philosophy. What we need instead is a proper philosophy.

Headline of the Week

Item: “Biden suggests uncle eaten by ‘cannibals’ in New Guinea — but military says his WWII plane lost at sea”

Cannibals have no taste.

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  1. RussO

    Maher has evidently never heard of the word “viewpoint”. One can infer that, if they decided to blatantly cheat her out of something, she could be convinced that that was a desirable outcome and therefore true.

  2. Incitadus

    What a set of pricelessly insane headlines one hardly knows where to begin but remember
    the sole intention is to demoralize the public. Biden is perfect for the roll and probably relishes
    his wacked out contributions with a chuckle. From castration to coprophagy they’ve covered all
    the bases, I don’t favor capital punishment but whole sentences are in order for treason.

  3. Jim Fedako

    “Critics ‘are not merely authoritarian, they demonstrate pervasive normative rigidity that comes from Christian fear of judgement,'” says Boghossian while demonstrating rigidity and fear of being judged intolerant.

    I can’t imagine – actually do not want to imagine – what Boghossian might be doing when it’s just him and his camera. It seems he now buys into the grievance study nonsense he once mocked.

  4. Tars Tarkas

    “California’s court system is preparing to allow a divorced mother, Anne Georgulas, to have her 11-year-old son castrated against the will of the father, Jeff Younger,”

    The “mother” is not, in fact, the mother. It is the kid’s step mother (she adopted him while they were married). The “mother” is not the biological mother of the kid. This demented lunatic wants to disfigure the child of another woman and her ex, who she hates.

    A sane court in a normal country would grant full time custody of this child to his biological father and issue a restraining order to the fake “mother” of this poor child.

  5. Cary D Cotterman

    I live and breathe as proof that ugly does not equal woke.

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs: “…some complained of having to learn philosophy…”

    Theology too.

  7. Johnno

    It is said that the Boghossian Philosophers favorite flavor of ice cream was a particular locally sourced chocolate.

    I take it the concerns about the skyrocketing price of cacao will not be an obstacle to the Boghossians continuing to enjoy their just desserts.

  8. Tillman Eddy

    “ The local truth they believe is that cutting off a little boy’s testicles will turn him into a girl.‘

    Briggs…at long last, you have pushed me over the edge! I am speechless – should the above travesty be realized, your ‘Prophecy of Doom’ will be manifest.



  9. PhilH

    Have to agree with Briggs that cannibals have no taste: I’ve tried eating cannibals and they’re pretty bland.

  10. Tillman Eddy


    Dad joke…


  11. I briefly met Boghossian about 10 years ago. He gave a talk at some function at Portland State University where I think he was teaching then. It’s not surprising that he ended up in Austin – better weather, same crazy people. As I recall, he was leveraging the popularity of “the four horsemen” (Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens, and Harris) and doing the New Atheist routine. Part of that act was being an “edgy gadfly” about some of the kookier Leftist ideology. The horsemen all seemed to like beating up on feminists and proto-woketards. Now that that scene has died out, it’s not surprising to see Bogo reverting to a more classically woke stance on things. He seems to be casting about for a new horse to hitch his philosophical wagon to if you’ll permit me a double-double entendre. My prediction – you will soon see him wearing heels and a dress.

  12. gareth

    Briggs ! Greetings 🙂

    Have you come across Rev Dr Jamie Franklin?
    He does the Irreverend podcast in the UK and is an Anglican vicar, Christian scholar and generally interesting chap.
    I’m just listening to a podcast with him and Nick Dixon in which they talk about (apropos the existence of the universe) God being a *necessary truth*.
    Anyway, you might find interesting…
    “What Richard Dawkins Gets Wrong – Jamie Franklin”
    Kind regards,

    PS: blog (and substack, etc) much appreciated, keep it up 🙂

  13. Briggs


    Nope, will check out, thanks.

  14. John M

    If “Christians” fear judgment, they are doing it all wrong.

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