Help Heidelberg From Closing!

Today is last day to log on to Heidelberg Restaurant and vote for them to receive a Small Business Grant. The Second Avenue subway construction is killing them. This is the last German restaurant left in Yorkville (86th and 2nd).

They need 250 clicks/votes by the end of the day. I just found out about this today or I would have asked earlier.

Even if you don’t think you’ll ever visit, I’d appreciate your help. I get nothing for this plea, no, not even a free beer.

Clickable link: here it is .

Pictures to come…

Thanks, Speed. Hard to type from phone!


After logging on via Facebook, type “heidelberg restaurant” in box. Then click “vote.”


  1. Speed

    Briggs … check the spelling on the Heidelberg’s URL. “r” not “t” and “http” not “https.”

  2. Speed

    In fact,
    this link should take readers directly to the support page.

  3. Speed

    Hard to type from phone!

    Yeah. The dial keeps getting in the way.

  4. DAV

    Saw this too late to help. Hope they got what they needed.

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