Italian political tactics no different than Italian soccer tactics

As pointed out by my number one son,

“during the debate [in the Italian senate] one senator rushed in fury to the desk of a colleague, Stefano Cusumano, and taunted and apparently tried to attack him. Mr. Cusumano, 60, reportedly cried, then collapsed.”

To those of us who have seen this secret video tape of the Italian soccer training camp, Seantor Cusumano’s parliamentary tactics come as no surprise.


  1. TNT

    Which is the team name?

  2. Administrator

    This is of course the Italian National team.

  3. TNT

    You are wrong. I am Italian. It is not the Italian team (the white players seems to be English and we do not have colored players). My dear colleague, you should verify information before publishing it on the web. I read some papers of yours and I find that you should be a real scientist. (I found this page because I found your papers on this blog).
    Please, verify information before publishing it on the web. Google, youtube, etc are not reliable at 100%.



  4. Administrator

    Hey Dynamite,

    You might be right. I notice that none of the men have beautiful, perfectly styled hair. Clearly, something unusual here.

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