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@1 The Loss of the Permanent Things in Higher Education: trivial, multicultural, relativistic, sexual and politically correct studies supplant what had been a focus on Western civilization. Link

@2 November 9th, Thomas Aquinas and Philosophical Realism. Among others, our main man Edward Feser on, “An Aristotelian Argument for the Existence of God.” Free! NYU Catholic Center. Link

@3 The Problem of Polygenism and the Theory of Evolution. Long live Monogenism! Link

@4 The Will Rodgers phenomenon in statistics. “When the Okies left Oklahoma and moved to California, they raised the average intelligence in both states.” Think about it. Link

@5 University of Colorado Boulder tells students to avoid costumes including cowboys, indians, white trash or anything potentially deemed offensive. You racist! Link

@6 An interesting time series, plotted in just the right way. Onwards and upwards to a brave new future! Link

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  1. You should hardly need to say that a link does not necessarily imply endorsement, but as soon as you don’t, someone will take you on for endorsing such a ridiculous article. 🙂

  2. @5

    Interesting word order in “potentially deemed offensive”. IOW: “Good luck!” Or perhaps: “Heads I win. Tails you lose.”

  3. @1: Thank you for directing me to this essay!

    While I’ve vacillated between agnosticism and atheism myself for many decades (when I didn’t fall back upon my adolescent epithet “Catholic heretic”… :)) I’ve never quite understood the animosity of the anti-religious, specially those who deride and disavow our country’s —and indeed our civilization’s— Christian heritage.

    At least, Marxist theorists were right about this: Usurp and maintain control of the education of the young, and your “revolutionary” aims are all-but secured!

    Shame on you, sir! For provoking thought. It’s a Christian bugaboo modern society can well do without…

  4. @5

    Dressing as a ghost might be offensive to those who religiously disbelieve in ghosts and dressing as a witch might be offensive to those who do believe in them.

    Dressing as a scary Republican might be OK as long as you don’t sport a Stars and Stripes replica lapel pin lest you inadvertently convert a liberal which, of course, liberals will find offensive.

    I must add that as a member of the “white trash” minority I personally find the use of “white trash” in @5 to be offensive. We prefer to be known as Indigent Americans by those outside of our segment.

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