Young Writer (Not Me) Seeks Employment

The gentleman in question
The gentleman in question
Ladies and Gentlemen—and you, too, Fran—may I introduce William J. Briggs, my number one son. Note the “J”: he’s named after my father, not myself. I call him James, but everybody else calls him Will.

He has no idea I’m writing this post, and wouldn’t like it if he found out. So shhhhh.

He graduated from Fordham and writes websites for Cornell, has had work published here and even there, and astonishingly already has one full novel (which, if you like classic, rollicking sci fi, is a must read—only ninety-nine pennies!). He spent a year and a half in China, mostly Shanghai, and savvies the lingo (more or less); he’s had stuff in Shanghai Economist. Bonus: he isn’t crazy or reactionary or volatile like his old man. He’s extraordinarily well read. People are happy when he arrives.

Read by the smart set
Read by the smart set
His website is here. His resume is here. He email is

He’s taken on any number of assignments, but is angling towards something lasting or larger.

If he looks like your kind of guy (and why wouldn’t he?), or you know of somebody who needs somebody, then say hey. (But don’t say I sent you.)


  1. @Briggs

    Ladies and Gentlemen — and you, too, Fran—…

    It’s a Lady… It’s a Gentleman… No! it’s Superfran!

    While I try to figure out what you meant I just will say that your posts reminded me a letter from Albert Einstein’s father asking a job for his son. Who knows, maybe J will get the Nobel prize too… Maybe he should try a patent office? And for God’s sake, tell him to raise the price of the book! Something suggestive like 6.9, or 6.66 for Europeans.

    The Letter

    Hermann Einstein to Wilhelm Ostwald

    Esteemed Herr Professor!

    Please forgive a father who is so bold as to turn to you, esteemed Herr Professor, in the interest of his son.

    I shall start by telling you that my son Albert is 22 years old, that he studied at the Zurich Polytechnikum for 4 years, and that he passed his diploma examinations in mathematics and physics with flying colors last summer. Since then, he has been trying unsuccessfully to obtain a position as Assistant, which would enable him to continue his education in theoretical & experimental physics. All those in position to give a judgment in the matter, praise his talents; in any case, I can assure you that he is extraordinarily studiom and diligent and clings with great love to his science.

    My son therefore feels profoundly unhappy with his present lack of position, and his idea that he has gone off the tracks with his career & is now out of touch gets more and more entrenched each day. In addition, he is oppressed by the thought that he is a burden on m, people of modest means.

    Since it is you, highly honored Herr Professor, whom my son seems to admire and esteem more than any other scholar currently active in physics, it is you to whom I have taken the liberty of turning with the humble request to read his paper published in the Annalen fur Physik and to write him, if possible, a few words of encouragement, so that he might recover his joy in living and working.

    If, in addition, you could secure him an Assistant’s position for now or the next autumn, my gratitude would know no bounds.

    I beg you once again to forgive me for my impudence in writing to you, and I am also taking the liberty of mentioning that my son does not know anything about my unusual step.

    I remain, highly esteemed Herr
    your devoted
    Hermann Einstein

    To the Director’s Office, Technikum Burgdorf

    Winterthur, 3 July [1901]

  2. Briggs


    Makes you wonder if software companies here are doing the opposite.


    I have no pull with the Nobel folks, but I can and do hereby award you the coveted BIP. Congratulations.

  3. Bob

    I can vouch for the book. When Briggs first mentioned it on this blog, I bought it. It is a good read, and would have gladly paid more. Good luck to Will.

  4. Gary

    Alas no job prospects from this corner, just some advice. James will sell more copies of his novel with a better cover design.

  5. Briggs,

    but I can and do hereby award you the coveted BIP. Congratulations.

    Yesssss!! What’s the prize worth? I want your hat.

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