Statistical Follies and Epidemiology: Video

A video by a man not quite raving, not as amusing as you would hope, and with an embarrassing, horribly placed pants wrinkle. Ah, linen.

He has some good points to make, but tends to ramble. One has the idea that he did not practice beforehand. His jokes don’t always hit the mark. Perhaps he contents himself with the truism that nobody bats 1.000. And why, oh why!, could he have not buttoned his damn jacket!

I think he would look better, or at least more dangerous, with a moustache, but certain Powers That Be have nixed that idea. What do you think?

Points in his favor: he did not use a pointer. He waved his arms about in so vigorous a fashion as to create a refreshing breeze for his captive audience. He went under his allotted time; always a blessing. He obviously has a great haircut.

Overall: solid gentleman’s C.


Don’t forget the Presidential Voting Study. Please vote now if you haven’t already, and please also pass this on to your progressive friends.


  1. Carmen D'oxide

    More positive points:
    1. he has a pleasant speaking voice (we can’t surmise how pleasant his singing is) and does not mumble.
    2. his tie does not clash with his suit.

  2. DAV

    Matt’s Excellent Vacation – the Home Video Cut! These are becoming a trend (e.g.,**

    I tend to spend my vacations feeding mosquitoes while pretending to catch fish. My imaged memories are usually of the Full Body Scanner type. The TSA folk always profess an interest in seeing them without any encouragement from me. How polite and friendly is that?

    But I digress. The pants do put a new wrinkle on casual wear. Nice touch.

    ** Sample size two — more if you count pixels; p-value too small to read; CI: from now until doomsday.

  3. TomVonk


    I have just posted on the Presidential Voting Study.
    Everything is truthful but I am not an American citizen (and that’s why I am not registered for voting).
    If such a case was not considered for participants on your poll, then the one which registered just 2 minutes ago is mine and you can erase it.
    However I am well familiar with the US politics and with both candidates what means that my answers are probably as valid as those of any average US citizen 🙂

  4. Briggs


    Thanks! And if you know any progressives, or a site where these folks hang out, please post the study there.

  5. TomVonk

    William I don’t really hang out on places where “progressives” meet.
    But if you posted it on Huffington Post you would certainly find a good share of them.

  6. maman

    Hail, The Ever Sartorial Mr Briggs!

    Very much enjoy your blog. Loved your video and the reference to the American Flag study that was published in Psychological Science.

    You and your students may also be interested 🙂 in an Australian study that shares a number of similarities with the American Flag Study. It will be published just next month also in Psychological Science. Also “peer reviewed”.

    Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, the Winthrop Professor, School of Psychology, University of Western Australia has a “peer reviewed” paper entitled

    “NASA faked the moon landing – Therefore (Climate) Science is a Hoax: An Anatomy of the Motivated rejection of Science”.

    This study has been quoted in The Guardian newspaper and Al Gore has been spreading the word 🙂 so it must be true.

    Sadly you can read all about it at Lewandowsky’s blog called Shaping Tomorrow’s World. (Lewandowsky might be what is called a cognitive psychologist)

    kind regards, maman

  7. WJB

    “Deep Kimchi!”

  8. maman

    oops 🙁 apologies 🙁 above should have read as

    “The Ever Sartorial DR Briggs!”

    Best thing about Sceptics? 🙂 A Generous sense of humour. Thank YOU!

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