DC Comics Fans Call For Boycott Over Orson Scott Card’s Same-Sex “Marriage” Views

Reading comics leads to this
Reading comics leads to this
“Batwoman has been a lesbian since 2006.” I wonder what made her change her mind?

Turns out that Alan Scott, a.k.a. Green Lantern, also turned gay in 2012. Maybe it was the jewelry? And who knows what the X-men—or should we say X-people?—get up to. Rumors of wedding bells between same-sexed mutants abound. One dares not peer into the Bat Cave.

I learned these (I won’t call them facts) items from the Guardian which is beside itself that Orson Scott Card has been asked to write one of the many, and proliferating, episodes of Superman. Why? Card is a faithful Mormon and isn’t keen on same-sex “marriage.”

There’s only one correct belief to have about SSM, and those who are discovered or suspected not to have it must face consequences. Such as being deprived of work, and therefore the means of making a living. (Yours Truly understands where this places him.) Card doesn’t subscribe to the proper view which is why some comics fans are “outraged” and calling for his dismissal.

Naturally, there’s a petition to let Superman’s publisher DC Comics know that fans are “outraged” and will forever withhold their trade unless Card is silenced. I’m sure these fans are sincere and that if DC keeps Card the fans will sate their passion for word bubbles and endless fistfights by switching to Richie Rich and Little Lulu.

The New Statesman called Card “strongly homophobic”, which, if words have any meaning, says Card fears men who want to have sex with men. This fear could be rational, especially if Card finds himself in the Big House.

He might, too. Card said, “Once they legalize gay marriage, it will be the bludgeon they use to make sure that it becomes illegal to teach traditional values in the schools.” Regardless whether you are for or against SSM, that seems like a fair prediction. Publicly saying SSM is wrong if and when it’s legal will surely be a “hate crime” or at least grounds for dismissal or a bar to entry for many professions.

Incidentally, if you needed more evidence that our culture is becoming feminized, look no further than “hate crimes.” “Not only did he strike me, officer. He said he didn’t like me!”

If pro-SSM comics fans want to organize and cease reading DC comics, that is their right. I even encourage them to do so. Maybe it will keep them from dressing up in costume and hanging around seedy New York hotels.

Just please don’t let’s involve the government. None of this is its business.


  1. Good post. I would note that Batwoman did not change her mind. She just is acknowledging what she has known since she was 5 (which is interesting since children are not supposed to be sexual beings…..). She was hiding her “true self”.

    I do think people should boycott if they like. Many times I think this would be a rough, but perhaps accurate way, to gauge if most Americans agree with ideas the media and government say they do.

  2. Doug M

    I didn’t know what had evolved since I last picked up an issue. Batwoman (as opposed to Bat-girl) was introduced to give Bat-man a love interest and dispell rumors that Bat-man and Robin had something going on.

    Alan Scott, he is twice married, and now he is comming out?

    I hate retroactive continuity.

    “Just please don’t let’s involve the government. None of this is its business.”

    Last time the gov’t involved themselves with comic books the publishers created the “comics code” which forbade comics from suggesting anything homosexual.

  3. Joey H

    Even the Green Lantern that came out as gay was not, “the Green Lantern,” or Hal Jordan/John Stewart – so while DC may be “making inroads” they still seem to have a sense that changing the sexuality of their man characters would not be good for sales. Although, that point is conjecture on my part.

    I don’t have a problem with a boycott necessarily, but some of the comparisons between holocaust deniers or white supremacist and people that think homosexual marriage is a bad idea are extremely problematic for multiple reasons.


  4. Kip Hansen

    O Scott Card, whom I have met and talked with (on one occasion many many years ago now), shocked his readers in the opposite direction by including an episode of homosexual sex in one of his early books.

    O S Card fans can vie here to see who can be the first to give the title and a synopsis.

  5. Maybe they should broaden their campaign to get homophobic religious outlawed and be done with it.

  6. revGDright

    Hmm. and the antagonists in Ender’s Game were called “Buggers” weren’t they?
    (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

    But actually this boycott may be a forerunner of an effort to do some strong-arming in Hollywood over the premier of Ender’s Game this year.

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