Help Heidelberg From Closing!

Today is last day to log on to Heidelberg Restaurant and vote for them to receive a Small Business Grant. The Second Avenue subway construction is killing them. This is the last German restaurant left in Yorkville (86th and 2nd).

They need 250 clicks/votes by the end of the day. I just found out about this today or I would have asked earlier.

Even if you don’t think you’ll ever visit, I’d appreciate your help. I get nothing for this plea, no, not even a free beer.

Clickable link: here it is .

Pictures to come…

Thanks, Speed. Hard to type from phone!


After logging on via Facebook, type “heidelberg restaurant” in box. Then click “vote.”

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  1. Briggs … check the spelling on the Heidelberg’s URL. “r” not “t” and “http” not “https.”

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