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Another rapt audience
Another rapt audience
A reminder that the purpose of this site is mercenary and that I am sitting in the queue waiting to be flagged down and hired by you.

It turns out, much to my surprise, and to your eventual delight, that my specialty is venturing forth and lecturing those businesses interested in understanding uncertainty. Any that use numbers, probability, statistics, data to make forecasts or other guesses of the future or in an attempt to explain why what happened happened in the way it happened.

I have left a trail of enthralled audiences literally from coast to coast. Indeed, I have developed a permanent stoop from cramming my extended frame into airlines seats designed for emaciated Oompa Loompas.

Particularly, if you use the old ways of doing statistics it’s guaranteed that you’ll be too certain, that you’ll be too confident in the decisions you make, that you’d be better off casting a more skeptical eye.

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I’m on the road now and behind in answering emails.


  1. DAV

    OK, what is the green thing seemingly chewing his right hand? Or is the joke that is has eluded his statistical penetrating gaze?

  2. Briggs

    Wait. You can see him too?

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