Internet Advertising Company to Fund Itself With Advertising


Internet Advertising Company to Fund Itself With Advertising

New York – July 4, 2009 – Word leader in being a new company engaged in ways of bringing advertising to the internet, announced today that it will fund its operations by selling ad space on its advertisements.

“Making money on the internet is hard,” said CEO Malcom Impsnead. “Most sites don’t think about how they are going to pay off their investors. Look at Twitter, Facebook and the rest. Tens of millions out the door and not one penny coming in. We have figured out a strategy to change all that.” serves banner, rich media, flash, and other “lifestyle experience” ads to a number of leading web sites, such as,, and When surfers go to one of these sites, chances are the ads they see will come from Hoovem.

“All those ads we serve take up a lot of bandwidth, and bandwidth costs money,” explained Impsnead. “To pay for that, we’re going to sell advertisements on the advertisements we serve.” Impsnead went on to explain that any site on the internet that is making money is doing so by selling advertising. “We’re sticking with what has been proven to work.”

Internet strategist and writer Bill McTwoon said, “Nobody has attempted what Hoovem’s doing. If it works—and there’s no reason it shouldn’t since advertising is all what drives the internet—we’ll see this implemented at sites everywhere. The time to get in on this is now.” McTwoon said that he thinks the ads Hoovem is selling on the ads is serves, might also serve as platforms for newer, tinier ads.

Malcom Impsnead
New York, NY



  1. Les Johnson

    Is it April 1st already?

  2. I think there’s too much air in Matt’s bandwidth. Isn’t it time for his 100,000 mile checkup? [snip: Wise motorists choose Cylindervaline Motor Oil for their oil changes and lubrication service.]

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