Curses Foiled Again

Small portion of what's going

Small portion of what’s going

Mishandling cutlery

My attempt to slice my left forefinger off at the joint was only partially successful; enough that typing with it is not to be considered, but well short of leaving a disfigured stump with which I could have terrorized small children.

Books! We have books!

Due to an impending move, I am cleaning out my book shelves. Guessing about 400+ orphans. A lot of graduate-level statistics, some physics, history and biography, philosophy, a few (not many) novels. I have no car so cannot transport or mail them. In a few days I’m going to upload a snapshot of all their titles (too many to type). Maybe do a Craig’s List ad or call The Strand (do they even make pick ups anymore? I’m on the Upper East Side). All must go at once! If any readers have an interest, use the Contact page. When I’m finished stacking them, I’ll do a separate post.


When the useless, foolishly indulgent car alarm rang at three ante meridian, I renewed my curse that cars which bleat should catch fire. Science, which just is magic by another name—both seek to explain and control nature via unveiling occult knowledge—has not yet reached the point where my feverish wish could be granted.

Curious statistic

Gallup tells us that Washington DC contains the nation’s highest percentage of people willing to admit to one of LGBT: 10% is their figure. I know what you’re thinking. What happened to the QAs? (Questioning, Allied, or something similar). DC, home of our most benevolent government, has twice the rate of any other state. (North Dakota is least with 1.7%.) A certain sign of decadence is a society which tracks who (or what) people would have sex with.

On t-shirts

There is no such thing as ironic clothing. There are only people displaying tiresome jokes on their chests and backs. It is like walking about with a portable laugh-track machine. “Here, citizen, at this point, is where you are expected to be delighted.” T-shirts are meant to be worn under actual shirts.

Update Interesting history on “sweetening” television shows (most are, even football broadcasts).

That’s it

Typing with only my right hand is tiring. I quit.

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  1. Need to take the warning label seriously – “This knife is not intended for harming human beings.“

  2. Had a similar problem some time back when the Pepperoni-Thumb Discriminator in one of my knives failed without warning. Affected my typing also as I’m all thumbs when it comes to typing. I place too much trust in newfangled technologies. Apparently, I’m not alone.

  3. Obviously there should be a ban on those assault knives to prevent incidents like that. We have to put an end to this knife violence. I used to have a Lincoln and the alarm would go off at random times. The car was cursed repetedly, but it had no discernable effect on alarm malfunction.

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