James Hansen Was Right

This beverage contributed to humanity’s Tippling Point
Let it not be said that I cannot admit when an enemy is right. When right is right it is right to acknowledge that right.

And James Hansen—that infrequent visitor to the land of careful reasoning, where natives bask in the calm sunshine of the mind—was right. How so?

Our pal Willie Soon sent us an article from one of those progressive places in which Mr Hansen claimed that mankind—and womankind, too, God bless them—had reached a Tippling Point. And by golly, was he on the money.

You’ll forgive me if I am short on details, but I am at a conference in Seattle and last night we made rather merry and my eyes aren’t quite able to focus on the whole of Willie’s link. But it was at least clear as Pugent Sound that Mr Hansen had vigorously argued that we have reached a Tippling Point. And it was so!

Every man and women in my field of vision last night had not only reached that point, but many had ventured well beyond it. How Mr Hansen was able to discern this from his faraway place must remain a mystery to us mere mortals. But claim it he did, and he was right.

Therefore, let us raise our glasses and toast the estimable Mr Hansen. To the Tippling Point!

Regular posts resume tomorrow. I hope.


  1. DAV

    Getting drunk on success, I presume.

  2. Gary

    How Mr Hansen was able to discern this from his faraway place must remain a mystery to us mere mortals.

    Not so. It’s teleconnections. All the way down (the hatch, that is).

  3. Ray

    Dr. hansen is correct to say that if you exceed the tippling point you pay a terrible price. I have awful memories of not only reaching but grossly exceeding the tippling point on Christmas eve many years ago. I did this with champagne and the hangover was awful. Champagne should carry a warning that over tippling may cause severe headaches and nausea. They should also include a phone number for Dr. Kevorkian in case your distress becomes too extreme.

  4. george kaplan

    MMmmm: Tipping point!

  5. Dennis

    Hansen is much like the proverbial broken clock being correct for two separate minutes out of a possible 1440, and even then, correct only as a blind coincidence. It seems possible to me that he , more than most, has contributed to the shift from peer-review to pal-reviewed to make his mark.Only time will tell.

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