I Am Not Selling Ham Equipment: My QRZ Account Has Been Hijacked

I am not selling any ham equipment. A thief using the fictitious email has been attempting to sell non-existent equipment to people using my name and call sign. I am K2JM, and the thief is using my name and address, which is publicly available from the FCC license.

He (I assume it is a he) has also hijacked my account. I have written, beginning last Monday, three times to let them know. I always get back an automated response saying my “account has been updated.” Which is useless because the account, in fact, is never updated.

The thief has changed my password so I cannot log on to change anything. If anybody has any contacts with any human being at, please let me know and I’ll call them.

Three hams so far have called or written with similar stories. A person pretending to be me contacts a ham who has posted an equipment-wanted ad on The thief has a too-good-to-be-true offer, or he pretends his Paypal account is broken, or says he doesn’t want people to send money to my name at my address, all which makes people suspicious, so they look me up.

Hence this post to tell everybody that I am not selling any equipment and that is not me.

Update 20 April 2012, noon. Fred Lloyd, who owns, has at last changed my password. But now I understand that somebody is pretending to be me at too! See this thread.

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  1. How can you operate HF in a Manhattan apartment? Maybe you are in the penthouse and have access to the roof.

  2. Bob,

    I don’t. It is so noisy I can barely hear the local MW stations. But there are compensations…

  3. This is true!! The imposter tried to sell me a TS-180…. Send moneygram to “my daughter” … FAKE!! Good thimg I looked up Mr. Brigg’s real email and contacted him!

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