Doctors For Disaster Preparedness Talk

Here’s the PDF of my talk DDP 30th Annual Meeting. “Statistical Follies and Epidemiology.” They picked the title.

Have fun!


  1. William Sears

    Wish I was there!

  2. Ray

    The National Cancer Institue did a study on radon in basements and concluded there was no problem. The EPA jumped all over them so they changed the study to show there was a problem. Isn’t epidemology wonderful?

  3. DAV

    Curse you, Briggs!

    Once that flag on slide-2 flashed by, I now find myself 4% less likely to vote for the O this fall. What nefarious activities are possible from this sleeper cell you’ve created today? Thankfully the authorities (with all the answers) have been alerted (or should I say altered?) and have issued a BOLO for increased birth rate and apple pie consumption.

  4. Leg

    The DPP is a great group. They are volunteer doctors and a lot of other volunteers who have their heads on straight. They have done some great, unheralded work during disasters. The unheralded part speaks volumes to the fine character of all in the organization.
    I did a talk for them in California, probably 15 years ago, on Dirty Bombs with emphasis on radioactive dirty bombs and why the risk from these is very small. Wish I had been at this conference you attended as I see some of my favorite radiation folks on their agenda.
    Loved the shot at the EPA and its radon scare tactics in your presentation. If you ever want to see a crock of mathematical manure, study how the EPA determined the risk from radon. My study of this and subsequent study of other EPA scares quickly convinced me that the EPA is a very sophisticated bunch of liars.

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