The Top 50 Eco Blogs: from Times Online

The other (for U.S. readers) Times, the original one, has compiled a list of the top 50 eco blogs and paid me the generous compliment of including this blog.

Other, and more important sites, like Climate Audit and Climate Resistance are featured in the Skeptical Category, with sites like Climate Debate Daily and Dot Earthlisted in the News Category.

The editors at the paper said that “the blogosphere is, frankly, a scary place” and that the “sheer diversity of the groups is staggering.” They “spent countless hours, days and months scouring the web” and ask “Did we manage to find the best?” Visit the site and find out.


  1. Jay Alt

    Congratulations on your selection, it caused me to come and take a short look. And given what I haven’t seen, I’ll leave you to your devices.

  2. Briggs

    Gee, thanks, Jay. But shouldn’t that be “give what I have seen?”

    In any case, I’ll sure miss you.

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