House Of Representatives Suspends Constitution For Its Favorite Victim Group – TWID

House Of Representatives Suspends Constitution For Its Favorite Victim Group – TWID

A seemingly busy Week In Doom these past seven days. But it was mostly for show, I think, as we’ll see.

Good News First!

Item: Joe Biden has finally found a way to unite the country!

(Substack readers have to click: it’s a video of both sides in the campus Latest Thing expressing displeasure over Biden.)

Ridiculous News Next

Item: “I’m proud that my bill, the Antisemitism Awareness Act, just passed the House of Representatives 320 to 91.”

I have long said that the term “raising awareness” is progressive, pure leftism. Once you, ignorant through no fault of your own, or perhaps through the fault of evil “far right” demons, have your awareness raised on a thing it if your progressive duty to adamantly be for or against whatever thing your awareness has been raised on.

The sponsor of this bill, a Republican, noted that it was “bipartisan”, which we have also learned always means the fix is in. As it was in passing this Bill.

Ignoring for a moment all other aspects of this Bill, its passage is yet more evidence the GOP is just as much a part of the left as Democrats. Which brings us to our next Item.

Zero Seats

Item: “Now that the Republicans have banned the Christian Bible and the First Amendment, #ZeroSeats #NeverGOP sounds quite reasonable now, doesn’t it?”

The “Zero Seats” idea started in the UK, and is meant to acknowledge the Tories, a.k.a. the Conservative party, are just as much of the left as Labor, but, like our own GOP, with the added flavor of traitorousness. Both Tories and the GOP say one thing to to their voters and do the opposite once in power. There is thus no reason to vote for any of them.

Zero Seats needs a broader discussion on the right. The theory is that a good portion of elected Tories/GOP wish they could be Labor/Democrat, but are stuck in their roles because of obstinate voters. That much is surely true. The remaining members who are really on the right are so small as to be negligible. That is also true.

The left, though, must needs have an enemy, and it always uses the presence of the so-called right parties as an excuse for when the left’s policies inevitably fail. Zero Seats removes this enemy and makes the left public owners of their serial blunders.

This, then, is an accelerationist view. Would it work? Or would it only help ensconce the left’s permanent power?

Big Bad Bill

Item: “For purposes of this Act, the term ‘definition of antisemitism’ – (1) means the definition of antisemitism adopted on May 26, 2016, by the IHRA…”

Incidentally, why “antisemitism”? Not all Jews are Semites and not all Semites Jews. Why not just plain “anti-Jew” or “anti-Jewish”?

Putting aside having an unaccountable fund-raising organization define government law, the IHRA is the “International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance” and its definition of anti-Jew is quite broad.

Some is sensible; e.g. “Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion.”

Some is wrong-headed; e.g. “Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.” That “exaggerating” can be, and has been, stretched mighty thin. As when it becomes illegal to “disparage”.

Some of it is hypocritical; e.g. “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.”

Congress would, of course, deny whites their right to self-determination, or they would deny Christians that right. They would call, and have called, that desire for self-determination “white supremacy” or religious “bigotry.” Indeed, they have effectively outlawed any form of self-determination.

Except for their favorite Victims, where our awareness is now raised in favor of it.

Why do Jews get an exception in our law?

That question has often been asked, but since it’s rather embarrassing, it’s never answered.

At any rate, what I can predict with something very near certainty is that like all our rulers’ “solutions”, this one will cause and exacerbate the very problem they sought to solve.

Anyone care to bet against me?

Oh, one last official definition of anti-Jew: “Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.” Thus, saying Israel wants living room, as it continuously insinuates itself into lands not their own could not, by law, be compared to the Nazi theory of lebensraum. Indeed, Israel is the first perfect country, and therefore beyond all criticism. Those that do criticize must therefore do so only because they are anti-Jew, and not because Israel has made reprehensible mistakes.

And Yet…

Item: “Jewish Rep. Sara Jacobs said she voted against the bill that would crack down on antisemitism on college campuses because anti-Zionism is not ‘inherently’ antisemitism, and the measure that passed through the House would ‘stifle’ free speech rights.”

There is, even in these days, still islands of sanity to be found.

Yokohama Mama

Item: “Biden calls U.S. ally Japan ‘xenophobic,” along with China and Russia: ‘They don’t want immigrants.’ — NBC”

Yes, this came in the same week, showing Japanese, Chinese, Russians, and Indians (mentioned in the same speech but not reported at this link) do not have a recognized right to self-determination.

The Latest Thing

Item: “Columbia University’s iconic Hamilton Hall was left looking like a war zone after pro-terror activists smashed windows, set up barricades and destroyed furniture”.

Unlike in mostly peaceful protests, which were similarly destructive, these students are meeting resistance. They’re making pests of themselves, are ignorant, violent, nonsensical. The funniest bit was when one group demanded to be brought food, which they said was their “right” while protesting.

This proves, to me anyway, that these kiddies are only indulging in the Latest Thing. They had time to Play Protest because it’s finals time. Which is ending. Like I said last week, once the schools begin their summer breaks, the students, not having any place to stay, will disperse.

The House members, not realizing this, but wanting to get in on a ripe opportunity to virtue (vice) signal, passed their asinine Act.

Which will die, because by the time it can be brought up in the Senate, the little lefty brats will have moved on, and attentions will wander. They still have to fortify Trump, for instance. And find new ways to print and send money to their favorite kick-back countries. The Senate, likely realizing that it’s bad politics to sign such a law in an election year let the matter fade away.

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  1. Incitadus

    Hollywood definitely needs a new lineup of blockbuster
    holocaust films to reanimate any sign of flagging passion.

  2. Pk

    Is the right of self determination anything like freedom of association, which Americans haven’t in over 100 years?

  3. C-Marie

    And then there is the African American on the UCLA campus not being allowed to walk the campus, and calling out the white men for refusing access ….. raising the factor of racism …
    God bless, C-Marie

  4. Johnno

    As the old saying goes…

    First they came for the white man. And the Jew did not speak up, because he wasn’t a white man… or so he thought!

    But there are still some left to speak up for him; congress! And they are making speaking at all illegal! Government Final Solutions are on their way! And like any vague hate speech legislation, the criteria is limitless! All the better to conveniently prosecute you with, my dear goy!

  5. Uncle Mike

    My prediction is the riots will not stop but instead will accelerate during Summer and into Fall.

  6. McChuck

    @Johnno – First they came for the white man. And the Jew did not speak up, because he had sent them.

    There. Fixed it for you.

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