Another Try With A New Look

Unless there is a general revolt, this is it. Tweaks can of course be made—fonts darkened or lightened, background colors shaded, some widgets shifted. But this is it.

One of the big reasons I had to switch is because the old format was difficult to use on phones, tablets, and the like. This one looks fantastic on my HTC, and from what I can tell, soars on iPads. It is also swell on screen. And all is automatic. I mean, there shouldn’t have to be any “pinching” or “tapping” to have the words show properly,

There certainly isn’t anything fancy about this theme, but then we don’t really do fancy. Focus is still on the words and the occasional graphic.

I want to put a guide at the bottom of the comments to show the allowable tags. The blockquote is annoyingly always italicized. I don’t like while in a post the arrows to previous and more recent posts. The images on the right bar with rounded edges have the wrong color for their edges. Things like that. They’ll get fixed.

This would have all been done earlier, but the class is taking all my time.

Speaking of the class, has anybody collected any data?

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  1. This is the best yet, in my opinion. Clean, readable, looks great on my pc screen and I like seeing the sidebar back populated with links etc. Yes, I do use them at times. The tweets showing in the sidebar is good too.

    Xie Xie

  2. 100% better! Like the font size too. The top banner is back.

    The dog ate my data but I went out and got some more.

  3. Looks fine on my iPad. The sepia color is so much less annoying than the box of yellow smoke billowing from the cigarette dangling from the cartoon man’s lips.

  4. This one looks fantastic.

    Regarding data: do you just want measurements? Or do you want examples from papers where a CI has been used with with a normal distribution?

    If its data, I’ve got some real measurements I’m willing to share. Shoe dimensions from my family over the past year (in centimeters). Kids grow, people die, seasons change.. 🙂

  5. Looks good on Windows Phone 7.5 — Just the facts, Ma’m.

    The background color of the right column doesn’t go well with the background color surrounding the page.

  6. I like it. Using a new car analogy – the styling is fresh, but still recognizable as a Briggsmobile.

  7. Nice look and color scheme, though I still don’t know what that comic strip is all about.

  8. Looks great: tasteful and modern, with a touch of retro. I like it.

    Now if you can just keep away from registration and passweord requirements….

  9. Reading it on my samsung, and it looks ok. I like the theme, however a little hint: please diminish the font size a little for mobile. its a bit ugly at the moment. Later on I can give you feedback on my pc experience

  10. You realize, of course, with me you can do no wrong. So this iteration is perfection personified. Of course being so conservative I still use a monochrome CRT as a backup screen might have something to do with it.

  11. Yes. Like others, I looked and said,’Nice, clean readable.’
    That’s a wrap, definitely good enough for government work

  12. Love the new design. Is the “continue reading” link necessary on the mobile version? It does look great on my Atrix, but I’d rather just scroll through and read instead of clicking a link whenever I want to read more than 2 sentences of a post.

  13. Hyperlinks are obscure — same color as regular type unless moused over. Blue might work better. On my widescreen PC. I have no idea what it looks like on eeentsy weeentsy microscreens thumb-fumbled with by peering squinting urban commuters. Your target audience? People on the go? Grab a quick post while ignoring the gropers, pickpockets, and other jostling metroplexual rabble?

  14. I am not wild about the colors, but it does size correctly on the smart phone, a Galaxy Note.

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