What the…? Just make up your mind!

The old theme is back—temporarily. Why? Nobody liked the new one. Or they only liked it conditionally. Or they loathed it.

The overriding theme of the complaints where that the new format was difficult to read, particularly single posts. And since the words are the main point, and not prettiness, I had to agree, much as it breaks—though, perhaps dents is a better word—my heart.

Your wish is my command, so I have temporarily restored the old theme until I can find some way of undullifying this one, or I find a new one.

But other—more exciting!—changes are on there way soon. Hint: stay tuned.

Update: This theme, which as you can see has been modified, is staying. Thanks to everybody for the tips.

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  1. It’s not remotely staid. It’s lovely the way it is. It’s readers like me that are staid.
    In England, Cadbury’s had the cheek to take the purple foil away from their chocolate bars, Kit Kat followed suit, then Worcester sauce changed their lids from the metal ones that used to get gummed up and fall off that we all loved and then…
    Briggs changed his website!whatever next.

  2. Miss you, Joy.

    I was told that “Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.”

    So here we go.

    Nobody liked the new one.

    I guess I am nobody. My heat is totally shattered. ^_^ (I’m lying.)

  3. I’m kinda content oriented–lotta money spent on cosmetics on my account is pretty much wasted.

    Yes, I DO prefer my women un-painted and un-covered. I meant everything.

  4. JH, thank you, you are kind, I fell behind a bit, but I have been reading, proof, I have a new favourite word,

  5. Content Captain Content. If I wanted Beautimous I would read the whitehouse pap… Thanks in advance (I hope) for the efforts…

  6. Brigggs,
    I’ve got it! Stay tuned, radio? Somebody I met on the train from Chicago told me you can and he did have, a radio dubrie on his blog. I don’t know what he meant and I never found the webpagebut I hope I’m right.

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