Derek Jeter’s Tailor in trouble with the law

The story is confusing, but Derek Jeter’s tailor is having legal difficulties.

Derek Jeter suit

Either Ramchandani, who is the tailor, or one of his ex-pupils is having immigration troubles. Judging by the picture, I am not surprised.


I am off to Cornell for two weeks to teach. Postings will be somewhat slow in appearing during this time.


  1. Pete Petrakis

    I’m reminded of a 1940s “Zoot Suit.”

  2. That’s one shiny ill-fitting suit. Don’t think Bruce Foutch would expect even the Zoot Suit Store to carry one like that. But could a certain style of straw hat top it off well? Hmmm.

  3. Mulling millenium millionaire millnery, mallomars, mullets, and the madness of metropoles.

  4. Jared

    I googled the name “Ramchandani” and found very little about clothing. Is that really the designers name. I love that suit.

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