Last Night’s Republican Debate

Off in service today, so only a brief word.

Debate results: Romney had an easy base hit to center field, Gingrich doubled but with no men on base, Santorum hit one to right field and beat out the throw only to be caught stealing second, and Ron Paul walked.

Forecast: Because of this debate, Romney takes both Michigan and Arizona.

What do you say?

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  1. I never watch these mudfights – by either party. Even the finals between the eventual candidates. My gag reflex is too sensitive. Credere Non.

  2. I’m with Carmen. My interest in the surreal faded quite some number of years back.

    Nice work with the baseball analogy though.

  3. Carmen,

    We get 20 debates in primary season and 2 or 3 in election season. If you want to learn about the candidates there is alot more information out there now than there will be in October.

  4. Doug M,

    I burned out on political nitty gritty when I left my twenties. By then my intuitive senses were honed well enough to know the candidates, even through the biased media filters (all sides). I’ll watch a hockey game over a political debate any day. At least the fights are real.

    FWIW, I sensed Santorum’s rise when he was still a Munchkin in the polls.

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