Sharknadoes To Increase Due To Global Warming

Is there no horror global warming won’t exacerbate

So the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says it is now 95 percent sure the climate has changed and some of the change is due to mankind.

It should be 100 percent certain. Since the climate is the average of local weather, and weather is the sum of behavior of the surging gases around us, and mankind moves through and modifies these gases, as does every other animal and plant species, it is certain humanity influences the weather, hence climate. The only real question: How much?

My op-ed shows up in Pittsburgh! (Well, my version is slightly different than what appeared in print.)

Read the rest here. Sharknadoes!


  1. Gary

    At the end of the article: “William M. Briggs has a Ph.D. in statistics and a master’s degree in atmospheric science from an Ivy League university, so you know whatever he says is true.”

    No mention of hats.

  2. Briggs


    Hat use will increase due to global warming, too.

  3. Sheri

    Hats keep you warmer–and cooler! They must be part of global warming!!

    I just posted a response on a climate change blog concerning the reality of warm, fuzzy species being virtually the only species that humans worry about going extinct. I would add to that species living in any area a capitalist wants to develop also become poster critters for the movement. One can put solar panels and wind turbines anywhere and no one cares about the critters underneath going extinct except a few conservationists. Environmentalists are willing to whack anything that gets in their way.

  4. DAV

    Pgh huh? Welcome to the Big Time! I grew up and went to school thereabouts but strangely didn’t hang around. The only sharks there went to law school.

  5. Jim Fedako

    I grew up in the hills around Pittsburgh. The city is a strange mix of unionists and independents.

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